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Friday, March 1, 2024
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The Cup Superfinal was overshadowed by arbitration. But Akinfeev put everything in its place

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 07:11:45

The overall leitmotif of the 2022/2023 Russian Cup superfinal is whether Krasnodar will repeat the agenda with Manchester City’s debut Champions League victory or whether title-missing CSKA will walk away with the coveted trophy from the multifaceted tournament in his native Moscow. . All the experts’ pre-match statements could be summed up in one sentence: CSKA is the clear favourite, but anything can happen in the final match.

Local intrigues regarding the main gatekeepers were exaggerated. The duel “Akinfeev and Safonov” will take place, but after the publication of the starting lineups by the clubs, the question was removed by itself. Young Stanislav Agkatsev led the Bulls to the season clincher, which means he launched a new matchup: legend vs. future.


The start of the final was put by the army team. Already in the first minute, Diveev delivered an inaccurate blow to the Krasnodar goal. CSKA very actively indicated their advantage from the very first minutes, showing maximum spirit for the final victory. But before they gave seven minutes of time to score from the start, the ‘bulls’ took the ball and began to weave their favorite lace at Akinfeev’s gates. True, it did not lead to anything serious. The teams started off without a hitch. It was a reasonable explanation: last season they got to know each other well in the few games they managed to play against each other. In the 12th minute, after a corner kick, confusion broke out in the Krasnodar penalty area and Oblyakov almost sent the ball into the net. But Agkatsev controlled the situation and calmly watched the ball, which went much higher than the gate.

In the 18th minute, the outlines of the game of the nominal hosts of the Krasnodar final began to be actively visible. Quick actions and dagger in counterattacks. CSKA seemed to have neutralized everything without problems, but the danger was constantly in the air. Córdoba, Ramírez and Olusegun were constantly trying to find something, but already in the penalty area the idea flew away somewhere. The first chance for a real goal was organized by the army team in the 20th minute. After a pass down the left flank and a shot from Kuchaev, the bulls were saved by Agkatsev, who reached out and prevented the ball from flying into the right corner. . In the 22nd minute Krasnodar responded with his chance. Spertsyan hanging from a corner, the ball found Alonso’s head, which he struck in absolute solitude. Oblyakov helped Akinfeev to avoid trouble. And then another moment was drawn by CSKA. Already Chalov, after a long pass from deep, ran out to meet the Krasnodar goalkeeper, but again Agkatsev was in his prime.


In the 30th minute, Kuchaev accelerated from the left flank to the right, received a pass, and Olusegun brought down the CSKA attacker in the penalty area. Bezborodov’s verdict was unequivocal – an iron penalty, which Fyodor Chalov calmly converted, throwing the ball and Agkatsev into different corners. 0:1 in the 32nd minute of the match. The bank of “Krasnodar” was simply fierce, and the helmsman of the “bulls” almost told him to send it. The judges pardoned the Serbian specialist. Goal, which followed from the course of the game, the Muscovites too often arranged dangerous exits at the gates of the southerners. After the lost ball, Krasnodar fell very picky on the gates of Akinfeev, but there was a problem – it was impossible to hit the target and hit a pointed blow.

In the 40th minute, Krasnodar completely took the ball, but for some reason drove it around the army part of the field for four minutes, unable to continue the attacks. Vladimir Fedotov’s wards clearly played defensively, blocking all possible zones from the penetration of the agile players of the “bulls”. Something dangerous was extracted from a potential newcomer to Ajax Amsterdam, Eduard Spertsyan, but he was also not allowed to touch the ball in the CSKA penalty area. In the 44th minute, Krasnodar hit a dangerous free kick twenty meters from the army goal, but Spertsyan’s shot went wide, hitting Igor Akinfeev’s left post, but from behind. That was the end of the first half. 0:1


The second half began with an understandable substitution of Krasnodar. Ionov, who left the game completely in the first half, was replaced by Akhmetov. The activity of the “bulls” was noted again, but the defense of the army played like clockwork. In the 50th minute, Krasnodar finally discovered the goal. It was Córdoba who hit the head against Akinfeev after a pass from Ramírez. The seventh goal of the striker “Krasnodar” in the Russian Cup! 1:1 and everything started again. Psychologically, Krasnodar came to his senses and took the lead into his own hands. CSKA faced difficult minutes. When Krasnodar cheers up, it is always very bad for the opponents. The army team is clearly not in itself after the fumble, it was evident from Oblyakov’s nervous violation of Batchy. Bezborodov defused the situation and handed out mutual cards to the players. Oblyakov – for rudeness, Batchy – for unnecessary conversations.

