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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Spartak was second most often in the last 5 seasons. But the best club after Zenit is not him

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 06:18:59

For five years in a row, there has been one champion in the RPL, but all three, thankfully for the sake of intrigue, have changed over the years. The statistic is like this:

– Lokomotiv 🥈 🥈 🥉 – Spartak 🥈🥉 – Krasnodar 🥉 🥉 – CSKA 🥈 – Sochi 🥈 – Dynamo 🥉

Collected in a video, how the position of the medalists changed during each of the seasons.

The results of this season among the Moscow teams. Yes, we think so!

Spartak beat CSKA in the Moscow Championship. And the best team in town failed the season!


🥇 Zenit – 30 rounds in first place. 🥈 Lokomotiv – 10 rounds in second place, 3 rounds in third. 🥉 Krasnodar – 12 rounds in second place, 9 rounds – in third.

Jvicha Kvaratskhelia

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Zenit took first place in the first round and did not cry all season! But the Loko silver medalist started the championship from ninth place, then dropped to 11th and even 14th, moving up to second in round 13 for the first time. Then, by the way, the position of the top three in the table was exactly the same as at the end of the championship, but Loko lost his place to Krasnodar after the results of the next match. But after the 23rd round, there were no changes – the trio was formed and did not change until the end of the championship.

Who else came in second?

Spartak – 4 rounds Rubin – 2 rounds CSKA and Rostov once again.

How did the position of the teams that finished in the top three in the 2018/2019 season change?


🥇 Zenit – 22 rounds in first place, 4 rounds in second, 1 round in third. 🥈 Lokomotiv – 2 rounds in first place, 14 rounds in second, 3 rounds in third. 🥉 Krasnodar – 3 rounds in first place, 3 rounds in second place, 12 rounds – in third place.

This season turned out to be more interesting: according to the results of the first round, the table was headed not by Zenit, but by Wings of the Soviets. After the second – “Ural” (“Zenith” was the second). The St. Petersburg club even fell to 5th place – after the 7th round and after the 11th, but from the 14th it firmly took the first line, from where it did not leave until the very end of the championship.

Marko Nikolic and Vedran Corluka

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

The final places were already modeled on the results of the 6th round, but then the jump began – Krasnodar, Loko and CSKA managed to be the first. Lokomotiv was third, fourth and fifth, until it settled in second place in round 22. Krasnodar was shaken in about the same range, but at the same time as Loko, the club was in third place, falling only once, then of the results of round 27.

Who else came in second?

Rostov – 6 rounds. CSKA – 2 rounds. Spartak and Ural once each.

How did the position of the teams that finished in the top three in the 2019/2020 season change?


🥇 Zenit – 24 rounds in first place, 4 rounds in second, 1 round in third. 🥈 Spartak: 2 rounds in first place, 15 rounds in second, 9 rounds in third. 🥉 Lokomotiv – 3 rounds in second place, 8 rounds – in third.

Domenico Tedesco and Jordan Larsson

Photo: Edgar Breshchanov, “Championship”

Everything is stable – Zenit is again the first for most of the season. The second was Spartak, which in the fourth round rose to the top three (even managed to become the first!) And since then it has fallen only once – according to the results of the 20th round, the club became the fourth. . The rest of the time the team was stormy between second and third place, and even at the end there were two runs in which it changed lines with Lokomotiv.

But Loko from the 4th to the 23rd round was not even in the top three – the club jumped from the 10th line to the 8th, then there were 7th, 6th and 5th places. Only in the end was the team able to return to the top.

Who else came in second?

CSKA – Rounds 6. Dynamo and Sochi once each.

How did the position of the teams that finished in the top three in the 2020/2021 season change?


🥇 Zenit – 28 rounds in first place, 2 rounds – in second. 🥈 Sochi – 4 rounds in second place, 12 rounds in third. 🥉 Dynamo – 20 rounds in second place, 5 rounds – in third.

Zenit that season was only twice, not the first, according to the results of rounds 1 and 5. The rest of the time the St. Petersburg club stood firmly on the first line, not letting anyone in. Dynamo, in turn, was second for most of the season, but lost silver in the last round, giving it to Sochi.

matthew casierra

Photo: vk.com/pfcsochi

Surprisingly, at the same time, the Sochi club for all 30 rounds only held the second line three times, the rest of the time being the third or fourth.

Who else came in second?

Rubin – 3 rounds Lokomotiv – 1 round.

How did the position of the teams that finished in the top three in the 2021/2022 season change?


🥇 Zenit – 26 rounds in first place, 1 round – in second. 🥈 CSKA – 2 rounds in the first place, 7 rounds – in the second, 8 rounds – in the third. 🥉 Spartak: 1 round in first place, 11 rounds in second, 11 rounds in third.

Zenit started from sixth place, then rose to fourth, then to second, and from the 6th round they did not leave the front row. Nothing new though. But CSKA, which ultimately took silver by placing second in round 28, spent most of the season between the third and fifth row. Rostov, who finished fourth, was second this season longer than CSKA (8 rounds). Spartak spent the same amount of time in second and third place, much less often CSKA fell into the top five.

Who else came in second?

Rostov – 8 rounds. Sochi and Dynamo once.

How did the position of the teams that finished in the top three in the 2022/2023 season change?

Summary statistics from all five seasons.

– Zenit is the absolute hegemon of first place: the club has been at the top of the table for five seasons of 130 games! And this is 87% of the total.

– The leader in second place – “Spartak” – 31 rounds. In second place is Loko, who has won silver twice over the years.

– The leader in number of tours in third place is CSKA (25).

Equipment1st placeSecond place3rd placeZenit130 tours11 tours1 tourLokomotiv3 tours28 tours18 toursSpartak3 tours31 tour22 toursRostov-15 tours23 toursKrasnodar4 tours15 tours23 toursCSKA2 tours16 tours25 toursDynamo-22 tours5 toursSochi-6 tours5 tours

The total number of points for the top three over the years is:

– Zenit – 336 – Lokomotiv – 262 – CSKA – 259 – Krasnodar – 247 – Spartak – 237 – Dynamo – 222 – Rostov – 220 – Sochi – 180 (in the season – 2018/2019 the club did not play in the RPL).

The gap between the leader and second place is 74 points. The case of Spartak is unique: they were the second most important, but the silver was only one, and only fifth in points. Of course, no one could keep up with Zenit during these five years, but it was not so close – CSKA fell behind Loko by only three points.

Choosing the best coach of this season! Semak and Abaskal are still outsiders


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