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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Spartak players you may have forgotten about. what will happen to them?

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 21:28:40

Telegram channels already joke that some Spartak players just disappeared. They get paid, but lately we hardly see them. Although, based on their status, the guys definitely could and should make the team stronger. Especially in such a difficult time.

Shamar Nicholson, Keita Balde, Pavel Meloshin, Danil Prutsev – even in winter it seemed that everything was just beginning for the guys. But now there is a feeling that soon his career at Spartak will come to an end. Some are heavily stored, others aren’t even in the app. How did it happen?

By the way, none of the Spartak members got into the national team of the tour for the second time in a row.

Team of the 6th day of the RPL. The lineup includes Dziuba and two heroes from the match against Spartak!

The club does not need Shamar Nicholson

At the end of December, Shamar Nicholson quarreled with Zenit players, was disqualified and at the same time gained weight at Transfermarkt. For the year in Russia: + 2 million euros. Interesting figures, taking into account the not very positive autumn. Zarema Salikhova, for example, was very happy. After all, Shamar’s arrival is also his initiative. She pointed out that sofa critics who are not happy with the attackers do not understand anything. And the Jamaican striker will still declare himself.

It’s been six months. In the spring, Shamar finally sat on the bench and angered Abaskal more and more. The main problem is the implementation. If in the fall he scored at least four goals with a good chance, in the second part of the season, a total void. The coach released the striker at the end of the games, hoping for his qualities. But time and time again I was disappointed. Nicholson hit anywhere but on goal.

Shamar Nicholson

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

It is not surprising that already in the spring rumors began to circulate about a possible exit in the summer. At Transfermarkt the price dropped again and the Club began looking for a buyer for the striker. But he is completely unlucky. Apparently, the player does not want to lose salary in the next club. And none of the applicants wants to pay him almost 2 million euros

Now Shamar is not even on the rojiblanca application for the season. And it seems that the club cannot unilaterally terminate the contract with him. Therefore, he will have to include it in the application if he does not find a new club. And the chances of that happening are dwindling.

Bucket stopped entering the application

Bucket also seems to be in big trouble. Although his signing initially raised doubts. After all, he missed the first six months due to a doping ban from FIFA. In winter he was very involved in the training camp and constantly said that he hoped to become the principal of Spartak.

At the beginning of April everything seemed to be heading in that direction. He scored in three straight games, went on base in five, but then fell off the starting clip again. Precisely at this time, there were rumors of interest in him from Turkey and other leagues. However, the player’s representative has said time and again that Keita is happy in Moscow. And he’s not going anywhere.

Keita Bucket

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

There are three games in the new season. And only one at the base – in the Cup with Krasnodar. Then three games on reserve, and then they stopped including it in the application. At first, the club explained this by the fact that the number of places for matches is limited (an interesting reason for such a player), and recently “SE” wrote about the disease. The player’s agent points out that all inquiries about the player’s absence are directed to Abaskal. Clearly hinting that there are no health issues. Plus, apparently, the guy’s ransom seekers. His contract is valid until the summer of 2025 and his salary is definitely decent. Not surprisingly, he does not want to leave and there are few clubs that want to get hold of him.

Melyoshin had a few chances and disappeared.

Pavel Melyoshin also had a great training camp. He then got a place in the base for the first match of the Cup with Loko. But then the reservation and the rare replacements. Marvelous. After all, the boy was considered one of the great talents, which he is about to start playing from the very beginning. In the new season, he again a place at the start in the 1st round, then a start to the Cup and a reserve. At the same time, Abascal’s plans for him are not clear: if he will remain in the team, if he will go on loan or if he will play. At the moment, especially training and waiting for a new opportunity. This is unlikely to suit the player.

Pavel Melyoshin

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

And on the bench are also Prutsev, Chernov, Klassen and let’s not forget Maslov.

Danil Prutsev in the spring generally became the main one and started most of the matches from the first minutes. However, after the summer break, two substitutions and one start (for 57 minutes) in the Cup with Pari HH. The feeling that the coach will hardly be able to count on him like in the spring. There is no talk of rent. Looks like the guy will be left behind.

Prutsev and Chernov during the substitution

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

But there are also Leon Klassen (71 minutes in the season, but one goal in the Cup), Pavel Maslov (exclusively on the bench) or Nikita Chernov (two games in the Cup, but after the purchase of Babich, there will be even fewer entries in field). Soon we will be able to completely forget about them. And Abaskal’s plans for them are not entirely clear.

We are looking for those responsible for the Spartak crisis

Is Abascal to blame for the Spartak crisis?

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