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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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The massive departure of Brazilians from Zenit is a myth. Looks like RPL’s dominance will continue

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 05:53:52

The massive departure of Brazilians from Zenit is a myth. Looks like RPL’s dominance will continue

Dmitry Zimin June 14, 2023, 10:00 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

A moment of sadness for all those who are not for Pedro.

Summer. Transfer windows open in Europe. Some leagues -Montenegro, Switzerland, the Netherlands- already allow the registration of newcomers, the leading championships will join in the coming weeks. England from June 14, other major leagues from July 1. But many understand perfectly well that active work on newcomers has been going on for a long time. Discussing transfers, negotiating personal terms is a long-term procedure that sometimes goes on for months. So, sure, most of the more or less elitist clubs are already more or less clear about who they want and who they are going to have. Hence the mass of rumors and the expectation of future signings.

We remember Konstantin Sarsania, architect of the Zenit transfers at the end of the 2000s:

Architect of the first “golden” “Zenith”. Konstantin Sarsania would have turned 55 today

But how long have you heard at least something about the possible transfers of the Brazilians from Zenit? Malcolm’s main asset is that he is now more focused on the newborn child. And then there is the challenge to the national team. What are the European clubs? Wendel is also resting at home. Claudinho does not even conduct streams, where he previously confessed his love for some Brazilian clubs. The feeling is that Zenit’s three main Brazilians are now a long way from leaving. After all, even the rumors that were still developing at the end of May have evaporated somewhere.

He seems surprised even at the club. Especially after the stormy winter history with PSG and Malcolm. But the more we learn about this, the more we understand: the French really wanted to play around FIFA’s rule on contract suspension. Take the guy for at least six months, evaluate the possibilities personally, and then decide. But the Brazilian was not fooled. He informed management, so there was no chance. Now there is no great desire to pay €40-50 million for a football player. This is especially surprising given the departure of Messi and the possible departure of Neymar. Apparently, the Parisians plan to invest in another asset. More reliable.


Photo: fc-zenit.ru

What about other clubs? It was said that they wanted to see Malcolm in England. At this time, it’s probably not possible. We need an intermediary club where the boy spent at least six months. To avoid problems with transactions. He suits young players, but certainly not players with Malcolm’s status. In Spain, outside of Real Madrid, Barça and Atlético, it is unlikely that anyone will throw a few tens of euros as compensation. And he is not interested in the elite. Italy and Germany remain, there was not even a hint of there. Bottom line: Malcolm’s chances of leaving in the summer aren’t high.


Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Another big batch is Wendel. Recently he was associated with Rome. But the matter did not go beyond interest and the amount of 20 million euros. Even in Italy they say that the midfielder really wants to leave Zenit. Fake. I wish I would have been gone a long time ago. There were plenty of opportunities -let’s at least remember the case of Yuri Alberto-. None of the current Brazilians want to leave St. Petersburg. So that? Play in another country for less money? Or even sit on a bench, but in a decent club? Nonsense.

There is also Claudinho. But the spring passed quietly. Therefore, out of this trio, his transfer chances are almost the same as Douglas’s, who is definitely not going anywhere. But here the fault lies with the footballer himself: the Claudinho of the penultimate season and the last one are like two different universes.

Champion interview with Chistyakov:


“Maybe I’ll go to town entirely to take care of cows.” Frank Chistyakov – about life and “Zenith”

And then there’s the updated FIFA rule: now you can’t take players out of Zenit to suspend contracts. So diplomatic levers don’t work. Only money is needed. Big. And here already the European clubs will think: do they need it?

It is also important to consider the Brazilian mentality. What is most important to them? It is definitely not the Champions League. The most important thing is the opportunity to play football. And enjoy it. This is placed even in the courtyard – the buzz of what is happening is above everything. Zenit has created the ideal conditions for them. And the calendar added another long winter vacation, which is not found in any top Euroleague. And why leave here?

So Zenit’s competitors should definitely not believe in the miraculous release of the hegemonic power of the main people. You better get stronger. Or the domain will continue.

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