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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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The fairy tale of the media team in the Russian Cup continues. 2DROTS is already in the third round!

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 19:51:09

The fairy tale of the media team in the Russian Cup continues. 2DROTS is already in the third round!

Anatoly Romanov August 23, 2023, 21:10 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Kuznetsov’s team scored three away goals and defeated Murom.

After the departure of Rodina Media and Amkal, 2DROTS remained the last media team in this Russian Cup draw. In the first round of the tournament, Dmitry Kuznetsov’s team beat Sakhalin (2-0) thanks to Gudaev’s penalties and Frolov’s goals, and reached Murom in the 1/128 final. 2DROTS’ rival is a representative of the Second League, with whom a fairly well-known coach Evgeny Perevertaylo works. They played in Murom, in the stadium named after the winner of the 1988 Olympic Games, Viktor Losev. The hosts handed out tickets to this match for free and gathered a full house – more than 2,000 spectators attended the match with the participation of the media club.

From the first minutes, 2DROTS took the ball and the territory, and “Murom”, despite the status of the owner and a professional team, with all ten outfield players sat in their half of the field and only waited for counterattacks. One of them, already at the debut of the match, ended with the first scoring chance of the match: the attacker Nadolsky struck from a semicircle, but the goalkeeper of the guests Sychev could not even show himself – the ball flew high, God. prohibit, if not off limits. Otherwise, Perevertailo’s team did not perform well in response attacks. 2DROTS offered quite a high pace and quickly turned the ball back after turnovers.

Kuznetsov’s team made good use of the wings, where they were able to create an advantage against Murom’s 3-5-2. Oslonovsky was very active and useful on the left side. It was Elefante who opened the scoring in the 7th minute: he picked up the ball in the outside area and shot accurately from the left into the upper corner.

“Murom”, even losing, was afraid to take risks. Worse still, the hosts lost captain Plopa, injured. 2DROTS’s second goal was supposed to be scored by Proshlyakov, but after a beautiful combination of speed with a pass to the third, he failed to make it one-on-one. I just “forgot” to hit. Looking at the terrible actions of newcomer 2DROTS in this episode, it was impossible to believe that he played in Valery Karpin’s RPL for Rostov. However, 10 minutes before the break, Proshlyakov had a hand in Style’s goal. Having hit the attacker, the goalkeeper of “Murom” Trunin made a serious mistake. He hit the ball in front of him and Stepanov excelled at rebounding.

With the score 2:0 at the end of the first half, 2DROTS loosened their grip and immediately conceded. Gudayev, under pressure, headed the ball through the middle, and Godfred somehow lazily played on the rebound. He didn’t run. Midfielder “Murom” Zapalatsky made a great shot from behind the free kick under the crossbar. So the intrigue returned for the second half.

After the break, it seemed that 2DROTS was still in control of the game, but guest coach Kuznetsov was apparently the first to realize that something was wrong. Even before the start of the second half, he switched to two – Sklyar and Beglaryan. Two fresh pairs of legs did not save guests from dangerous moments at their doors. What a chance “Murom” ruined at the end of the match hour! Yanov surprised Sychev with a free kick and hit the crossbar, after which the goalkeeper made a miraculous save and did not let the opponent score when finishing. Falling into the goal and putting his foot into the net, Sychev managed to stop the ball on the line with his hand. It was the brightest episode of the game.

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Meanwhile, the participants in the match continued to leave each other due to injuries. The day after Plopy, Judge Smolin requested a forced replacement. A few minutes later, Proshlyakov left wounded. The Murom camp did not spare anyone. The new referee could please 2DROTS fans by awarding a penalty for Manaev’s fall in the local area. However, he did not believe the visiting midfielder. This greatly angered Oslonovsky, who received a yellow card for the disputes, but, perhaps, the referee made a fair decision – it was like jumping from Manaev.

In the end, the game was simplified to the maximum, there was a lot of fighting, marriage and fouls. Murom could not break through the defense of 2DROTS, and that moment with the save of Sychev remained, in general, the only true scorer. And with 10 minutes remaining, Kuznetsov’s team seized the opportunity and scored the third. Shereshkov made a great pass and Godfred played right up! The gaucho turned, under Volkov’s tutelage, and put the ball into the net.

2DROTS is not done with this Russian Cup yet. Kuznetsov’s team won and went further than a year ago. All the most interesting is ahead.

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Puck Henry
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