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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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“The jerk tried to kick the door down.” The head of the UFC was almost robbed and opened the search for the thief

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 04:39:55

“The jerk tried to kick the door down.” The head of the UFC was almost robbed and opened the search for the thief

August 29, 2023

Dana White is offering $2,500 to anyone who can help find the would-be thief.

Another UFC Fight Night tournament was held in Singapore last weekend. The president of the promotion, Dana White, decided not to attend the event and together with his family he stayed quietly at his house, which is located in the city of Levante. However, the official couldn’t have some quiet time, because one hapless burglar decided that trying to break into Dana’s house was a good idea.

Of course, the attempt failed. The man at first overestimated his strength, trying to kick the door down, but then unexpectedly discovered the chamber and retreated. However, White is not satisfied with this situation, he has no intention of letting things slow down and has already published a post on social media on this topic. The UFC boss posted an excerpt from the video where the attacker can be seen and asked subscribers to help him search for him. Not for free, of course: “This jerk tried to kick in the door of my house in Levant, Maine. I will pay $2,500 to the first person to tell the police who he is.”

So whoever finds the guy first will be able to make a nice profit. Good motivation. True, so far this has not brought any results.

Oddly enough, incidents of attacks on combat-related individuals are making more and more headlines. It would seem that you should stay away from these guys. A couple of years ago, Jon Jones found himself in a similar situation. In his case, the attacker tried to steal a car or remove something from the passenger compartment. The attempt ended almost like something out of a movie: “Last night I ended up hitting this guy in the driver’s side window with the barrel of my shotgun. The next time you try to rob someone, make sure you’re quick enough to get away from your hosts. You’re lucky you’re smart enough not to shoot a fleeing man. People, I know times are tough right now. But your life isn’t worth a couple of things. What do you think of this video and what would you do in a similar situation?

UFC fighter was the victim of an armed robbery:

MMA skills don’t save you from a gun. Chinese UFC star stolen in the US

And for several weeks, Chinese UFC fighter Yadong Song told a horrifying story: “For the first time in my life, a gun was pointed at me. My friend and I walked into a gas station and there were already four black men standing there. They didn’t follow us, they were already there waiting for the victim. They were hooded and their car license plates were hidden. They demanded that I give them money, wallets, jewelry and beat my friend with a pistol grip. They needed money, they didn’t want to kill us.”

Dana White, by the way, once admitted that in his youth he often participated in street fights, for which he later spent nights in police stations. Therefore, it is unlikely that this is the guy with whom I would like to meet personally. Even stranger is the thief’s decision to attack the home of the UFC president. Or is he just one of those people who threatened Dana for fighting piracy?

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