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Monday, October 2, 2023
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Team of the 6th day of the RPL. The lineup includes Dziuba and two heroes from the match against Spartak!

Date: October 2, 2023 Time: 07:16:47

RPL Round 6 has ended: we define the best players of the last three days of play. By tradition, the “Championship” is a symbolic team. In order to find a place for all the heroes, they gathered according to a conditional tactical scheme 3-5-2.

The best players of the previous round of the Russian Championship

Team of the 5th day of the RPL. How good are the legionnaires of Zenit and Dynamo!

Goalkeeper: Nikolai Zabolotny (Sochi)

Neither goalkeeper really shone on this tour, but Zabolotny’s performance is noteworthy, despite Sochi’s loss to Lokomotiv. The railwaymen fired nine shots at the goalkeeper of the southerners and only scored one goal. I especially remember Zabolotny’s save after Dziuba’s header, when Nikolai saved a difficult ball that had gone off the grass.

Nikolay Zabolotny

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Center back: Sergei Bozhin (Torch)

The “Torch” managed to contain the leader of the Championship, not failing in the home match against “Krasnodar” (0-0). Bozhin can be considered one of the heroes of the meeting. The Voronezh central defender put together decent stats: he blocked three shots, won three of five games, made five clearances from the box and made one tackle. In addition, Bojina received two fouls. His rival was perhaps the most difficult in the league: Córdoba, but Sergei managed.

Sergei Bozhin

Photo: vk.com/pfcfakel

Central Defender: Andrey Semyonov (Akhmat)

“Spartak” for the first time did not score in the new season of the RPL, and the merit of the defenders of “Akhmat” in this is great. First of all, the leader of the defense team of Grozny Semyonov. Andrei was unsuccessful at the start of the championship, but he had a great game against the rojiblancos. He has two blocked shots, five clearances, one tackle and one interception. Semyonov held off the powerful Sobolev, Promes and Spartak’s fastest strikers.

Andrey Semyonov

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Central Defender: Moisés (CSKA)

CSKA had a bad game in Orenburg, allowing many chances into their goal and losing two points. But Moses, of course, is the one with the fewest complaints. In his zone there were no problems like on the flank, for which the Nababkin-Glebov team was responsible, moreover, the Brazilian defender scored the only goal of the military team. He played very well and reached the level. He chose the correct position and finished off accurately with a header.

Left midfielder: Dmitry Skopintsev (Dynamo)

The Dynamo left-back was probably inspired by his inclusion in the expanded list of the Russian national team. In Kazan he did something unique: after a characteristic pass, he scored with his mother-in-law with his right foot. In general, Skopintsev was good in the match against Rubin. He won seven of nine games, had three successful hits, three tackles and three punts. Only one thing should bother Dmitry: a few seconds were not enough for his goal to emerge victorious.

Right midfielder: Edgar Sevikyan (Paris NN)

Sevikyan has made great progress from last season and is emerging as the leader of the Pari NN. Excellent dribbling “Nizhny Novgorod Grealish” once again benefited the team. Edgar took a penalty, after which the hosts scored the winning goal against Rostov. The attacking midfielder himself came close to scoring, but hit the crossbar. As a result, Sevikyan was recognized as the best player of the match.

Central midfielder: Lukas Vera (Orenburg)

The Argentine midfielder became the central figure in Orenburg’s match against CSKA. First of all, the locals built all the attacks through their playmaker. Vera made 90 touches of the ball (the most in both teams), passed with 92% accuracy, passed under the blow and in the end scored a goal that saved Orenburg from an undeserved defeat. Great movement in the outside area and shot from the goalkeeper’s line into touch.

Attacking midfielder: Claudinho (Zenit)

The Brazilian played an important role in Zenit’s great victory over Ural. Claudinho assisted Sergeyev with the score 0-0 and then became the author of the third goal for the St. Petersburg team. The midfielder brilliantly provoked and took advantage of goalkeeper Pomazun’s mistake. Claudinho intercepted the ball and then threw it to the Urals goalkeeper. In this game, the Brazilian gave 94% of accurate passes and four passes in attack.

Attacking midfielder: Bernard Berisha (Akhmat)

The Kosovar is another hero of the match between Akhmat and Spartak. Although the Grozny team did not score with the rojiblanco team, Berisha patted the home defense. It was after his pass from striker Ilyin hit the post. In total, the Akhmat dribbler made five passes under attack. The activity of the attacking midfielder of the southerners is evidenced by the fact that he made the most touches of the ball in Akhmat (70). Berisha was in the field everywhere.

Forward: Mateo Cassierra (Zenit)

The Colombian striker, like Claudinho, became the executioner of the Urals. Cassier had a spectacular game: he scored a brace against Pomazun. In the first goal episode, Mateo ran one by one almost from the center of the field, passed the goalkeeper and put the ball into the net. By scoring the second goal, Cassierra also beat Pomazun. The only difference is that the striker received the ball in the Ural area. Four hits, two dribbles, passes with 92% accuracy: an almost perfect game for the Colombian.

Forward: Artyom Dzyuba (Lokomotiv)

Dzyuba is back and Lokomotiv won! This is not just a coincidence. In fact, the former captain of the Russian national team was one of the best in the match against Sochi. The center forward was able to score himself (the locals were saved by Zabolotny’s save) and created several chances for his teammates. Artem made three passes under attack, including in the episode with a goal. Dziuba put his body into defender Miladinovic and shared the ball with Glushenkov.

Coach: Sergei Semak (Zenit)

For the second consecutive round we recognize Semak as the best. The Zenit coach knew how to overcome the difficulties at the start of the season and managed to return the football championship to the blue and whites. After the victory over Spartak, the St. Petersburg team defeated Ural (4-0), which was higher in the table and did not lose a single time in five games. Zenit decided the result of the match in just 45 minutes.

RPL Round 6 Team

We study the composition in its entirety! And if you follow the link, you will be able to get acquainted with more detailed statistics.

RPL Round 6 Team

Who didn’t make the team?

On the sixth day of the RPL, some other players who did not make it to the symbolic team also played well. For example, Wilmar Barrios and Wendel from Zenit, Camilo and Vladimir Ilyin from Akhmat, Ilnur Alshin from Torch, Nikita Saltykov from Wings of the Soviets, Joel Fameye from Rubin and Anton Miranchuk from “Locomotive”. Who do you think is missing from the squad?

We analyze the work of the Spartak coach

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