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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Spartak lost to Wings. The fans yelled “Shame”

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 17:41:44

“Wings of the Soviets” saved Frolov and Garre from the joints.

For “Spartak” and “Wings of the Soviets” no additional background was needed. The rojiblancos needed a silver medal, but not everything depended on them, and only a victory guaranteed them to finish at least in the top three at the end of the season. Samarans obviously did not want to get into the play-offs and it was necessary to lie down with the bones, so as not to tempt fate and calmly take a legal vacation.


From the first minutes, Spartak, who decided to play without nominal strikers, took the initiative, but Krylia responded with a couple of dangerous counterattacks. Promes is not the first time that he has had the experience of attacking the rojiblancos, this happened even in the 2017 championship season during the technical direction of the Italian Carrera. In Samara, in the first minutes, Garré showed, as expected, the greatest activity. In the tenth minute, it was clear that this game would be explosive. “Spartak” will calmly besiege the gates of the hosts, “Wings” will respond with lightning-fast counterattacks.

In the 10th minute, Quincy Promes had a great chance on the right flank of the Samara penalty area, but goalkeeper Evgeny Frolov saved his team with his fingertips. Quincy has his own personal correspondence fight for the title of top scorer of the championship with the Brazilian Malcolm and the military Fedor Chalov. Immediately “Wings” responded with a strong counterattack with a shot that went over Maksimenko’s goal. In the 17th minute, Quincy again forgave the Samarans, striking from lethal distance over the goal. Literally a minute later, Mikhail Ignatov hit the post of the hosts. There was something like a light assault on the gates.


In the 22nd minute, the game was finally revealed. To the blows of “Spartak” “Wings” responded with their own, no less dangerous. Zinkovsky responded to Babkin’s shot with his volley. A main game for former Samarans Anton Zinkovsky and Daniil Prutsev, as well as former Spartak players Nikolai Rasskazov, Ilya Gaponov and Vladislav Shitov. By the second third of the first half, the “wings” finally corrected their position on the field and became much more active in attacking impulses.

Meanwhile, it became clear that for Spartak, the game with Wings essentially does not solve anything in terms of the distribution of places in the standings, because by the 35th minute in the parallel match Rostov was already winning 4-0 … There was only one intrigue: Will the Wings be able to get save points? In the 37th minute, Promes again had a chance to quickly break through to Frolov’s goal, but he fired inaccurately.

The 40th minute was marked by a skirmish between the players of the teams. Aleksey Amelin deftly quenched the passions that had flared up, handing out many yellow cards and even a red card to Georgiy Jikia, who loudly expressed his emotions from the bench. The end of the half was accompanied by rojiblancos attacks. In the 45th minute, Anton Zinkovsky hit the crossbar of Krylia’s goal with a powerful blow. On the 47th, Ilya Gaponov had a great chance to open an account, but Maksimenko was saved by Spartak. 0:0 after an emotional first half. Teams with a common stack going to the sub-stand continued to figure things out.


The second half began with a substitution in the field of the rojiblancos, Daniil Denisov was replaced by Tomas Tavares. Spartak tried to increase speed with this replacement due to the more maneuverable Portuguese. From the first minutes, the guests went on the attack again, but to no avail. There were big problems of “Spartak” with the implementation – the spring scourge of the Abaskal team. In the 50th minute, Yezhov flew in to meet Maksimenko, but again Selikhov’s substitute turned out to be on top, helping the guests. But in the 54th minute, Benjamin Garre opened the scoring by beating half of the Spartak defense, to the delight of the local torsida. Left foot right on target. The “Manchester City” student shot without a hitch! There was a feeling that during the break in the match, the rojiblancos players found out how things were going in the CSKA-Rostov match.

In the 61st minute, following a corner, Martins found himself in a lethal position, but did not get used to the blow and comically waved his foot to pass. An unexpected penalty flew at the gates of the premises, a light touch from Garré in the penalty area and the traditional VAR had no mercy. But Quincy Promes once again this season could not beat the opponent’s goalkeeper. In addition, Balde also shot point blank, but Frolov also showed his best face here.


In the 70th minute, the guests indicated their territorial advantage, and the hosts calmly watched the passage of Spartak. In the 73rd minute, Balde collapsed in the Samara penalty area, again the entire guest bench was in his ears, but Amelin made the obviously right decision – no penalties! Clean slide. In the 75th minute, the Wings’ quick counter-attack ended with a blow to Maksimenko’s hands. It turned out that Balde was injured in the episode with a fall in the hosts’ area, and he was replaced by Meleshina.

In the 80th minute, Samara’s savior Frolov almost put the ball into his own goal. When processing, I did not see Meleshina flying into the penalty area and almost paid for his carelessness. But for. The rojiblancos did not attack, and the Samara team did not try to control the ball. Everything was aimed at the minimum victory of the “wings” to suit all participants in this game. However, the capital club by inertia continued to climb, especially since the hosts were physically hooked. The legs literally squeezed the entire composition of Samara. Even the ones that appeared on the field just ten minutes ago. In the 95th minute, Tavares delivered a desperation shot and that was it. Samara rejoices, red and white Moscow bronzes.


round 30

Wings of the Soviets (Samara) – Spartak (Moscow) – 1:0 (0:0)

Goal: Garré, 54.

Missed penalty: Promes 64

“Wings of the Soviets”: Frolov, Gorshkov (Zotov, 75), Gaponov, Soldatenkov, Bale, Kostanza, Babkin (Vitiugov, 75), Rasskazov, Yezhov, Garre (Zuev, 88), Shitov (Tsypchenko, 75).

Spartak: Maksimenko, Denisov (Tavaresh, 46), Litvinov, Chernov, Khlusevich, Prutsev (Moises, 60), Zobnin, Martins, Ignatov (Balde, 60 (Meleshin, 77)), Zinkovsky, Promes.

Warnings: Ignatov, 31, Denisov, 39, Litvinov, 42, Jikia, 42 (bench), Shitov, 45, Chernov, 45, Garre, 63,

Sent off: Jikia, 42 (second yellow card) (bench)

Referee: Alexey Amelin (Tula)

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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