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Friday, July 12, 2024
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The annoying Zadorov and the vagabond Tarasenko. Russians in the NHL without a contract for next season

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 17:49:10

The NHL season is not over yet and is close to its end; There are only a few moments left until the final. Therefore, it is time to take a closer look at which of the Russian players is not under contract for next season. And everyone’s situation is different: some have almost no chance of signing for a team in the best league in the world, others already have one foot in the KHL, others will continue changing teams and some even reject a big contract.

Ilya Samsonov

Ilya’s season turned out to be undulating and very ambiguous. The Russian goalkeeper frankly failed at the beginning of the championship and even ended up in the waiver draft at the end of the calendar year. But, returning to the main lineup, Samsonov woke up, as if he realized his last chance, and gave a very powerful period in late January and early February. It is true that the playoffs did not go well for the Russian, like the rest of Toronto: the loss of the starting goalkeeper position, added to the abundant criticism from the Canadian press, which forgives few people.

There are big doubts that Samsonov will remain in the team. There is even a suspicion that it will be difficult to find a team in which Ilya will be number one.

Ivan Prosvetov

The period of his career in Colorado was a bit eccentric, and this applies more to the direction of the Avalanche itself. Iván played with a minimum contract and it cannot be said that his game exuded hopelessness. True, this did not protect Prosvetov from being rejected from the draft, playing in the AHL and publicly criticizing the head coach.

It was rumored that the Russian goalkeeper would leave for CSKA and at the moment it seems like the best decision. Anything is better than bouncing pointlessly between the AHL and the NHL bench.

Egor Zamula

Egor spent his first full season at the NHL level and was able to convince John Tortorella of his abilities. And not everyone succeeds, given the difficulty of the coach. It is almost certain that Zamula will sign a good bridge contract, the amount of which will be double that of the previous one.

Nikita Zadorov

Nikita Zadorov is a separate topic in almost any conversation and discussion. This situation is no exception. The great defender played very well in the playoffs, scoring eight points in 13 games and becoming one of the leaders of the “orcas” defense. The organization decided to thank Nikita by offering him a 4-5 year contract for $4.5 million, but Zadorov was demanding: he accepted and rejected. At the same time, he himself states that he wants to stay in Vancouver. It doesn’t matter how the story ends with the embodiment of the saying: the fraer’s greed ruined it. There are doubts that anyone will offer Nikita a contract for the same period and for a larger amount.

In Russia there is no need to wait for Zadorov:

“The next day I will be in Siberia.” Zadorov – about a possible return to Russia

Ilya Liubushkin

Ilya is one of the top Russian deadline travelers of recent years. Before the playoffs, many teams are looking for such reliable defensive players who will definitely not let you down. After the first visit to Toronto, it was not possible to stay in the team, since the salary cap is somewhat detrimental. Especially maple leaves. Will they find money for Lyubushkin this time? There are more doubts than certainties. But the defender will not be left without a job in North America.

Dmitri Kulikov

Kulikov is one of two players in this sample who has not yet finished the season. His “Florida” is one step away from the final, and Dmitry is one of the creators of this success that has not yet come to an end, confidently occupying the position of reliable defender of the third pair. Anticipating the Panthers’ offseason problems with the extension of Montour and Rinehart, we can say that they will try to extend Kulikov in Sunrise, because it is difficult to find a defenseman for the third pair in terms of value for money.

A detailed story about Kulikov’s NHL career:

The most mysterious Russian of the NHL playoffs. What is the phenomenon of the invisible Kulikov?

Vladimir Tarasenko

And here is the second person still fighting for the cup. But Vladimir is obviously playing his last games with the Panthers. The off-season issues with the transfer leaders were mentioned above, so we won’t dwell on this for long. Tarasenko will go on the market again in the summer, only the situation will be even worse than last year: then the player’s agent tried to find a contract for a period of four years (approximately) for more than 5 million dollars. be almost impossible to do. After the St. Louis trade, Vladimir became one of the NHL’s top drifters.

Kirill Marchenko

Kirill had a pretty good season, scoring 42 points in 78 games, so he will definitely get a contract. But in Columbus? Most likely, yes, but it is still unclear what direction the new management of the “jackets” will take. It is possible that said asset can be exchanged; the value will certainly not be the smallest.

Kirill Marchenko

Photo: Paul Vernon/AP Photo/TASS

Egor Chinajov

Chinakhov, like Marchenko, had a great season, but Columbus’s mediocre play could cloud these impressions. Egor has one of the best wrist shots on the team, his pucks are direct proof of this. There is not a single requirement that Egor does not spend the next season in the NHL (I am glad that the rumors about a return to the KHL have died down).

Pavel Dorofeev

Dorofeev could have won the Stanley Cup last season, having had a great end to the season, but in the playoffs Pavel turned out to be unnecessary. The same thing, in fact, was repeated in this championship, but the Russian still came out for seven minutes in the fifth game of the series against Dallas. Considering the performance that Dorofeev showed this season, one thing can be said: there is only one small step left towards a solid place in the Las Vegas lineup.

Nikita Alexandrov

Last season, Nikita scored his first goals in the NHL, and this season he was supposed to confirm his claims for a place in the starting team of St. Louis. But this season turned out to be worse: not a single goal scored, two assists and only 23 games. There have been no rumors about a move to Russia, so we will likely continue to watch the young forward in the United States. The only question is in which league.

Yakov Trenin

Trenin is a player who was never blessed with great talent and potential, but with his work he made his way. So far he is doing pretty well. Would Colorado be willing to shell out a couple million for a bottom-six player? It is not known, but a team with successful playoff aspirations will definitely need a player like that.

Yakov Trenin

Photo: David Zalubowski/AP Photo/TASS

Alexander Barabanov

To be honest, the situation with Barabanov is the vaguest. The season in San José was terrible, the transfer did not materialize on the deadline and the age is no longer the best to sign a minimum contract. But along with the rumors about SKA and CSKA, there was also a rumor that Alexander and his family would like to stay abroad. It’s hard to believe, but we’ll see how the situation develops.

Denis Gurianov

What cannot be denied to Denis is his perseverance: the forward tries with all his might to reach the NHL. He commands respect, but it is difficult to achieve. Guryanov becomes most effective when he plays in the top 6, but none of the NHL teams will consider him for this role. Maybe it’s worth returning to Russia after all?

Vasily Podkolzin

Podkolzin’s career in North America is going downhill: every year there are fewer games and fewer points. This season, Vasily did not score a single goal, played 21 games (including playoffs) and was almost not remembered for anything. It’s time to come to Russia, reset and try again. But it is unknown whether Podkolzin will follow this path.

Vasily Podkolzin

Photo: Lucas Peltier/AP Photo/TASS

Ruslan Iskhakov

Iskhakov spent two excellent seasons in the AHL, but only played two games with the Islanders, in which he scored one point. The lack of confidence on the part of the less prominent “islanders” is a bit incomprehensible, but it seems that there will be more chances to prove his worth next season. However, we must take into account the option with CSKA, which is trying to organize an improvised perestroika.

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