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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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The footballer wonderfully trolled the referee for showing him a yellow card. The video went viral.

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 19:00:33

The footballer wonderfully trolled the referee for showing him a yellow card. The video went viral.

Kirill Zakatchenko September 11, 2023, 12:00 Moscow time

The famous Mark Clattenburg had never encountered anything like this before.

An unusual match took place in the UK over the weekend and a video of an episode of the game went viral. The footballer trolled the referee who showed him a yellow card.

There are also episodes on RPL that go viral:

I headed the ball off the line! The moment of saving the goal in the RPL should go viral. Video

What kind of match was this?

A charity show game organized by blogger media team “Sideman”. The match took place at the Olympic Stadium in London, with approximately 60,000 fans in the stands. “Sideman” defeated the team of YouTube stars 8:5. At its peak, more than 2.5 million people watched the broadcast online. During the game, £2.4 million in donations were raised; This money will be donated to four UK charities. A year ago, the match was held at Charlton Stadium and 27,000 people attended.

By the way, Sidemen is the most popular media football team in the world. His YouTube channel has 19.3 million subscribers. Very impressive! Let’s compare this figure with that of the most popular Russian football clubs in the media. The 2DROTS channel has 3.49 million subscribers, Amkal has 2.8 million and Sideman is a team of British bloggers who have been creating entertaining content on YouTube for 10 years. Many of the boys were known in sports circles because they recorded videos related to soccer challenges and a series of FIFA games.

FC “Sideman” with a trophy for winning a charity match

Photo: twitter.com/Sidemen

What happened in the game?

The funniest episode occurred in the 78th minute. The famous English referee Mark Clattenburg was invited to the charity match. He worked on Premier League matches from 2014 to 2017. In 2016, he was appointed as the main referee for three finals at once: the FA Cup, the Champions League and the Euro Cup. But Clattenburg never experienced what happened at the charity match.

He showed a yellow card to YouTube All-Stars soccer player Max Foch. The player was not surprised and in response he also showed a card to the referee, but only a green one with white arrows. What amused me most was Foch’s imperturbable face with which he looked at the experienced judge. It was a reverse card in a game called Uno. True, according to the rules, it should have been yellow. This would mean that the judge himself would receive the punishment. But this nuance did not stop the video from going viral instantly.

Video of the card episode from the 11:28 timestamp.

Below are a couple of comments from British fans on social media:

“I can’t believe Premier League players have never done something like this.”

“The best reaction to a yellow card I have ever seen in my life.”

One? What type of game is it?

Popular board game. An analogue of the famous card game “One Hundred and One”. It’s true that Uno requires a special deck. The goal is to discard all the cards as quickly as possible. Of course, the one who does it faster than the others wins. The reversed card starts the game in the other direction. That is, if the participants made their movement clockwise, after the Reversed card the game turns in the other direction. On the Internet, the reverse card has become something of a meme. It is used in difficult situations to get rid of responsibility and direct problems towards the enemy.

Who is Max Foch?

A fairly popular British blogger who is 28 years old. His YouTube channel has 2.3 million subscribers. Thus, Foch’s audience is about the same size as Amkal’s and 2DROTS’s. Max creates entertaining content, mostly various jokes. For example, in one of the videos he hired two private detectives to spy on each other. The video hit YouTube trends and has amassed almost a million views to date.

Max Foch is a blogger with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

Photo: David M. Benett/Getty Images

Max also took revenge on his friend, whose name is Charlie, in a very original way. He ruined Foch’s mood when he spoiled one of the episodes of the popular TV series “Game of Thrones.” Max took prank revenge on his friend after learning that he was attending the musical “The Lion King” (Charlie was not familiar with the script). At the same time, Foch was completely confused. He bought 10 seats in the audience and put a bald man in each one. For this reason, Max even organized a special casting. Before sitting down, makeup artists applied a letter to each man’s head to form the phrase Mufasa dies (“Mufasa will die”). The men were wearing caps, but they took them off after a signal from Foch. Before this, Max called a friend who was sitting on the balcony and asked him to look down, where the unusual spoiler was hidden. “Bastard! Incredible!” Charlie commented on the joke.

Last week, 2DROTS scored a historic victory:

The historic success of the media club in the Russian Cup! 2DROTS won the floating dock match!

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