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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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The first sensation of the 2024 Cup! Brazil failed miserably against an outsider

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 15:08:15

In the 2024 Copa América, the opening match was played by one of the two main favorites: Brazil. The Dorival Junior team met with Costa Rica. He is not the most difficult opponent. The fact that one of its main stars is Spartak striker Manfred Ugalde says a lot about the level of this team. But Costa Rica ended up causing huge problems for Brazil!

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If you were asked before the match what game plan Brazil and Costa Rica would choose, you would probably say: the Brazilians will go on the attack and the Costa Ricans will “park the bus.” Bingo! This happened from the first minutes. Brazil had the ball and attacked constantly, while Costa Rica suffered defensively. The composition of the Dorival Junior team kept the rival in suspense: Vinicius Junior, Rodrigo and Rafinha were starters. The first moment of danger was created by the Barcelona winger. Raphinha did a great job dribbling and shooting on goal. But Costa Rican goalkeeper Patrick Sequeira saved the team.

The Brazilians have a great group of cool new heroes. Take a closer look at them:

Not just Messi and Vinicius. Who to see from Argentina and Brazil in the Copa América

Rodrigo was the most active in the attack. He created several dangerous chances, one of which ended in a goal! It is true that not him, but the defender Marquinhos. In the 31st minute, Rodrigo, after taking a set piece, made a pass to his teammate. And Marquinhos sent the ball into the goal from close range. The Brazilians celebrated the goal and staged a mini carnival, as did their fans in the stands of the Sou-Fi stadium. But the mood was ruined by referee César Arturo Ramos. He spoke to the VAR and disallowed the goal. Ramos announced to the entire stadium that Marquinhos was offside. The replay showed that the judge was right.

Then, at the end of the half, he made another controversial decision. The ball probably hit the Costa Rican defender’s hand in his penalty area. But Ramos did not even want to listen to the Brazilians’ complaints and pointed to the corner several times. And already in added time of the first half, Rodrigo made a great shot at the Costa Rican goal, but the ball went over the crossbar.

Vinicius was clearly unhappy with the match

Photo: Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Costa Rica’s plan worked as the team struggled against Brazil, which lacked a precise finishing touch. As if the lack of a differentiated center forward was an obstacle. Endrik ended up in the reserve and Dorival Junior no longer had the classic nines. Vinicius also had a weak game. The leader of Real Madrid did not have much success, the Costa Ricans successfully overtook him on the left flank.

In the second half the tone of the game did not change. Costa Rica rarely had the ball, sat on the defensive and Brazil advanced. The problem for the five-time world champions was the lack of truly dangerous moments. In the 63rd minute, Lucas Paquetá hit the post from afar. And there were no more possibilities to kill. Often everything fell on the plasters and awnings. Neymar, looking at his team from the stands, was sad.

Neymar (left) watches Brazil play

Photo: Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Vinicius was taken off the field in the 70th minute and Endrik came on in his place. The same classic “nine”. And magically he almost gave Brazil a goal. In one episode, the ball entered Costa Rica’s goal from its own defender; goalkeeper Sequeira had difficulty dealing with the threat.

Brazil put more and more pressure on Costa Rica’s goal with each passing minute. But the team panicked. The Brazilians often made poor decisions at times when they should have played more simply. Dorival Junior threw the attackers into battle, but that didn’t help. At the end of the match, Brazil played in a 4-2-4 formation with Savio, Gabriel Martinelli, Endrick and Rodrigo in attack.

The match between Uruguay and Panama is the coolest of the 2024 Cup so far:

Kopa’s best goal! The Uruguayan player turned the ball towards the top corner with a spectacular trajectory. Video

The Brazilian carnival circled around the Costa Rica penalty area. The opponent was also nervous: for example, the goalkeeper for some reason ran out of the goal, although Rodrigo at that moment was in an unfavorable position to shoot. Brazil was outraged by Rodrigo’s fall in the Costa Rica area. They believed that referee Ramos was obliged to call a penalty. The referee seemed to deliberately make decisions throughout the match in favor of Costa Rica in all controversial episodes. But there should be no major complaints against the Mexican judge.

But Brazilians must ask themselves a couple of questions. It is obvious that Costa Rica will remain in a defensive position throughout the match. Why didn’t Brazil come up with anything other than relying on the individual abilities of the attacking players? And in the end, Bruno Guimarães missed the best opportunity, shooting over the goal. A moment born chaotically. No idea.

Brazil failed to score. Costa Rica are heroes. The team lasted 99 minutes (including added time) in the match against the group favorite. Yes, the Brazilians were unlucky. The team still lost by one goal. But the “five-time champions” are obliged to destroy a rival at the level of the current Costa Rica with a difference of 3+ goals. But it’s actually 0:0. If Brazil hopes to win the Copa América, Dorival Junior needs a plan on what to do against the buses. And he cannot blindly trust the talent of attacking players. So far, the Brazilians have left a bad impression.

Argentina started with a victory, although it did not take advantage of many opportunities:


Messi started the Kop with a record! But it’s just illegal to waste killer moments like that.

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