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Monday, March 4, 2024
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The “Rescue Operation” has a sequel: how the movie “Tyler Rake 2” turned out

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 05:38:49

At first glance, the original “Tyler Rake” was a banal action movie. Chris Hemsworth’s hero landed in India, where he was chased by all the bandits. The whole movie, the fighter was running through the streets and looking for a way to the evacuation point, that’s the whole story.

But the action was so impressive that “Operation Rescue” immediately became a hit. Cameramen filmed long shootouts in one take, Chris Hemsworth wowed with preparation and powerful punches, and director Sam Hargrave grabbed the camera and climbed on the hood of the car for the sake of a good shot. No wonder such an effort captivated the audience.

In the continuation, the authors retained the concept, but made the action even more epic. Hargrave came up with a lot of crazy tricks, long shots got better, and Hemsworth outdid himself. All of this makes Tyler Rake 2 an awesome action movie not to be missed!

The video is available on the YouTube channel “En el Rating”. The rights of the video belong to Netflix.

This movie is not about the plot.

Rescue Operation 2 is a pure action movie. It is two hours long, but no more than 30 minutes were allocated for the plot. The authors will talk about the fate of Reik after the end of the last task, tell about the new case and slightly reveal the hero’s background. Why is he so desperate to get under the bullets? What does he blame himself for?

Don’t expect amazing plot and personal drama. If “John Wick” caught an unusual world with the Clan Board and a hotel for assassins, then in “Rake” everything is simple and mundane. However, the authors do not try to surprise the script. The story is only needed to justify moving through the world and make sense of endless fights. This approach works very well.

The plot is simple, but you don’t want to rewind the dialogues.

Photo: Netflix

There was no such action even in John Wick.

“Tyler Rake 2” consists of three large-scale battles, where enemies die en masse, rooms are torn to pieces, and massacres repeatedly amaze with creativity. The initial massacre in Georgia turned out to be especially lavish, where the hero breaks an influential family out of prison. The uniqueness is that the episode consists almost entirely of filming in one take.

The main feature lasts a total… 14 minutes! Do you think that all this time the heroes roam the halls and languidly fight the villains? No. They will ride through the prison yard, where guards and prisoners beat each other up, run away in wheelbarrows from crazy bikers, seriously injure themselves, and then jump on the train and shoot the helicopters with a machine gun.

Luxury fight in the prison yard.

Photo: Netflix

Longshot is full of cool events and the operator works wonders. The camera flies between the characters, moving from the carriage to the roof of the train and dodging explosions in spectacular fashion. The action is so engrossing that you curl up in a chair and don’t blink. However, missing a single moment of this action is a crime.

It’s hard to imagine how much work went into shooting just one shot. Hemsworth and other actors memorized inventive moves, practiced for a long time, put all their strength into each blow, and learned to convincingly respond to attacks with a brick to the head. Director Sam Hargrave must have pushed the actors, cameramen and other staff to bring the scene to perfection.

Such a cool episode was not in John Wick or other cult action movies. Therefore, the film should be recommended at least for a 14-minute long masterpiece.

Of course, in “Tyler Rake 2” there are no more moments that stick so tightly. But the authors still give their best and create something new to the end. Its heroes smash armored vehicles in the Austrian capital, fight over broken glass, empty magazines in narrow corridors. So don’t stop looking!

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Hemsworth becomes a legend

There are many notable roles in Hemsworth’s career. He not only pranked himself as part of The Avengers, but also scared the unfortunate guests of the El Royale hotel, he was impressed with the drama of The Race and illuminated the unusual horror The Cabin in the Woods. However, it’s the role of Tyler Rake that seems to be the best in his portfolio.

The thing is, the whole movie is based on Chris. If you were lazy and didn’t look like an ideal death machine, the stock would immediately fall apart. But Hemsworth is good in every frame: he punches beautifully, suffers convincingly, and jumps into the fight fearlessly. For this he wants to be included in the cohort of the greatest legends of action movies like Schwarzenegger and Stallone.

Now Reik will get hard

Photo: Netflix

Worth seeing?

If you like quality action movies, don’t miss Tyler Rake 2. Though viewers who are tired of the genre will also enjoy the spectacular battles a lot.


Superb 14 minute long shot Sea of ​​creative battles Brilliant camera work Fantastic Chris Hemsworth.

I dont like him

The plot lacks creativity and interesting mythology.

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