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Friday, July 19, 2024
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The Manchester United star was arrested for a crime of idiocy. The boy wanted to save 100 rubles.

Date: July 19, 2024 Time: 23:44:08

In the summer of 2023, David De Gea announced his departure from Manchester United. The Spaniard, once one of the highest-paid players on the planet, spent 12 long years at Old Trafford. It is very difficult to briefly summarize the results of his performances in England: brilliant periods in the goalkeeper’s career alternated with frankly disastrous ones. It is significant that at the end of August the footballer, despite his solid resume, could not find a new club.

In fact, many questions arose for the footballer even when he was just beginning his path to the Premier League. In the first months, David left a dubious impression of himself at Manchester United, and the player had problems not only on the football field. In 2011, the richest footballer was caught in an absolutely crazy crime.

golden talent

De Gea came to Manchester United from Atlético Madrid in 2011. The Spanish goalkeeper at that time was only 20 years old, and according to the contract he had to play in Madrid for two more years, so the British had to pay a significant sum for him. newcomer: 25 million euros. To most, however, it seemed quite reasonable: David, whatever one may say, was then considered one of the most promising goalkeepers on the planet, and many major clubs followed him.

The Spaniard was unable to immediately join the Red Devils’ game, who were still coached by the legendary Sir Alex. De Gea struggled to adapt to the greater contact and intensity of English football after playing in La Liga. The player needed time to develop the necessary skills, so he periodically had to be replaced by the seemingly unpromising Norwegian Lindegaard: in total, in the first season, David played 29 out of 38 possible matches in the Premier League.

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It is true that the Spaniard himself was to blame for some of his problems in his new place. David was not a big fan of training and, unlike his peers, rarely exercised beyond the basic schedule, although it was he, and not his peers, who needed to gain tone quickly to gain a foothold. Furthermore, De Gea generally ignored the regime: he ate poorly, slept too much, and generally allowed himself to be lazy. However, at the end of September the Spaniard surpassed himself.

fake images

Theft of 100 rubles

The news about the Manchester United goalkeeper that swept the English press before the seventh day of the Premier League was difficult to believe: it was very reminiscent of an April Fool’s Day joke. In the fall, the Spanish goalkeeper, The Sun learned, was detained by supermarket security. All because the athlete tried to steal… a donut.

The situation seemed completely absurd. The footballer went to the store with two of his compatriots. Unfazed by the surveillance cameras, David took the donut and simply walked out of the supermarket without even thinking about paying. Then another Spaniard followed his example: he also took a donut from the supermarket.

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The athletes could not go unnoticed. At the exit, security guards detained the boys and then escorted them to a special room. There, the offenders were immediately discovered, but they did not contact the police; Apparently, the employees did not want to get involved with the star.

“We’re a little hungry”

Rumors about De Gea’s strange act spread instantly. The athlete’s actions simply did not fit into my head, given that at that time he was already receiving around 81 thousand euros a week at Manchester United. The cost of a donut was 1.2 pounds, that is, about 100 rubles at the exchange rate of that year.

fake images

It is not surprising that after this Ferguson, for whom discipline has always been at the forefront, immediately removed David from the team: in the English Championship match against Norwich, Lindegaard defended the team’s goal. After the match, De Gea told reporters that he did not believe the coach could have benched him for the supermarket incident. And then he shared his vision of the story:

– Some of my friends and I were walking through the supermarket. We were a little hungry and decided to have a donut. We were going to spend a lot of money, but I realized I had left my wallet in the car and I wanted to go out and look for it. The supermarket workers thought I wanted to leave without paying for the merchandise. I tried to explain the situation to them, but my English is still very bad. In the end a girl who spoke Spanish approached and we were able to understand each other,” explained the goalkeeper.

However, the sanctions against the player were soon reduced. After the tour, De Gea returned to United and helped the Club get a draw at Anfield (1-1).

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