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Monday, March 27, 2023
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That is the price of legionnaires! He pulled the “MMK” curry from the reserve, and lost it to the Canadian “Vanguard”

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 03:22:41

– We were already in this situation last year – recalled the Metallurg coach, who hinted that his team finally won, and added: – We don’t have the right to retire in the middle zone for carrying a stick and hitting our opponent. chance. The first period was not successful for us. Then they released the game. They took it out, and here they brought a goal for them. Hence the defeat.

Vorobyov was referring to the episode in the 47th minute with a score of 3:3, when Curry, the Ural striker, in a completely harmless situation right in the center of the field, hit the Siberian striker Tolchinsky with a club in the teeth. Fortunately, the victim did not bleed and the judges limited themselves to a small fine. It took the hosts 83 seconds to draw a Bush–Tkachev–Bush two-piece and score the decisive goal.

Photo source: HC Avangard

So clumsy, or rather irresponsible! – The move of the Canadian, who was placed in reserve on March 10, nullified all the efforts of Magnitogorsk, led by the 39-year-old goalkeeper-grenadier Koshechkin. Although in the third period, Curry spent only two shifts, but after his gross negligence, it was too late for the guests to drink Borjomi. Although they ultimately substituted the Olympic champion for the sixth outfield player, Knight won four straight in his zone, depriving the Steelworkers of a chance to save themselves.

However, I would put Metallurg in this match as an asset. Having conceded three goals in the first third without much resistance and replacing Pasquale with Koshechkin, the guests still managed to find the strength to get going and get back into the game. Let Akolzin’s first goal on the return turn out to be somewhat of an accident: Knight lobbed the puck over the side from behind his gate, it hit the ledge, bounced right off Akolzin’s stick and into the gaping Demchenko in the far corner. close. But the other two were really working. Dronov fired accurately from distance after Maye won the matchup over Laipsik, who flicked the ball under the defender’s click. And Korostelev equalized in the 45th minute after a quick break down the middle between Svedberg and Bereglazov.

Photo source: HC Avangard

It would seem that now the most important thing will begin – the teams will huddle together, eliminate any risks and, at least until the end of regulation time, wait for the opponent’s mistakes. But no, Curry thought otherwise.

Yes, a year ago, in the eastern semifinal, after two starting matches, Metallurg also blew Avangard – 0-2. However, there is a significant difference. Then the “metalheads” managed to blow up these two home matches. Yes, how – 1:8! In the 15th minute, Nalimov replaced Koshechkin with the score 0:4. And then – 5:7. In the 25th minute, with the score 1:5, Koshechkin was again replaced by Nalimov, but after the second break, with the score 5:6, Vorobyov made a reverse castling. Vasily managed to pull himself together and twice helped Magnitogorsk take revenge on the road – 5: 2 and 5: 1, finally squeezing the “hawks” in the series 4-3.

Now Metallurg does not have such terrible turbulence. They also started with two defeats, but now with a minimum: 1:2 after extra time and 3:4. If the Urals continue in the same vein as in Omsk, where the score from 0:3 became 3:3, the series could well turn around. The most important thing is that the fans in Magnitogorsk finally fill the arena to capacity. Spectator support is vital for “metalheads”!

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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