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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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The guillotine did not help. Jake Paul beat another UFC star

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 21:41:26

The guillotine did not help. Jake Paul beat another UFC star

Aug 6, 2023 08:35 UTC Audio Version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Diaz gave the blogger trouble and amused the audience.

On the night of August 6, a big boxing evening was held in Dallas, featuring popular blogger Jake Paul and former UFC fighter Nate Diaz in the main event. For the latter, it was a debut in fights according to the rules of professional boxing. The opponents agreed to ten rounds of three minutes each.

Jake Paul has long appeared in various fights with the stars. He already has four fights with former UFC fighters, two of whom were even champions of the promotion at one point. Neither Ben Askren, nor Tyron Woodley, nor Anderson Silva could stop the blogger. Now Diaz tried to do this, who recently left the UFC and already received such a profitable fight.

Paul entered the fight after losing to Tommy Fury. The younger brother of famed boxer Tyson Fury clearly showed Jake that it’s not enough to beat the fading stars, you also need to raise the bar of the opposition if you want to achieve some heights. Tommy dismantled Paul with confidence and naturally won a split decision.

Jake Paul’s first loss. As was

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Nate Diaz only competed in MMA before his fight with Paul. In September, the UFC star on a positive note announced his departure from the organization, defeating Tony Ferguson by choke. Even then, Nate announced his desire to try his hand at boxing and the opportunity arose. Although Diaz stated that he had been boxing since he was 15 years old, his chances of winning the fight with Jake were very skeptical. Paul was a clear favorite in the eyes of experts and fans.

The first round began with careful approaches to each other. Jake watched closely, Diaz played in public and tried to lure an opponent into his game. Paul was not led and began to act more actively, for which Nate, as it turned out, was not ready. He received several solid blows to the head and body and found himself in a dangerous situation. The former UFC fighter had to escape from the ropes and into clinches. Fortunately for him, Paul didn’t force or squeeze. And at the end of the round, we saw a typical Nate, who put his hands down, turned his back on the opponent, and walked around the ring.

In the next two segments, the situation played out roughly according to the same scenario. Paul invested heavily in strikes, for which he saluted. Diaz finished on occasion, giving Jake a lot of trouble down the road with short shots from close range. And both fighters already looked noticeably tired.

In the fourth round, Paul already took a break for rivets. This clearly amused Nate and he actively took advantage of opportunities, periodically surprising Jake. Well, Diaz didn’t forget about the show element. He began to walk around the ring, then pretended that he was sick and bent over. It ended with the fact that in the fifth round, Paul knocked down the opponent with a left hook at him, and immediately after the fight resumed, he rushed to finish him off. However, when did Nate get scared by those things? He continued to taunt Jake and lived quietly to see the gong.

In the next three minutes, Paul acted more actively, continued to attack in a sweeping way, but in the eighth round he became anxious. Diaz brought in some heavy uppercuts, added some wingers, and only one gong saved Jake from trouble. But Nate still managed to lightly hit his opponent and pleased the audience with this. In the final rounds, the Stockton native looked far from fresh. Diaz pressed, showed that he didn’t feel the retaliatory blows, and simply walked over to Paul, periodically pinching him against the ropes. In the tenth round, thanks to Nate’s courage, he even tried to hold the guillotine and was amused with all his heart from him.

Despite all the fun Diaz gave the fans, he was unable to win the fight. Jake Paul won by unanimous decision, adding to his collection of hair from former UFC stars. Of course, it was worth expecting more from the blogger, given his boxing experience, but what do we have. Well, Nate made money, put on a show, and can safely return to MMA. In addition, new challenges await you there.

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