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Friday, March 1, 2024
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The match against CSKA is decisive for Abaskal. The Spartak coach has a chance to escape

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 22:55:01

The match against CSKA is decisive for Abaskal. The Spartak coach has a chance to escape

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky May 21, 2023, 11:30 am Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

In case of victory, the fans will forgive Guillermo a disastrous spring.

Spartak will play the most important game of the season today. It seems banal, because the derby always has a special status. But the next game with CSKA has a deeper context than usual. And this mainly applies to Guillermo Abascal.

Quotes from bookmakers about the derby “Spartak” – CSKA:

Spartak-CSKA. Abascal is overrated

Abascal was elevated to the rank of super trainer. Therefore, spring is doubly offensive.

Abascal has been working at Spartak for less than a year, but this is not the longest period, which turned out to be as bright and controversial as possible. And it is conveniently divided into two parts.

In the fall, the team flew across the field and fell in love with itself. Yes, there were subsidences, and quite painful. At the end of August and beginning of September, Spartak lost three out of four matches, “burned out” to Dynamo, Zenit and Rostov – in fact, direct competitors. However, the previous results and subsequent rounds, in which the team never lost and lost points only twice, made it possible to forget about failures. And again, the game itself stood out. Abascal, despite his love for the rotation of the composition, maintained a constant balance, and the players remained in excellent shape and did not give obvious physical failures.

Guillermo Abascal with Spartak players

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

The second part is spring. Spartak began to please the fans at the training ground, the strengthened Lokomotiv confidently enough passed the Russian Cup. And then the problems started. Somewhere, like in the match with Akhmat, there was frankly no luck, but it is impossible to attribute everything to such factors. After the resumption of the season, the RPL team has only three wins in 10 meetings – over Fakel, Torpedo and Krasnodar. All – with a difference of one goal and quite validol. And another “bonus” in the form of relegation from the Akron Cup, playing in the First League.

The fall results and the Spartak match elevated Abaskal to the rank of super coach. Of course, he was praised more than deservedly, but after the brilliant victories, the failure of the spring became doubly offensive. It is blurred that Abascal is a young coach who learns in each game. Sometimes his decisions lead to success, and sometimes there are mistakes and loss of points.

Why the match with CSKA is fateful for Abaskal

No, it’s not about keeping or losing a job. There is a feeling that the autumn results gave Guillermo enough credibility to continue at the club even without a Cup and with a finish outside the top 3. Here it is more appropriate to talk about the fans and the final impression of the season.

There are several justifications for the above thesis. The first is purely practical. A win over CSKA will significantly increase Spartak’s chances for third place. Yes, at the moment the rojiblancos are inferior to Rostov in terms of additional indicators, but Valery Karpin’s team will have a difficult trip to Krasnodar in this round. The calendar for the remainder of the season also speaks for Spartak: while Rostov will cut Akhmat (fifth place in the RPL) and CSKA himself, Abascal’s team will play Pari NN and Wings of the Soviets. Yes, the rivals need points, but they are clearly inferior in level and form to all the clubs mentioned above.

The second justification is obvious. A derby is a derby, and a lot is forgiven for winning those games. The third is the confrontation with Vladimir Fedotov. In the imaginary rating of the RPL coaches, Abaskal was at first more or less on a par with him, then, against the background of his position in the table, he rose higher and collapsed in the spring. If in the winter break Spartak was seven points ahead of CSKA, now it is four behind. And public opinion has changed: Fedotov is being praised more (again, absolutely to the point), and Abascal is facing criticism for almost the first time in Russia. Taking four points with such an opponent (there was a draw in the first round) is a separate mini win for Guillermo.

Comparison of Abaskal and Fedotov. The results may surprise you:

Abaskal or Fedotov, who trusts the Russian players more? Incredible season numbers

Finally, the fourth justification. In the fall, Spartak surprisingly took points where they were supposed to by default. But the aforementioned draw happened in big matches, and the team’s statistics against serious opponents are depressing. We take Lokomotiv and Krasnodar out of brackets and get the following picture: three points with wins to spare from seven meetings with Zenit, CSKA, Rostov and Dynamo. There is, of course, a pleasant defeat for Zenit in the Cup, but it is also customary to consider it separately. Abascal needs to show his ability to win in the most important matches, and the derby against CSKA Moscow is the last chance this season.

So it turns out that Abaskal has a chance to redeem himself: finish the season beautifully, despite the disastrous spring. Answer several questions at once and make the most of the current situation. Can? We will find out very soon.

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