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Friday, September 22, 2023
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Surprise UFC of the year! The American talker interrupted Adesanya and declared himself champion.

Date: September 22, 2023 Time: 20:28:15

Something paradoxical in the UFC 293 tournament in Sydney (Australia). Probably for the first time since the legendary UFC 229 (Khabib Nurmagomedov – Conor McGregor), the press conference was more anticipated than the title fight itself. There’s only one reason: quirky American Sean Strickland, who is unfamiliar with the expression “keep your mouth shut.”

There have been enough eccentricities on his part in recent years. Either he decides to “test” Alex Pereira’s position, or the media regrets that Russia has not dropped a bomb on the United States to strengthen the American character. Sean managed to do some bad things in Australia: he got into a fight with a local fan and criticized fat people. It’s surprising that cancel culture hasn’t reached Sean. Probably, the reputation of a fool came in handy here.

Strickland is ranked fifth in the middleweight division and got the title shot by chance. Initially, New Zealander Adesanya’s opponent was South African representative Dricus du Plessis, but he did not have time to recover. Do not cancel the tournament, which was formed specifically for Israel. If before Sean agreed to fight with prospects, now they gave him a champion. Loyalty to an organization can sometimes come in handy.

For 24 hours, the press conference in which Israel refused to communicate with its opponent so as not to stoop to their level was viewed more than a million times. But they weren’t expecting anything from the fight itself, especially since Strickland doesn’t have the power to unexpectedly take down Adesanya (following the recent example of Sterling and O’Malley).

The first five minutes seemed little like a fight as such. There were many feints, deceptive movements, tactics. At the same time, Sean took the territory and at the end of the round Israel finished the game. He was nearly knocked out by Strickland’s explosion. Sean lacked punching power. Many might have thought that this was his first and last chance.

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Israel came to its senses and seemed to take the next two rounds, at least in terms of the total number of attacks. It is true that the advantage was minimal. The five-minute fourth period was already over for Sean, who focused on body work and slightly slowed down Israel, who also made a lot of deceptive maneuvers.

Fans on social media thought it was 2-2 in the rounds. This is where Israel had to show her champion nature and get involved, because she promised to punish Sean for his long tongue. In fact, the opposite happened: Sean systematically pushed. And at the last minute the New Zealander openly escaped him. The “racing,” as fans like to say, is in action. During those seconds, Strickland asked the current champion to kill himself with a cut, but he did not respond. Like at the press conference.

In the world of MMA there is an opinion that the championship belt should be taken very confidently so that there are no questions for the judges, as, for example, in the fight between Yan and Sterling. But here the referees were unanimous and gave the American four rounds. One of the greatest drummers in history was surpassed on his own turf.

Shawn is the new middleweight champion. What was he? And what will happen now with the division that was considered one of the most boring?

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Adesanya has done so much here that he should be given a rematch if he asks for it right away. And if you take a break, then there’s Du Plessis. And Sean now has a championship belt, and all his words will be completely to the point.

“Someone hit me. Never in my life would I have thought I would be here now. I’m not one to cry, but now I can barely hold it. Israel is a tough guy with a great collection of knockouts; easily beat most of my friends. At some moments I doubted myself.

This is the first time I have no words. “I mean this belt on my waist doesn’t mean anything. The way you live this life every day, the way you are at home, is more important than any title,” the new champion said after the fight.

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