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The future of Russian basketball. top talent rating

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 06:24:10

The future of Russian basketball. top talent rating

Marat Araslanov June 19, 2023, 18:15 Moscow time

We believe that some of them will be in the NBA in the future.

The question of the younger generation of Russian basketball players is often controversial. Pros are piece products and there are no clear rules for “assembly”. But it’s hard to argue with the facts. Russian basketball players have not been in the NBA for a long time, and the times when several players from our country played there at the same time seem to have gone forever. Or is it not yet?

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I would like to be optimistic and believe that the NBA without the Russians is a temporary phenomenon. That is why a list of the most notable and outstanding players under 20 years of age will be made below. Artyom Komarov and Nikita Golovanov actively helped compile the list. The guys run the Interception telegram channel, where a lot of attention is paid to those who will make it to big basketball in a few seasons.

The rating depends entirely on your votes and is updated.

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Attention: The “Ranking” functionality only works in the normal version of the “Championship”. If you entered this material through a search page, you will see only the generated list without voting buttons.

Rating: the best young basketball player in Russia

Photo: Maria Jimenez/Getty Images

Egor Demin (date of birth: March 3, 2006)

Egor is perhaps the top Russian prospect right now. For the past two years, the defender has been playing in the Real Madrid system, where he immediately became the leader of the youth team, and more recently made his debut for the main team of Creamy. Yes, there was not a number of players who were resting before an important Euroleague game, and yes, Egor was on the court for a minute, and yet the 17-year-old Russian made his debut for the main team!

The world’s leading scouts put Demin in the top 3 Europeans by age, someone even determines the first line. It’s too early to talk about Egor’s future, but right now it looks promising.

Photo: PBK MBA

Maxim Savchenko (date of birth: February 9, 2004)

The MVP of the season of the last VTB United Youth League also made his debut for the main MBA team, having played 12 games in the “adult” United League. He looked very good and literally forced the head coach of the Russian national team, Zoran Lukich, to call himself for the collection of the base of the Russian national team.

A very mobile center, not shy in defense and not shy in attack, good qualities that will come in handy for any player in any position, especially at the age of 19.

Photo: vtbyouth-league.com

Pavel Zemsky (date of birth: June 25, 2004)

In the full training camp of the adult national team, Pavel was one of the youngest players. Perhaps that is why he did not enter the squad for the friendly matches with Belarus, but scouts note his game intelligence and his lack of fear to face the match. In principle, Zemsky has nothing to fear: he has already spent a full season for Zenit-2 in the Super League, where he met the real resistance typical of adult basketball.

Photo: Ivan Petukhov, BC Enisey

Egor Amosov (date of birth: January 23, 2008)

A child prodigy from the banks of the Volga, who did not go to the Real Madrid system just because he signed a multi-year contract with Samara. Amosov is an all-around superstar for his age and a year older than him. For example, Yegor took the title of the most useful player in the U16 tournament at the age of 14.

In addition to Real Madrid, Amosov was happy to see academies from Gran Canaria, Zaragoza, Valencia and other European clubs, not to mention interest from Russia from the CSKA and Loko academies.

In the full season, he even managed to make his debut in the United League. The club counts on Yegor and his progress, but it is not surprising.

Photo: From the personal archive of Alexander Savkov.

Alexander Savkov (date of birth: June 20, 2005)

17-year-old brother of Pavel Savkov, the pioneer of Russian “Spaniards”. This year, Sasha made his debut in the qualifying round of the ANGT – the youth Euroleague – and showed himself well in the “hodgepodge” – a team that was recruited from all the players whose clubs “flew by” the ANGT for a reason or other.

Next season Savkov Jr. (or rather, even Jr. Jr., since the father of Sasha and Pasha – Alexei Savkov – also a famous basketball player in the past) is expected to play in the fourth division of the Championship of Spain, in the same place where Yegor Demin and Makar Voronin successfully played.

Photo: vtbyouth-league.com

Egor Ryzhov (date of birth: August 28, 2004)

Like Zemsky, in the season that ended, Ryzhov played in the Super League and periodically participated in training with the main team of Zenit. Getting playing time in the super-competitive base of St. Petersburg remains an unrealistic task, but next season the young center is expected to progress and join the “adult” team more often.

PS This list is not the ultimate truth, it never happens in youth basketball. This article is limited by strict age limits and is written solely with an eye on current affairs. In a few months the situation may change. And, most likely, it will change in one direction or another.

The CSKA field team has a ton of talents, the MBA, Khimki and Zenit youth teams also have promising and interesting players in their squads, and in Spain itself there are also several more Russians who can shoot next season.

Photo: From the personal archive of Timofey Rudovsky.

Timofey Rudovsky (date of birth: October 29, 2004)

The CSKA system, the Estudiantes system, the best American schools – Timofey Rudovsky has been through it all and now has offers from NCAA Division I, several American high schools, Super League clubs, and even an offer from the United League.

Rudovsky, 18, still has work to do. And he requires a lot of work. But the physical data and intelligence of the game allow Timofey to be considered one of the best players of his generation in Russia.

Photo: David Grau/Getty Images

Makar Voronin (date of birth: April 16, 2005)

The defender from Alicante, mysterious to the Russian fans, had an impressive end to the season: he was called up to help the Barcelona youth team participate in the final phase of the youth Euroleague and immediately caught the attention of… scouts from the nba! He spent a couple of training sessions with the Barca garnet, but he was one of the team’s main stars.

Voronin spent the season ending in Spain’s fourth division (this is a professional league), occasionally called in to help out on the basis that he plays in the second division, this is quite a serious level Makar feels good at, a average of 7 minutes on the court, 2.6 points per game. In the fourth division, the Russian defender averages 11.3 points each.

Photo: vtbyouth-league.com

Gleb Firsov (date of birth: January 17, 2005)

At some point, Firsov became interested in the academies of European clubs. And although Gleb never went abroad, he has good growth opportunities in Parma. Given the fact that the number of Russians is limited, and the Perm leadership expects a powerful upsurge of talent from its own youth system, there is a feeling that they can even bet on Firsov.

Photo: cskabasket.ru

Vadim Shirinkin (date of birth: August 18, 2005)

The MVP of the last “Final Eight” of the children’s and youth basketball league spent a full season -and not a bad one- in the CSKA-2 Super League. 34 games, half of them as a starter, 20 minutes on the field and 5.9 points per game – at 17 years old. One of the most promising players in the CSKA youth project.

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