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Monday, March 27, 2023
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The cruel revenge of the “top”. The favorites avenged the defeats in the first matches

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 12:27:45

Salavat Yulaev, SKA, Lokomotiv and Ak Bars had certain victories and leveled the score in the series (1-1).

Ufa: “Silver” has faded

If on Wednesday the goalkeeper of “Admiral” Nikita Serebryakov, who is called “Silver” in the team, hung a barn lock on the door, he capitulated only once, today literally everything flew at them. Yeah, and the outfield players didn’t help him much. He fouled out of nowhere and he chose the penalty area.

Already in the second minute, the defender of not “New Jersey”, but already “San Jose” Shakir Mukhamadullin (plays on loan in Ufa) realized a numerical advantage.

The Mariners responded quickly with Michal Krysztof’s goal, but before the break, the Yulaevites twice stung Serebryakov, against whom literally every rebounder-rebounder took up arms.

Photo source: HC “Salavat Yulaev”

Halfway through the game, there was no doubt about its result: 5:1. However, the last word was left by the team of Leonid Tambiev, who scored the second goal. The third half turned into a quiet end without penalties.

Now the rivals have to fly to Vladivostok. In the regular season, Admiral beat Salavat twice at home. However, these victories are worth remembering. Also, a lot for the hosts will depend on the state of Serebryakov. There is no certainty that he will have enough strength and emotions for the next matches.

Radulov scores and takes

Already in the 14th second, Dmitry Voronkov opened the gates for Vladimir Tikhomirov, correcting the Frisbee into the net from a patch. Six minutes later, the goalkeeper scored himself, and the goal went to Voronkov. Tikhomirov was immediately replaced by a substitute Alexander Sudnitsin.

The intrigue in the Tatarstan derby was revived at the start of the second period, when Neftekhimik captain Kirill Vorobyov worked brilliantly on the patch. But soon she was finally buried by another captain – Kazan. Alexander Radulov slyly directed the puck from behind the gate into a pile and raised his hands in triumph. The puck bounced off the goalie’s foot into the net.

Photo Source: HC Ak Bars

This is the most showy player in the league who decided not to limit himself and in the middle of the match he greeted the young Andrey Chivilev. The second pair of “dancers” were the defender of the guests Maxim Goncharov and Ilya Safonov, assistant captain.

In his fists, Radulov won an unconditional victory, but he was recognized as the instigator of the fight and sat for a long time in the “front place”, receiving (2 + 5 + 10) penalty minutes. And his deputy lost the fistfight, even though he blew his nose at his opponent.

Before Gordie Howe’s hat-trick, Radulov was short an assist. The account in the majority was closed by Stanislav Galiev.

St. Petersburg: Blitzkrieg of Rotenberg’s Army

The army team flew out onto the Ice Ice like gorillas out of a cage. This expression came into use in hockey after the quarterfinals at the Vancouver Russia – Canada Olympics, in which “Maple” defeated ours 7:3.

For the first ten minutes, the goalkeeper of Minsk residents Konstantin Shostak held on, and then three goals flew into his goal one after another. Moreover, the initiative was made by “narrow specialists” from the lower tiers – Vasily Glotov (the day before yesterday he played the whole match on the bench) and Svyatoslav Grebenshchikov. And when defender Igor Ozhiganov robbed striker Vladimir Alistrov in a foreign zone and removed the cobweb from the nine, only one question remained on the agenda: how many pucks the hosts would send the Bison.

The hero of the first match, Alystrov, did everything at random. Faced with the fatal loss, instead of shooting from a winning position, he began to pause and went to the front line, from where you can score only with the help of a goalkeeper. But Dmitry Nikolaev, whom the coach trusted and did not put on the bench, was not going to give gifts.

Before the siren of the break, the guests lost their attack leader Nick Merkley, who was sent off before the end of the game for a long tongue. The Canadian was vigorously contesting a 5-minute penalty for defender Timofei Kovgoreni for pushing SKA captain Dmitry Yashkin on board.

Photo source: HC SKA

Nothing happened to the Russian Czech: he got up, dusted himself off and continued playing.

After the break, the St. Petersburg team played rationally, according to the score. They weren’t nervous about Ryan Spooner’s return goal.

In the third period, the hosts not only kept the advantage, but also strengthened.

The Bison, who lost injured Legionnaire defensemen Kevin Lalonde (destroyer) and Josev Dushak (creator) in the opener, were let down by Stanley Cup winner Cedric Paquette. With the score 0:0, the Canadian grabbed a penalty for hitting Nikolaev’s trapeze with a stick, and when at the end the Minskers took out the goalkeeper and went on the assault, the striker hit the opponent in the groin and grabbed (5+ 20 ) Penalty minutes.

Yaroslavl: a “button” was groped in Dorozhko

When Maxim Shalunov, coming off the bench, received a miraculous pass from Maxim Berezkin, sent the puck into the far corner near the post with his signature shot, Vityaz goalkeeper Maxim Dorozhko was replaced. The main organizer and inspirer of Wednesday’s victory (1:0 extra time) was scared on the bench. The score became 4:1. Until the second break, Dmitry Shikin kept the gate out of touch.

And in the fifth minute of the third period, the guests gracefully realized the majority – 4:2. But literally after 7 (!) seconds, Alexander Polunin restored the three-goal gap, grabbing a rebound from the front board.

Less than a minute later, Artur Kayumov once again forced Shikin to capitulate. In both cases, the defenders of the guests acted with extreme negligence.

Before the return matches in Balashikha, doubts arose about the Vityaz goalkeeper. Dorozhko or Shikin? I think, don’t miss the last one, these two ridiculous goals (he is not at all guilty of them), play him.


Salavat Yulaev – Admiral – 5:2 (score in series 1-1), SKA – Dynamo Mn – 5:2 (1-1), Lokomotiv – Vityaz – 6:2 (1 -1), Ak Bars – Neftekhimik – 4:1 (1-1)

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