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Monday, July 15, 2024
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The former European champions are unrecognizable. Spalletti radically changed Italy and introduced strict bans

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 17:01:36

The Italian team arrived in Germany as current European champions. Three years ago, Roberto Mancini’s team beat the English in the penalty shootout and won the gold medal. But from that moment on, serious changes occurred in her.

Something very convenient:


Practical schedule of all Euro 2024 matches: Euro schedule, match start times and group composition

How the Italians played after the victory in the Euro Cup

The reigning European champions missed the 2022 World Cup. First, the Italians let Switzerland through in the qualifying group and then lost to North Macedonia in the play-off. And they lost epically. Italy had the ball 64% of the game, took 32 shots (five on goal) and took 16 corner kicks. North Macedonia shot only four times (twice on goal), but one of those shots was an assist. The visitors scored in the 90+2 minute and the Italians did not have time to come back.

The Italian team failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup

Photo: Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Also, a pretty good performance in the Nations League. First place in the group with Hungary, Germany and England. 11 points out of 18 possible, one defeat in six games. In the semifinals, the Italians failed to beat the Spanish (1-2), but in the match for third place they defeated the Netherlands (3-2). Overall, a pretty decent result.

Qualifying for Euro 2024 was not easy for Italy. The team played its first games under the direction of a coach, Roberto Mancini, and was later managed by Luciano Spalletti. It was not possible to force England to fight for first place. The Italians were ahead of Ukraine only in terms of additional indicators. And everything could have been even worse if the referee had awarded a penalty against Italy at the end of the decisive match against Ukraine (0-0). Of course, the penalty would still have to be converted, but overall we can say that Italy recovered.

Details of the same game:

Italy did not allow Ukraine to qualify for Euro 2024. But the match ended in a refereeing scandal.

Spalletti introduced bans and turns the team into a pack of wolves

A year ago, Mancini left his position as coach of the Italian national team. For many, the decision seemed unexpected. It is true that a little later the Italian led the Saudi Arabian team and everything became clear. Roberto could not resist the money they offered him in the Arab country. Italy has found a new coach: Luciano Spalletti. A few months earlier, he led Napoli to its first Serie A championship in a long time. The coach then left the club. Referring to the fact that he has no strength.

Roberto Mancini with the trophy for winning Euro 2020

Photo: Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Spalletti had never coached a national team before. And now I have reached my first big tournament. Italy is not one of the main favorites of the current Euro. Opta analysts estimate the probability of Spalletti’s team winning the tournament at 5% (the seventh result among the 24 teams). Under the new coach, Italy played 10 matches and suffered only one defeat. In October 2023 they lost to the English (1-3) at Wembley.

“Being the current champions is a boost,” says Spalletti. — In 2021, Italy was not among the strongest teams in the Euro Cup on paper, but in the end it won gold. Personally, I will consider myself a winner if I manage to form a team.”

Spalletti has repeatedly criticized Italian national team players for playing PlayStation for long periods of time. In February, Luciano gave an interview to Gazzetta dello Sport and criticized some players: “If modernity means playing a console until four in the morning, then I don’t like this type of modernity. The Italian team must be a pack of hungry wolves. “You have to come here to fight for victory in the Euro Cup and not for success in Call of Duty.”

Luciano Spalletti led the Italian team after the championship with Napoli

Photo: Claudio Villa/Getty Images

After this, Spalletti advised the footballers to leave their PlayStation at home and come to the team for sporting reasons. There was even information in the Italian press that the coach had banned the consoles. It is true that Spalletti himself denied it.

“Sometimes it makes me sad to come to a press conference to comment on something I didn’t say,” Luciano said sadly before the game against Albania. “I’m not worried about how players spend their free time. I just don’t let them go through the night without sleep. I have nothing against games. We create a room at the base where there are consoles. Everyone goes there, I myself held the joystick in my hands. Footballers can play, but only at the right time of day. If they stay up until three or four in the morning, this is unacceptable. You need to sleep at night. Athletes should lead a healthy lifestyle. I didn’t stop them from playing PlayStation. However, if they do it at night, that is a different matter.”

By the way, Spalletti introduced a series of strict restrictions for the national team (data from Corriere dello Sport). Firstly, the team now has restrictions on the use of mobile phones. Before lunch and dinner (use, on the massage table or during a meeting) prohibited. Secondly, players cannot use headphones. You can play the console only in the game room and before midnight. And laughter and jokes in the team should not affect concentration.

