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Friday, July 12, 2024
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The new “Garfield” turned out to be a great cartoon for the whole family.

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 18:10:00

On May 24, the cartoon “Garfield in the cinema” was released in cinemas around the world, a reboot of the famous animated series about the chubby cat Garfield. The film’s release was relatively modest: after a good start in Europe, the film’s box office is slowly declining, having recently surpassed the $150 million mark (although it is already a hit with a budget of $60 millions of dollars).

Meanwhile, the new Garfield is one of the biggest releases in Sony Pictures cartoon history. The film was released during peak season alongside Hollywood blockbusters, and industry stars voiced the lead characters: from Chris Pratt (“Guardians of the Galaxy”) to Samuel L. Jackson (“Pulp Fiction” ) and Hannah Waddingham (“Ted Lasso”).

We have already seen the cartoon and are ready to share our impressions.

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“Garfield in the movies”: information about the movie

Name: “Garfield Movie” (The Garfield Movie) Director:Mark Dindal actorsStars: Chris Pratt, Nicholas Hoult, Hannah Waddingham, Samuel L. Jackson and others release date: May 24, 2024 Gender: animated comedy, familyDuration: 1 hour 41 minutesBudget: 60 million dollars A country: USA

“Garfield at the movies”: where to watch?

The cartoon has been unofficially shown in Russian cinemas since May 30. The premiere on digital services is scheduled for August 20.

The video is available on Kinoman’s YouTube channel. The video rights belong to Columbia Pictures.

The cat’s carefree life has come to an end

The new “Garfield” is a completely new story about the famous red cat, to understand it you do not need to know the plot of the original cartoon from the early 2000s. Director Mark Dindal and screenwriter David Reynolds based the film on the comic book character, including his backstory.

Garfield is a talking ginger cat who loves to eat and hates Mondays. Once in his childhood, his father went out to eat, but never returned, so the hero went to the nearest restaurant and found a lonely young man there, who shared the long-awaited lunch with him and accepted him into his family.

The next five years for Garfield turned out to be as carefree as possible: he ate, ate, ate, ate and ate a lot. Not only his owner John, but also his intelligent dog Odie helped him with cooking, serving and other household tasks.

Young Garfield is one of the cutest creatures on the planet.

Photo: Sony Pictures

One day, Garfield and Odie are kidnapped by mysterious assailants. However, no one wanted to hurt them: it turns out that the Persian cat Jinx wanted to catch his father, the same cat Vic who abandoned Garfield in his distant childhood. It turns out that it was because of a relative of the protagonist that she spent many years in an animal shelter and now wants revenge.

To atone for her guilt, Jinx demands that Vic bring her over 1,600 liters of milk: one liter for every day she spends in the “cat prison.” Garfield and his faithful dog Odie come to his father’s aid (very reluctantly): together they go to rob a nearby dairy farm.

Garfield, Odie and Vic go on a robbery

Photo: Sony Pictures

This is a great family movie.

Of course, the plot of the cartoon will not be limited to a simple robbery; At the same time, father and son will also try to mend their relationship, and the friendly dog ​​Odie will act as a guide to improve the relationship between them. . And although the beginning of the film seems a little long, the last 40 minutes of the cartoon completely make up for the film’s overly slow pace.

It’s in the second half that the new Garfield really flourishes. The main character finally starts making really funny jokes, and the weapons scattered over time fire more and more new slices of fun. Just look at the scene where Garfield’s owner calls for help, in which the voice robot prevents the hero from communicating with the operator for several hours at a time.

One of the funniest scenes in the cartoon was for the owner of Garfield and Odie.

Photo: Sony Pictures

And a small mention of courier drones in the intro turns into the cartoon’s most epic scene with the Top Ghana: Maverick soundtrack and a joke about Tom Cruise.

In terms of plot, “Garfield” largely repeats the scenario of the recent “Puss in Boots 2”, but still cannot boast of the same heartfelt story about accepting mortality and rethinking the main values ​​of the life. However, the line between parents and children in the cartoon turned out to be very touching and capable of evoking an emotional response even in the most demanding viewers.

“Garfield in the cinema”: is it worth seeing?

If you like family cartoons, harmless jokes about animals and their excess weight, then yes. “Garfield” is only an hour and a half long and offers great entertainment, although it doesn’t do it as well as the best works in the genre.

Rating of the cartoon “Garfield in the cinema” – 7.5/10


Nice bright image with good animation. Funny jokes from Garfield and his friends, understandable to everyone, many funny scenes and visual humor on touching moments and an excellent soundtrack by John Debney.

I dont like him

The beginning was too long. Clumsy editing in some scenes. Not the most impressive story by today’s standards.

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