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Friday, September 29, 2023
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The historic defeat of the Karpin team in Samara! Pesyakov killed the chances of a comeback. Video

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 15:58:11

The historic defeat of the Karpin team in Samara! Pesyakov killed the chances of a comeback. Video

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky August 5, 2023, 17:25 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

“Wings” scored “Rostov” five!

Few people expected something brilliant from the match between Wings of the Soviets and Rostov. Wild heat, tight schedule at the start of the season – minimal targets suggested. But the result was surprising.

For the Wings, the game immediately went to almost a worst-case scenario. In the second minute, Benjamin Garre made the selection and received shots from Nikolay Komlichenko. But the injury was avoided and two minutes later the Wings scored. Roman Yezhov charged the ball into the penalty area, Vladimir Khubulov closed his head. A clear failure of the defense of “Rostov”, which got confused, despite the numerical advantage.

After a quick goal, “Rostov” took the ball, but “Wings” was not embarrassed by this lineup. Samarans calmly played number two and responded with sharp counterattacks. And in the 10th minute they scored the second goal, and it turned out to be really beautiful. Alexander Soldatenkov sliced ​​a brilliant diagonal over Yezhov, who moved to the center and fed it to 18-year-old Nikita Saltykov, who removed the defender with one move and shot from the penalty line straight into the corner.

With the score 2:0, the Wings went into a positional attack for some time, oddly enough. For Rostov, who urgently needed to score, this was a horror – Valery Karpin’s team played without the ball and without opportunities.

But the Rostovites still managed to play a ball. True, it is worth thanking for this, first of all, the Wings goalkeeper Bogdan Ovsyannikov. He played unsuccessfully at the start and Nikolai Komlichenko pushed the ball into the net.

Wings is not, to put it mildly, the most stable RPL team, even emotionally. And it was easy to expect that the no less played Rostov, after luck at the time with a goal, would take the initiative and level the score. But it turned out the other way around: Komlichenko broke the rules in his own penalty area and received a yellow card, Garre hung, Saltykov caught under the bar. Double for the young striker in the debut match of the start of the RPL!

During the break, Karpin made changes as expected. Daniil Utkin and Roman Akbashev were called upon to bring freshness and dynamism to Rostov’s game. And there really were more chances, although there were a minimum of real goals. “Alas” no longer had as much inventiveness forward as in the first half.

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Rostov had chances to score a second goal, but Karpin’s team forgave the opponent and waited for the revival of Krylia in the middle of the second half. And then she also arranged a “bring out”. Sergei Pesyakov’s monstrous mistake after Glenn Bale’s harmless back pain cannot be explained by himself. As a result, the goalkeeper was penalized for Yegor Karpitsky, who came on as a substitute.

The end of the match was not so dynamic anymore, because Pesyakov’s mistake actually deprived Rostov of the chance to come back. Playing three in such conditions would be like a miracle, and this miracle did not happen. The full-backs were much closer to the goal: in a couple of moments the conversion failed, and then there was a penalty. Yezhov ran the one-on-one from midfield, Pesyakov brought him down and received a yellow card. Roman himself went to beat and scored. 5:1!

The start of “Wings” in the RPL, despite the swing game, can be called the most successful. Seven points after three days with a not easy calendar is an excellent result. And Rostov, who was going with the same scoring dynamic, received a powerful blow and, given the score, even humiliating.

The defeat of “Rostov” in Samara also became historical. This Krylia team has never conceded so many goals in the entire history of the match.

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