“What gives me the most peace of mind is Spalletti’s presence. I think he is a great coach who can bring a good game plan and style to his teams and he showed it with Napoli. I also think that if the players listen to him in the Euro Cup, Italy can surprise us. “I am convinced that Spalletti is the right person in the right place,” said the legendary Arrigo Sacchi.

Three former RPL club coaches reached Euro 2024:

Abascal will direct a famous club in Spain. Where are the other notable former RPL coaches now?

The composition has changed drastically. The old leaders are not even called anymore

Let’s remember the composition of the Italian team in the final of Euro 2020. The center of the defense was then formed by Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci, 70 years between them. Both have already completed their careers. It is curious that Bonucci, at the beginning of 2024, hoped to go to Germany as part of the national team, but in the end he finished football at the end of the season. By the way, Leo did not play for the national team for about a year. Spalletti did not even call him up for the national team.

The naturalized Brazilian Emerson was responsible for the left flank of the defense in the Euro 2020 final. We look at his profile and see that he has not played with the Italian national team since March 2023. That is, not a single game with Spalletti. Emerson is not in the Euro 2024 squad. Marco Verratti is another player who has not played for the national team since the summer of 2023. Around the same time, he changed PSG for the Qatari club Al Arabi. But three years ago Marco played with the national team in the final.

There is no place for Marco Verratti in the current Italian team

Photo: Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Lorenzo Insigne has not played for the national team since the match against North Macedonia (March 2022). In the summer of the same year, the winger left for Toronto and was no longer invited to the national team. Ciro Immobile in 2021 is the main striker of the Italian team in the Euro Cup final. And now he didn’t even enter the tournament lineup. But who is surprised if the Lazio striker has not played for the national team since September 2023. Result: six players from Italy’s starting eleven in the Euro 2020 final did not even make the squad this time.

If you dig even deeper, you can find a much longer list of those who were on the app then, but are no longer. Salvatore Sirigu, Federico Bernardeschi, Domenico Berardi, Francesco Acerbi, Manuel Locatelli, Andrea Belotti, Alessandro Florenzi, Matteo Pessina, Rafael Toloi. None of them made the team this time. However, Acerbi and Berardi could have been in the lineup if they weren’t injured. But, no matter what they say, this is a completely different team.

Let’s remember the format of the euro:

Euro 2024 regulations: who advances from the group, 12 playoff options and other surprises

New captain. Spalletti defends him from criticism

Who was the captain of the Italian team three years ago? Chiellini. Naturally, he is no longer on the team. Now this role has been entrusted to Gianluigi Donnarumma. Matvey Safonov’s competitor at PSG, who took two penalties in the previous Euro Cup (in the semi-finals and final). Donnarumma remains the main goalkeeper of the Italian national team. He although he doesn’t always play consistently. The goalkeeper is capable of both making a wonderful save and a sharp catch. “It is not easy to deal with criticism, but we have to remain professional. You have to stay calm,” Gianluigi said after another dose of hate.

Gianluigi Donnarumma – captain of the Italian national team

Photo: Lars Baron/Getty Images

“Donnarumma was not forgiven for this prodigy getting ahead thanks to his talent,” Spalletti supported the goalkeeper. At the age of 25, Donnarumma had accumulated more than 60 international caps, became European champion and now plays with the captain’s armband. His role as the national team’s main goalkeeper is not yet in doubt.

Donnarumma match analysis:

Will Safonov definitely be PSG’s second goalkeeper? Donnarumma constantly makes mistakes in the best games

Who should you take a closer look at?

Davide Frattesi spent his first season at Inter. He was rarely entrusted with a place in the starting lineup, but this is understandable given the high level of competition. Despite this, Frattesi scored a respectable 15 (8+7) points using the goal+pass system in all tournaments. On average, he needs 103 minutes per effective action. What about the team? Five goals in 15 games. These are not bad numbers considering that Davide plays as an attacking midfielder. Perhaps Frattesi scored his most important goal for the national team in September 2023. Then, in the qualifying match for Euro 2024, the Italians beat Ukraine at home (2:1), and Frattesi scored two goals for the Netherlands. Who knows where the Italian team would be now without these goals.

Davide Frattesi can surprise at the Euro Cup

Photo: Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

The Italian team arrived at the Eurocup with a significantly renewed squad. In addition, he has a coach who has never worked in this type of tournaments. The team also has a very difficult group (Spain, Croatia, Albania) and few people believe in it. And the equipment still looks wet. Everything goes to the point that the Italians are unlikely to please their fans with a good result.

How Frattesi gave victory to Italy on the last freight train:

The miraculous goal gave Italy victory before Euro 2024. But there are doubts about the performance of the Spalletti team

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