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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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The Argentine god fulfilled his mission, now it’s up to the Great Eight

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 16:49:18

Yes, Alexander somehow stuck to the 800 figure. Well, not five tournaments over 13 years, in which Lionel once reached the final. But two dry games for the best shooter of our time is already a deadline.

Last week, the captain of the Capitals, frankly, mediocrely screwed up two attempts to move Gordie Howe, moreover, on his ice in the American capital: on Thursday in a match with Dallas (1: 2), on Saturday with Toronto ( 5:2). The Big Eight had no real scoring chances in those 120 minutes, even most of which fell apart completely. But Ovi is the perennial NHL leader in numerical advantage goals.

Which is the reason? Yes, the glorious Dynamo player simply deceived himself! Having scored a hat-trick in Chicago a week ago and thus capped Washington’s eight hundred goals, he seemed to relax, he reckoned it would all take care of itself.

Yes, for what reason? With a stormy celebration of the anniversary figure, when in a game with the Blackhawks, contrary to the rules, the entire Capitals team rushed to the ice to congratulate the captain on puck 800, the Capitals put the entire league in against him, in addition to motivating each new opponent. Dallas coach Peter Deboer did exactly that with the pregame setup:

– Do you really want the whole Ovi team to run back onto the pitch with Ovi’s next two goals? Isn’t that what they call falling into history? Let him score those bloody two goals and get around Howe, but not in our goal!

This simple parting word has already worked twice. The problem is that Ovi itself is not really against this! To me, he was simply unrecognizable in the previous two games in Washington. Anatoly Tarasov would say:

– The hockey player Ovechkin, who fights for every puck, for every rebound, which is always aimed at the goal, I know. The hockey player Ovechkin, who admires himself and does not give himself one hundred percent in every episode, I do not know and do not want to know!

Once upon a time, the legendary coach of CSKA and the USSR national team said something similar to Boris Mikhailov himself, who returned to the country the top scorer and the king of the pig.

Did Capitals coach Peter Laviolette have a proper conversation with his captain? I really doubt it. The authority of the club icon, who makes money even going after Gretzky by registering THE GR8 CHASE trademark for licensed products, is too high for anyone to dare lecture the person upon whom this team rests and flourishes for almost 20 years. .

On the other hand, does an established world-class star at 37 need mentors? I am sure that Alexander himself understands everything perfectly. Especially after watching the final of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where his 35-year-old idol almost buried his team at first, and then he himself, when it seemed that the Argentines had no strength left, fixed everything.

This, of course, is the second goal for the French, whose scoring attack began with the loss of an obviously tired Messi in the opposite half. And about the revival of him in extra time, when, having taken everything out of himself, turning around, he made the score 3: 2, and in a penalty shootout in the first pair, he effortlessly nullified the same masterful execution of Mbappe. .

But at the end of regulation time, the Argentine team with its leader seemed to no longer be on the pitch. The French did what they wanted. Their dark-haired running backs were stopped by rivals only with sharp fouls. The referee at these moments was clearly fainthearted: the mustard plaster should have been presented to the future champions after each joint. For offenses intended to interrupt, counterattacks were not game.

However, in the short break before extra time, everything changed. And this is the greatness of Messi. 35 years? One hundred minutes, including added ones, behind? Opponent’s initiative? Yes, nonsense! We drive them for 75 minutes with our faces on the table, and just like that, we’ll give it all away? Yes, not in life!

Do not change yourself, and everything will come, everything will be.

We believe and hope that the Big Eight will respond to the double MVP of the 2022 World Cup tonight Moscow time in the game with Detroit with his double. We turn on the devices at 3:00 Moscow time.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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