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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Sweet kisses, private pool with sea view. Trusova and Ignatov’s romantic vacation.

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 13:59:52

After her engagement to Makar Ignatov, Alexandra Trusova is increasingly lifting the veil of secrecy over her relationship. In addition to cute romantic videos on social networks, a whole video blog about the skaters’ vacation in Thailand was added. The lovers’ first trip together turned out to be truly bright and memorable. They not only sailed hand in hand along the golden beaches, but were also filled with many impressions from various activities.

The general break also became a kind of test of strength for the feelings of Sasha and Makar. However, this test only strengthened the bond between them and took their romance to a new level.

It is possible that it was this trip that inspired Makar to soon propose to Sasha.

The next trip will be a honeymoon for them!

On the topic of Trusova’s wedding

“The sea is so warm that you can stay there for hours”

Alexandra Trusova and Makar Ignatov were going to Thailand together. They had three suitcases, one of which was Sofia Samodelkina’s, whom they were going to meet at the resort. Makar did not take many things with him, but Sasha took this issue in depth and even gave some of her property to her boyfriend.

“I packed my suitcase. It’s true that I put everything I forgot in your suitcase,” Trusova said cheerfully to the boy.

Alexandra Trusova and Makar Ignatov

Photo: Taken from Alexandra Trusova’s blog.

Between jokes and kisses, the time for getting ready passed unnoticed. At the airport it turned out that the suitcase of the Russian rocket weighs almost 30 kg! But she also planned to go shopping during the holidays. No wonder the girl promised Makar: on the way back her suitcase would become noticeably heavier. However, he didn’t care – he enjoyed the whims of his beloved.

While waiting for the flight, the young couple brightened up their meal with dumplings. The flight itself also went well. A cheerful group of friends, including Sofia Samodelkina, was waiting for them in Thailand. The skaters were incredibly happy about the reunion and started creating content for social media.

Alexandra Trusova and Sofia Samodelkina

Photo: Taken from Alexandra Trusova’s blog.

On the first day, Sasha swam especially a lot: both in the private pool of her magnificent room with Makar, and on different beaches, determining which one was the best. However, the seemingly fearless Queen of Quads was frightened by the strong waves. But next to the chosen one, the anxiety clearly subsided.

At night, as expected, they suffered from jet lag, so they slept for more than half a day. However, the beautiful view of the sea when they woke up quickly recharged them with energy.

Alexandra Trusova

Photo: Taken from Alexandra Trusova’s blog.

“Good morning! Today is the second day in Thailand. We slept for about 13 hours. It’s so beautiful here! I wake up and this is the view. And the sea is so warm that you can stay there for hours,” Trusova shared in the vlog.

The athletes went shopping in a shopping centre that Sasha already knew. Her main goal was to buy the bag of her dreams. It was not possible to find the coveted item, but the single student chose another cool bag, as well as glasses, sneakers and other desirable things.

Of course, the skaters didn’t limit themselves to sunbathing and swimming in the sea. We jogged on the beach, surfed, went to the gym and stayed in shape despite the holidays.

Alexandra Trusova

Photo: Taken from Alexandra Trusova’s blog.

Sofia Samodelkina

Photo: Taken from Alexandra Trusova’s blog.

The entertainment program included a meeting with majestic elephants and charming tiger cubs. One of the trunk-bearing grey giants accidentally sneezed on Sasha, but she still treated him affectionately with sweet bananas. Sofa, in turn, dared to pet the little striped predator. Such warm communication with exotic animals probably brightened up her separation from her own pets.

A trip to the Big Buddha statue helped the children immerse themselves in the culture of Thailand. In this incredibly spiritual place, it is customary to make wishes. Makar was so impressed by the atmosphere that surrounded him that he returned here on the last day of the trip.

An unforgettable gastronomic experience was preparing the traditional local shabu-shabu salad in the restaurant. Perhaps Sasha will catch on to the unusual dish and will delight her future husband with it more than once at home. Or Makar will organize a romantic dinner for the bride one day and try his hand at the role of a Thai chef in the evening.

Alexandra Trusova and Makar Ignatov

Photo: Taken from Alexandra Trusova’s blog.

The lovers’ adventures in Thailand, of course, would not be complete without a breathtaking motorcycle ride. While Makar confidently traversed exotic streets, Sasha clung to him tightly, feeling completely safe next to her other half.

The athletes finished their busy vacation with another round of shopping. Happy and rested, they returned to Moscow, while taking another long flight in a cozy cabin closed with doors.

“Good, but not good enough,” Ignatov told the others on the way home in a taxi. Sasha consoled her beloved by telling him that they would definitely relax again some other time.

Alexandra Trusova and Makar Ignatov

Photo: Taken from Alexandra Trusova’s blog.

I wonder if they will be able to set aside at least a few days to go somewhere immediately after the wedding. The date of the wedding is being kept secret, but most likely the most important event will take place before the Russian national team’s figure skating competition in St. Petersburg.

The love story of Trusova and Ignatov.

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