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Terrible fire, downed mechanics and 9 most dramatic Formula 1 moments in the pit lane

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Terrible fire, downed mechanics and 9 most dramatic Formula 1 moments in the pit lane

Ksenia Cheglakova May 16, 2023, 18:15 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Felipe Massa is still going to sue for the championship after the pit stop accident.

Even with all the modern pit stop safety requirements, this element of Formula 1 is still risky. He won’t let you lie to Esteban Okon, whose arrival in the pit lane at the end of the penultimate lap in Baku nearly ended in tragedy. Recall the 11 most notable incidents in the pit lane, starting with a bizarre incident involving the Alpin racer.

Esteban Okon. Azerbaijan Grand Prix – 2023

The last round of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix could be one of the most tragic events in Formula 1 history. Esteban Ocon spent the entire race on hard tires and drove to the mandatory pit stop. At this point, people were already beginning to gather at the start of the pit lane: photographers were allowed to go to the pit wall to prepare for the ceremony, and staff to organize a closed park. When the Alpin car suddenly appeared, people clung to the fences in panic, and someone narrowly avoided a collision. Of course, the FIA ​​carried out an investigation into what happened and adjusted the behavior protocols at the finish line.

Full details of the incident:

The F-1 stage almost ended in a stupid tragedy: people bounced off the car at the last moment

Mark Webber. German Grand Prix – 2013

The race at the Nurburgring ended ahead of schedule for the Red Bull driver. After the incident with Jean-Eric Werne, Mark Webber was forced to pit. They changed the tires, but there was a problem with one of the rear wheels. They didn’t bolt it on correctly, and as Mark pulled away from the pits, the wheel fell off and rolled rapidly towards the Mercedes mechanics. As a result, the wheel hit FOM operator Paul Allen with great force, causing broken ribs and clavicle, concussion and bruises. For this incident, Red Bull was fined €30,000.

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Robert Kubica and Adrian Sutil. Hungarian Grand Prix – 2010

During the race at the Hungaroring, Vitantonio Liuzzi lost part of the front wing, as a result of which a safety car appeared on the track – the drivers rushed into the pits. Robert Kubica’s pit stop went smoothly, but one of the mechanics made a mistake: he picked up the candy prematurely. Kubica shook off and ended up just under the wheels of Adrian Sutil, who was driving to the pits. The Force India driver retired immediately, with the Pole leaving the track a couple of laps later. Renault was fined $50,000 for an unsafe exit from a pit stop.

Heikki Kovalainen and Kimi Raikkonen. Brazilian Grand Prix – 2009

Heikki Kovalainen’s pit stop accident: The Finn came out of the pits, ripping the fuel hose from the filling machine. The fuel spilled directly into the pit lane and hit the car of Kimi Raikkonen, who was following him. The Ferrari car caught fire briefly, but he was able to continue the race, although Kimi got gasoline in his eyes. For this incident, Heikki Kovalainen was penalized with a 25-second penalty, but Kimi calmly continued the race and took sixth place.

Some more incidents in the pit lane:


Coulthard-Harianto syndrome: accidents in the Formula 1 pit lane

Felipe Mass. Singapore Grand Prix – 2008

When Nelsinho Piqué crashed his car on purpose to help Fernando Alonso, Felipe, like many others, ran to the pits. The pit stop went as planned until the mechanic responsible for changing the light made a mistake. The green light came on while he was refueling. Felipe immediately jerked, and with him went the fuel hose, which was violently vomited from the gas station. Felipe drove with the “tail” to the end of the pit lane and stopped: while he was waiting for the mechanics, the rivals had already returned to the track. Subsequently, the Brazilian was penalized with a drive through the pit lane for an unsafe exit from the pit stop, but it no longer mattered: the race for Felipe was lost.

Scandalous Singapore Grand Prix does not let Massa go:

The former F-1 driver wants to claim the title after 15 years. Massa’s attempt is ridiculous and ridiculous.

Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Canadian Grand Prix – 2008

There are awkward moments, even coming out of the pit lane. When a safety car appeared on the track during the Canadian Grand Prix, Kubica and Raikkonen pitted. At the start, a red signal was lit due to the passing of the cars, the pilots stopped in a disciplined manner, which caused a small traffic jam. Lewis Hamilton, who was chasing them, did not expect this from his rivals and collided with Raikkonen’s Ferrari. Nico Rosberg also had no time to slow down and broke the front wing on Lewis’s McLaren. Only Kubica’s BMW-Sauber emerged from the wreckage unscathed. The Pole waited for the traffic light, kept driving and finally took first place in the race.

Raikkonen and Hamilton’s cars after a crash at the end of pit lane

Photo: Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Kazuki Nakajima. Brazilian Grand Prix – 2007

In that race, the Japanese driver made his F-1 debut. In the season finale, he replaced Alexander Wurz at Williams. Lack of experience at the end and summed up the beginner. During the race, Nakajima entered the pit lane but ran over the pit area, resulting in several of the team’s mechanics being knocked out. Fortunately, the examination did not reveal any serious injuries.

David Coulhard. Australian Grand Prix – 1995

The legendary episode during the farewell F-1 Grand Prix in Adelaide. Race leader David Coulthard had a chance to win the final race before leaving Williams, but managed to crash the car when he made his first pit stop. David’s car seemed to refuse to slow down and fit into a tight corner at the start of pit lane; as a result, Coulthard hit the bump and broke his suspension.

Coulthard on that accident in Australia:


“I lost $3.5 million!” Coulthard on the famous accident and the future of F-1

Eddie Irvine. Belgian Grand Prix – 1995

The second major fire in the pit stop. During the Spa race, the then Jordan driver pitted, but the fuel hose valve stuck, causing fuel to spray onto the car. In a second the fire broke out, but the mechanics quickly turned off the car. Eddie shot out of the car like a bullet, he didn’t continue that run.

Jose Verstappen. German Grand Prix – 1994

The same fire at the Benetton pit stop. On lap 15, Verstappen Sr. drove to a planned pit stop. Mechanics were unable to insert the hose into the Dutchman’s car, and fuel suddenly came out. At one point the Dutchman’s entire car was on fire! Miraculously, the incident did not have serious consequences: myself and three mechanics suffered minor injuries. The pilot raised the helmet’s protective glass during the stop, causing minor burns around his eyes. Mechanics Paul Seabee and Simon Morley escaped with facial burns, while Wayne Bennett burned his ankle and part of his foot.

The Verstappen fire, as it happened:


“I closed my eyes and hoped they would save me.” 25 years of the most famous F-1 fire

Nigel Mansell. Portuguese Grand Prix – 1991

The start of the Portuguese leg was quite successful for Nigel Mansell: the Williams driver got between the two McLarens, and then, thanks to the team’s tactics, prevailed. The victory was already almost in the pocket of the British. On lap 30, Mansell pitted to change tyres. But there were problems with the right rear wheel – the mechanic could not install it correctly. The car came out of the pits, and after a couple of meters this wheel fell off and rolled towards the rivals; fortunately, no one was seriously injured. But something else caused outrage: Williams’ mechanics rushed over to Nigel and placed the wheel smack in the middle of pit lane. Working with the car outside the designated area was recognized as a violation of the rules, for which the Briton was disqualified. The start in Estoril deprived Nigel of the last real chance of wresting the title from Ayrton Senna.

Nigel Mansell’s challenging career:

Perhaps the most unlucky F-1 champion: he lost the title three times and even announced his retirement

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