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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Spartak for Kerzhakov. Where did the best scorer in Russian football go?

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 13:40:05

Coach Kerzhakov returned to work in Europe. A couple of months ago, Alexander left Cyprus and now he has signed a contract with Spartak. But not with Moscow, of course, but with Serbia. The agreement was signed under the 1+1 scheme. What kind of club was headed by Kerzhakov and what tasks were assigned to him?

How Kerzhakov worked in Cyprus:

Kerzhakov lasted only two months in Cyprus. Russian coach got involved in a bet

Serbian “Spartak” got its name from the partisan killed by the Nazis.

The Serbian “Spartak” with Moscow connects only the name. The new Kerzhakov club is based in Subotica, the fifth largest city in the country with a population of more than 100,000 people. The primary colors are not red and white at all, but white and blue. And in terms of the degree of love of the people, the Serbian Spartak is clearly inferior to the Russian, because the Subotica club is not so popular in their homeland.

Spartak got its name in honor of the famous Yugoslav athlete Jovan Mikich. During the Second World War, the athlete joined the partisan detachment that fought against the Nazis. It was there that he received the nickname of Spartacus. In October 1944, Mikic was seriously injured, incompatible with life. It is symbolic that the tragedy occurred on the day of the liberation of Subotica. The athlete and partisan were buried with full honors, and a football club was later named after him.

The official date of birth of the club is April 21, 1945. But it existed before, however, under a different name. Before World War II, the team was called JAK, that is, the railway club. It was dissolved with the outbreak of the war, and was later revived under a different name. Before the collapse of Yugoslavia, Spartak hung between the first and second divisions. He did not achieve much success in that period, although he played twice in the final of the Cup for the country.

Vidic played for the Subotica club, and in the late 2000s the team disbanded.

In the early 2000s, Spartak did not perform well in the Serbian Super League and finished the game before relegation to the first division. By the way, Nemanja Vidic played for the Subotica club in the 2000/2001 season. He will later go to Spartak Moscow, and after moving to Manchester United, he will become one of the best central defenders in the world. In 2003, the future striker for Valencia and the Serbian national team Nikola Zigic played for Subotica.

Nemanja Vidic played not only for Spartak Moscow, but also for the Serbian

Photo: RIA Novosti

In 2007, the Spartak leadership ran out of money. They dismantled the main team and left only the junior team. And then the Zlatibor Voda club from the village of Horgosh, located not far from Subotica, came to the rescue. As a result, the united team Spartak Zlatibor Voda was declared in the First League and immediately entered the Super League. Since then, the club has never left the elite division and twice (2010, 2018) stopped within a step of the top 3. And since 2013, the club has regained its historical name “Spartak”.

A Russian coach has already worked at Spartak. Chernyshov created excellent conditions

Kerzhakov is not the first Russian coach in the history of the Subotica club. In the fall of 2015, Andrey Chernyshov joined the team. The Russian was required to keep the club sunk in the elite division, and he coped with the task from him. Spartak finished that season in 10th place in the table.

“The conditions are excellent, the club management quickly solves all football problems,” Chernyshov said at the time. – The players did not have mutual understanding with the former coaching staff, there was discord in the team, and the first thing we tried to do was unite the guys. In general, we have local youth, our own students predominate. There are good schools here.”

Andrei Chernyshov

Photo: FC Spartak Subotica

After that, Chernyshov worked for another season, and the team again took 10th place. They decided not to renew the contract and the Russian left the club. Chernyshov noted an important nuance of the specifics of work in the Balkans: “I want to say right away that the leaders of the clubs in Serbia are not easy, they believe that they are well versed in football. At first, maybe Kerzhakov does not have this. But he must be prepared for the fact that over time they will begin to advise him on the composition and tactics of the parties. Because the Serbs think they know everything about football.”

Chernyshov’s resume has a title in India:


“We have been waiting for this for 40 years.” The former Spartak manager won the title in India

The composition of Spartak is comparable in cost to the middle peasants of the First League of Russia. The most expensive player played in the Champions League two years ago

Last season was not easy for Spartak. The heads of the clubs changed managers twice, and the team still retained its place in the Super League. At first, Spartak was led by Slavko Petrovich, who was sacked in September 2022. Ljubiša Dundjerski, who replaced him, did not improve much and left the club in March 2023. The Subotica club spent the end of the season under the Directed by Milan Milanovic. According to the results of the two-round tournament, Spartak took 13th place, and at the second stage it rose to the usual 10th line.

Transfermarkt estimates the value of the Spartak squad at 7.85 million euros. With such an indicator, the Subotica club would occupy the last place in the RPL. If we take the participants of the First League in the 2022/2023 season, then in terms of team cost, Spartak would be sixth, on the same level as SKA Khabarovsk, Neftekhimik, Dynamo Makhachkala and Yenisei.

The most expensive Spartak footballer is defensive midfielder Edmond Addo (1 million euros). The Ghanaian legionnaire joined the team at the beginning of 2023, and before that he played for Sheriff of Moldova. The 23-year-old African has six Champions League appearances, including two against Real Madrid and two against Inter. Spartak’s top scorer last season was 22-year-old winger Luka Bijelovic, who netted eight times.

Playing “Spartak” (Subotica)

Photo: FC Spartak Subotica

The club president called Kerzhakov a quality coach. He is confident that the team will achieve great results.

Spartak is owned by Serbian businessman Dragan Simovic, 57, and his son Nikola. Dragan also owns a company that supplies water and alcohol. He led Spartak for a long time, but in 2019 he handed over the presidency to his son, and he himself became honorary president. Nikola, in turn, pays a lot of attention to youth football.

Alexander Kerzhakov and Spartak president Subotica Nikola Simovic (right)

Photo: FC Spartak Subotica

For Kerzhakov, it is very important to find a common language with the Spartak bosses. In April 2023, the Russian left Cypriot club Karmiotissa just two months after his appointment. According to Kerzhakov, the management tried to influence the training process. In particular, the owner of Karmiotissa, Dmitry Punin, through the sports director, demanded that substitutions be made during matches. “I said, ‘Everyone do their thing, please. The sports director repeated: “No, you have to, Punin called, said that this player must be transferred there and he must be replaced,” Kerzhakov said.

Now Kerzhakov has a new chance to prove himself in Europe. Spartak president Nikola Simovic explained why the club opted for Alexander: “The choice fell on the Russian, because he is a high-quality and talented young coach with excellent potential to be a great specialist. Alejandro is a soccer legend. We believe we will achieve great results with Kerzhakov.”

As for the legendary character of Kerzhakov, Simovich did not exaggerate at all; after all, it is Alexander who ranks first in the list of top scorers in Russian football, scoring 233 goals at the official level. The Spartak president specified that the Russian has before him the task of gaining a place in the top 8 of the Serbian championship. There are 16 clubs in the tournament, which, based on the results of the regular season, are divided into two eights, based on the places occupied. The first will fight for the European competitions, the second, for survival.

Another Russian coach works successfully in Armenia:


“That spring at Spartak is complete stress.” The Russian coach has a “golden” double in Armenia

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