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Monday, June 17, 2024
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The players wanted to kill the referee. He Showed 36 Red Cards and Got Away!

Date: June 17, 2024 Time: 03:59:51

We love the Argentina team very much, beautiful Latin American football, but sometimes it becomes something unimaginable. Now one red card can change the course of the game, but what if there are 36 of them? We remember a curious incident that occurred in one of the Argentine leagues in 2011.

In the game between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas, everyone was sent off: field players, coaches, substitutes. The first half can still be called without problems, the referee Damián Rubino showed only 2 red cards. But in the second, the situation got out of hand, and the referee decided to set an eternal record. At some point, a fight broke out between the players of the two teams.

The reason was banal mutual rudeness. Someone rolled sharply at the feet of the opponents a couple of times, someone responded and… First, two struggled, several more hot guys rushed to separate them. Word for word and the fists went into action. The fans also joined the massive fight of athletes, they got too used to the game.

Rubino ejected all the field players, including the goalies. He shamelessly showed 20 cards. Considering the two players knocked out in the first 45 minutes, there was no one on the field. But even that wasn’t enough for Damian. He drew 14 more red cards and closed the protocol completely.

Photo source: Damian Rubino social networks

The head coach of Victoriano Arenas said that the players of his team wanted to kill the referee. A little more and they really did it, what a boiling blood among the Argentines. But the high-speed data of the referee, who was serious, turned out to be very impressive. Claypole’s mentor took the situation much softer, saying that Rubino simply didn’t understand the situation.

The number of cards shown in this match was a record in football history, however, a year later it was repeated in Paraguay. True, the judge did not go crazy there, everything was much more banal. In the match between Teniente Farina and Libertad, the referee sent off two players in the last minutes. But the players themselves did not accept this punishment, but remained on the field and continued to fix things.

It’s not hard to assume that all this has turned into another South American mass brawl. In a word, football flowed smoothly into natural fights with no rules. The judges did not admire what was happening on the field, but withdrew to the locker room. And already there, without unnecessary inconvenience and without the risk of receiving a blow to the head, the refereeing team issued the same 36 red cards to the players of both teams.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

The president of Teniente Farina, Hernán Martínez, was outraged by this behavior of the referees.

“Many of the players went out on the field to try to separate their teammates. The judges did not even stay at their place of work! As soon as the fight started, they went to the locker room and neither of them could see what was happening next. But in the protocol, to exempt themselves from responsibility, they removed all 36 players, including substitutes and coaches, ”he said after the game.

The president of Libertad, Sixto Núñez, also criticized the referees. “The referee should have taken better care of the players. He had to make sure that the two eliminated players were out of bounds. And don’t run away from there yourself, ”he said.

By the way, in modern football it is quite possible (theoretically) to break this record. Because there are more players in the candidacy for the party than there were in those years. True, it is impossible to imagine such a thing in the same RPL.

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