By the 60th minute, the game began to lose control of the refereeing team. Fouls and pike in the middle of the overturned field. The teams were clearly seething with excitement. In the 62nd minute, the army team got the right to the penalty area, about twenty-five meters from the Krasnodar penalty area. The canopy led to the corner. The banner’s submission to fresco Zabolotny and the striker’s subsequent blow came out very dangerous, but by. CSKA clearly came to their senses after a missed goal and the number of dangerous moments at the gates of Agkatsev began to appear constantly. Again Zabolotny was at the forefront of the attack, but was unable to group up and fire on target.


In the 70th minute, it became clear that the game was like a swing. Attacks in both directions, the teams opened up a bit more. The missed goals released the participants of the match. An excellent combination from Krasnodar: Olusegun failed to get past a couple of CSKA players and gave the play to Batchi, who was brought down by Rocha. Justified yellow card to the Brazilian. Igor Akinfeev saved a free kick for an experience corner, removing all risks. Each episode with the fall of the Krasnodar players ended with the abuse of the head coach of the bulls. Bezborodov wrote a yellow card to the coach. In the 81st minute, another overflow on Zabolotny ended in a usual goal failure.

In the 84th minute, Igor Akinfeev, with a long pass characteristic of this season, brought Fedor Chalov into a meeting with Agkatsev, but the army striker fired wide of the goal from a favorable position. And again a long pass to the Krasnodar penalty area, but Carrascal, who ran out to a date with the talented Agkatsev, lost the fight to the goalkeeper, while he hit the goalkeeper on the head. Bezborodov thanked coach Jorge for such zeal with a “yellow”. In the 89th minute, Akinfeev’s parachute passed into Krasnodar’s defensive possessions again, Medina shot over the gate. In the 90th minute, he slotted his right into a dangerous free kick from the left flank. Spertsyan’s twisted shot went just over the bar. Lucky for the army team at the end. Minute 92: Fedor Chalov could become a legend in this final. Diveev parried a pass from Chalov standing in the center of the penalty area and Fedor did not adjust to the blow. Four minutes added by Bezborodov passed, and according to the rules of the Russian Cup, extra time was not provided. Immediately a penalty shootout. Maybe it was for the best.

Trite and nervous, but too emotional penalty shootout revealed the winner, it was CSKA and the hero Akinfeev, who 10 years later brought the Cup to the army team.

Russian Cup. superfinal

Krasnodar (Krasnodar) – CSKA (Moscow) – 1:1 (on penalties – 5:6)

Goals: Córdoba, 51 – Chalov, 32 (from the penalty spot).


Krasnodar – Spertsyan (1:1), Akhmetov (2:2), Córdoba (3:2), Batchi (3:3, goalkeeper), Alonso (4:4), Ramírez (5:5), Volkov (5: 6, goalkeeper).

CSKA – Chalov (0:1), Diveev (1:2), Moises (2:2, crossbar), Gaich (3:3), Medina (3:4), Carrascal (4:5), Zabolotny (5: 6)

Krasnodar: Agkatsev, Alonso, Petrov (Volkov, 82), Ramírez, Arutyunyan, Lenini (Chernikov, 82), Ionov (Akhmetov, 46), Córdoba, Olusegun, Spertsyan, Batchi.

CSKA: Akinfeev, Nababkin (Gaich, 69), Diveev, Rocha, Moises, Medina, Zdelar, Kuchaev (Mendez, 46), Oblyakov (Zabolotny, 63), Zainutdinov (Carrascal, 73), Chalov.

Warnings: Zdelar, 48, Oblyakov, 57, Batchi, 57, Petrov, 61, Rocha, 76, Ivic, 78 (bench), Carrascal, 86, Diveev, 90.

Referee: Vyacheslav Bezborodov (Saint Petersburg)

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