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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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The main stories of the summer transfer window in the RPL

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 00:47:08

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Photo: Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Zakharyan finally left for Europe

It is very good that Arsen made his dream come true and went to a strong European championship. Although at some point it seemed that the deal would fall through and Zakharyan would remain at Dynamo. A year ago, the midfielder never went to Chelsea and this summer the option with Lazio disappeared. Towards the end of the transfer market, Zakharyan ended up at Real Sociedad, although everything was not so easy there either. The negotiations were not easy, but everything ended well. Arsen has already appeared on the field twice in matches for his new club, although so far he has only been released in the final stages. On the other hand, hardly anyone expected that the Russian would immediately be entrusted with a place in the team. In September, Zakharyan will have the opportunity to take the field in the Champions League, especially since Arsen was included in the squad for the tournament.

Photo: ligue1.fr

Kuzyaev reached the top championship, but his choice surprised many

Daler still made it to the top league, although he did so at the age of 30. The multiple Russian champion left the best club in the country and moved to Le Havre. Kuzyaev’s choice was surprising, because he ended up in a rather modest club. “Le Havre” a year ago played in the second division of the French championship, and its current team occupies the penultimate place in value in Ligue 1. It is difficult to imagine that such a club can compete for a place in the European competition, although everything has changed. It happened in football. Kuzyaev looks good at the start of the season. He has already scored two goals and the team is still in the middle of the table.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Zenit sold the best player of last season in the RPL

The Russian champion was left without its top scorer: Malcom went to Saudi Arabia. On the one hand, Zenit was left without one of the team’s leaders and the best player of last season in the RPL. On the other hand, Al-Hilal offered 60 million euros for a Brazilian with a Russian passport, and it is clear that such offers were not rejected. It seems like this is a win-win case. Zenit received a huge compensation and Malcolm himself received a large contract. In Saudi Arabia he is already accumulating statistics and Zenit fans are waiting for the opportunity to say goodbye to the great foreign player. Malcolm will return to Saint Petersburg, at least that’s what the general director of the blue and white team, Alexander Medvedev, says. But at the moment the Brazilian has a very busy agenda.

Photo: PFC CSKA/FC Dynamo

CSKA and Dynamo received help from foreign players

Chilean Dávila moved to Russia from the Mexican Championship. Luis Chávez also flew from there and signed a contract with Dynamo. It is curious that both newcomers were taken according to the original formula. Due to sanctions, neither CSKA nor Dynamo were able to transfer money for transfers. We had to transfer money to the players so they could terminate their contract. “This is the first time I’ve experienced this in my career,” Davila said after the transfer. “But this was the only way for the transfer to take place.” The only legal way.”

Photo: Getty Images/Championship

CSKA sold several expensive players

We have already written about Medina above. Jorge Carrascal also did not find a common language with the coach of the military team, Vladimir Fedotov. As a result, CSKA sold the player to Dynamo. The military team received 9.5 million euros for two South American legionnaires and another 4.5 million euros for the transfer of Baktiyor Zainutdinov to Besiktas. It is curious that CSKA sold two players to rival clubs, but the army team was not deprived of compensation. By the way, the red-blues themselves became more active only towards the end of the transfer window and acquired several South American newcomers at once. Kelven was bought for defense and Víctor Dávila for attack. And already in the “flag”, CSKA reached an agreement for defender Wellington, but the Brazilian did not pass the medical examination.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Medina went down in history; transitions like this have not occurred since the 90s

Ok, in theory it could be assumed that Fernández would end up at Zenit. But did anyone even think that the CSKA footballer would move to Spartak? Jesús Medina went down in history, because this type of transition had not occurred since the 90s of the last century. Usually after such things people say something like: “Now I’ve seen it all.” It must be said that CSKA did not sell an anonymous player to Spartak, but rather a player from the starting lineup. CSKA coach Vladimir Fedotov will later say that Medina never realized the importance of the confrontation between CSKA and Spartak. On the other hand, is it worth reproaching a foreign player who has only been playing in Russia for a year and a half?

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Mario Fernández returned to Russia, but not to CSKA

Agree, just a few months ago it was unrealistic to imagine Fernandez in the uniform of any other Russian club, except CSKA. Now the player is booed in the military stadium and Mario himself, after Zenit’s goal, runs defiantly from the substitute bench to the corner flag. Fernández played 10 years for CSKA, deservedly earned the title of Club legend and in 2023 he arrived at the VEB Arena as a footballer from another Club. As soon as Mario became a free agent, few doubted that he would not return to CSKA. But he chose a different path, which angered army fans.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Spertsyan remains in Russia for now

Zakharyan left for Europe, but Eduard Spertsyan has not yet. Ajax is very interested in the Armenian national team player, but the deal did not materialize. The technical director of the Amsterdam club, Sven Mislintat, stated that Spertsyan could become for Ajax something like Kevin de Bruyne at Manchester City. When asked why the Dutch club did not acquire the player, the Ajax manager responded as follows: “We did not sign Spertsyan because he plays in Russia. “You simply cannot find footballers of this level for that amount of money.” For now, Spertsyan should forget about Ajax, but in the future he will probably receive new offers from other clubs.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Spartak spent more than 20 million euros, but never hired a striker

This summer, Spartak actively worked in the transfer market. The red and whites bought Theo Bongond, Oleg Ryabchuk, Jesús Medina and Srdjan Babic. In total, the red and white spent 24 million euros on all the newcomers, while Zenit spent 25 million euros, including Pedro, who still plays in Brazil. But Spartak never hired a new striker. Although at the same time he parted ways with Balde Keita and Shamar Nicholson, both left on loan. A logical step considering they both had minimal playing time. However, the Moscow club did not choose anyone in his place. So it turns out that the red and whites only have Alexander Sobolev left. Of course, there is still young Pavel Meleshin, but he has yet to impress.

Photo: FC Zenit

Izidor moved from Lokomotiv to Zenit with scandal

Wilson Izidor was not satisfied with his playing time at Lokomotiv and thought about a change of scenery. An understandable wish, but Isidoro acted rather strangely. He flew to France without permission and even underwent a medical examination there. for Metz. Lokomotiv was not satisfied with the terms of the agreement and the club asked Izidor to return to Russia. But he refused and a few days later he posed with a Zenit shirt. After the transition, the Frenchman said that he did not consider himself a traitor, although some fans of the Moscow club think differently. Just in case, let’s say that Lokomotiv and Zenit will meet in Moscow at the end of the year.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Zenit did not find a replacement for Malcom

Zenit found a replacement for Malcom. Yes, the Russian club received decent compensation, but it never acquired a player with similar characteristics. At the same time, information about one or another potential candidate periodically appeared in the press. Zenit was interested in the option of David Neres, but Benfica asked for more money for the player than Zenit offered. And Neres himself did not plan to move to Russia. Cengiz Under was sent to Zenit, but in the end he ended up at Fenerbahçe. There were several other candidates, but all these rumors came to nothing.

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