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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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The first in 48 years and the second in history! Is it true that McDavid became the MVP of the NHL playoffs?

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 14:22:50

It’s official: hockey season has come to an end! And it ended in the best possible way: Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. The tension and intensity was off the charts, the teams fought until the end and Edmonton was one step away from taking the decisive game to overtime in the third period. But no: Florida wins the first cup in its history.

Review of the decisive match


Florida is the NHL champion! Bobrovsky played a miraculous game and won the Stanley Cup!

The first moments after the final siren always divide the world into two parts: one of them is happy, takes off their helmets and tights, screams and hugs each other, and the second looks dejectedly into space and remembers the moments in their minds. series when everything was possible to change and be in the first place. On the side of sadness and melancholy today is Edmonton, led by Connor McDavid, whom the broadcast directors showed almost more than the triumphant Panthers. And it was difficult to look at him: Connor had no face, but as captain he encouraged and thanked his playoff teammates, who could not blame themselves for anything, like, in fact, McDavid himself. And when the Oilers captain spoke to Corrie Perry, who had lost the last four finals, many viewers wondered: who is reassuring whom?

As is customary in the NHL, the losing team left the ice and left it to the winners. But in addition to presenting the Stanley Cup, Gary Bettman had to announce the winner of the Conn Smythe Trophy, the award for the most valuable player in the playoffs. There have been debates about him since the first match of the final, but after the fifth match, the cup of journalistic preferences (the prize is awarded based on the results of your voting) began to tilt in Makdi’s favor. The sixth and seventh games, in which Connor did not score a single point, changed nothing: “Conn Smythe” goes to McDavid’s personal trophy shelf. But, as many saw, the Edmonton captain did not take the ice and receive it from Bettman.

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McDavid did not attend the playoff MVP awards. His father was preparing to film the moment.

McDavid became the sixth player in NHL history to win the award after losing in the finals. Previously, this was achieved by Roger Crozier (in 1966), Glenn Hall (in 1968), Reggie Leach (in 1976), Ron Hextall (in 1987) and Jean-Sebastien Giguere (in 2003). Four of the five listed are goalkeepers. Only Reggie Leach, who played for Philadelphia in 1976, had previously won the outfielder’s award.

The essence of this trend is clear: you need to do something fantastic to be recognized as an MVP. In a team that has won the cup, this is even easier to achieve. Jonathan Marchessault from last year is a great example. Did McDavid do it?

Let’s start with how McDavid performed in each series. In the first round against Los Angeles, the Oilers were the clear favorites, but without the captain’s excellent play they would hardly have done so quickly. Connor already scored five points in the first game and subsequently left the court with at least one. As the brains behind most of Edmonton, McDavid handled most of the pucks.

The most difficult series for Makdi was with Vancouver: in four of seven games he was left without points. This gave rise to talk that Connor was playing with an injury, due to his low shooting activity. There was some truth to this: McDavid didn’t even shoot from killer positions, handing the puck to his teammates. But we must not forget that at the most decisive moment the red-bearded genius woke up, giving three assists in the sixth game. And those weren’t broadcasts for statistics.

The first game of the conference finals against Dallas could have ended in drama for him: a four-minute penalty at the start of overtime and a miss into an empty net. But the beginning of the second overtime was successful: a setup from the slot inspired confidence in the Oilers hockey players, who began to clearly understand that this “Dallas” was in their power. During this series, McDavid did not fail, as was the case with Vancouver, and the peak came in the sixth game, where Connor “tied” two goals with his own hands and sent his team to the final.

Connor McDavid

Photo: AP/TASS

The memories of the final series are still fresh, so here we summarize them briefly: Eight points in total in the fourth and fifth games, that’s when Florida began to break down. Plus, it’s unlikely anyone will top Game 5’s performance in the near future: the smartest shield puck from the best goalie in the playoffs, a solo pass with a shot from Perry, an empty-net goal that Matthew Tkachuk He frantically tried to defend himself.

In the fact that Edmonton turned 0-3 into 3-3, I would like to point out many: both the Oilers’ bottom player, who deceived Florida when they won the majority, and Stuart Skinner, who was reborn right during the playoffs. But McDavid’s role remains elevated and it’s not just about productive feats: Connor’s face after 8-1 radiated not momentary joy, but confidence in the future, a submissive reaction to the Panthers’ provocations infuriated the opponent and He encouraged his partners. He was a leader in everything.

What about achievements? Yes, it was not possible to reach Gretzky’s record, but McDavid’s playoffs were no less impressive. He inserted himself into the company of the Greats, hanging out with Gretzky and Lemieux. And in some places he completely surpassed them: no one in history racked up more assists in a tiebreaker. The 21st century scoring record also did not stand: Evgeni Malkin’s record was broken in the fourth game. These are the main achievements, but there was still a darkness that was not so bright, which, if we start reciting, we will sit until night.

The conclusion is clear: McDavid deserves a Conn Smythe. Yes, it can be said that the NHL has consoled its golden boy. We won’t argue that McDavid is the face of the league, but he didn’t come out of nowhere. He deserved this position. In Russia, Sergei Bobrovsky was expected to be the MVP, but those three games lost against Florida left our goalkeeper no chance. There’s no need to get upset, Sergei is unlikely to think about it now, celebrating with his teammates the first trophy in the club’s history. He won what he wanted and dreamed of, and McDavid won what he should have won.

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