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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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The RPL definitely lacked Kaliningrad! Baltika will give soul to the league

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 18:32:34

The RPL definitely lacked Kaliningrad! Baltika will give soul to the league

Dmitry Zimin May 21, 2023 10:00 UTC Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Dmitry Zimin’s report from the match, where the fate of two tickets to the RPL was decided.

“Congratulations, my dear friend. 25 years. How many!” – said the old man in a low voice, holding out his hand to someone. He was very close, but it was hard for me to grasp the context. How pathetic – I thought for a second. But the thought quickly flew away along with the music that was playing. all over the stadium. I took a closer look. Considerate. And reassured. A very moving scene. A charming man with a wand and a Baltika flag around his neck carefully approached his acquaintances. He was accompanied by a younger woman, who also froze in the moment. The old man held out his hand to an old friend of a similar age and they hugged tightly. “And I to you,” he said in a rougher voice. “We wait. That’s the main thing.” .

You might think this is a scene from some tearful movie. Let it be. But she flew very harmoniously into the heart. There are very few regions in Russia with a great football history.

Yes, there is Volgograd. There, the love for the “Rotor” really continues to be passed on almost by inheritance. There is Voronezh. Now Kaliningrad. In 1995-1996, when the team was playing in the Major League, 16-17 thousand gathered in the 15,000-seat stadium. official numbers Those two men were also there. 25 years have passed. I hope that in a couple of months they will see again what they have been wishing for all these years. Matches “Baltika” in the Premier League.

Everything you need to know about Baltika’s fate outside of the RPL:

How Baltika lived all these years without RPL. Chronology


“Today is a game of sooo-what”, are the words of a woman from a taxi. Times change, but the best gossip in town is still with those who bring people. Right now, you always want to play along with him. There is nothing simpler than natural surprise. “This has not happened for a long time, everyone goes to football, the center is closed,” the driver was perplexed. But above all the outrage is that it was impossible to get tickets. She says that her relatives also wanted to come to the game. But the traffickers intervened, taking everything in the first few minutes. “We went to Avito, the prices are crazy – 15-20 thousand rubles! I don’t know how, but someone is buying, ”she said, turning to the bridge, next to Kant Street.

Fans at the “Baltika” stadium before the match

Photo: FC Baltika

The dealers really showed up. Already in front of the stadium, but with no less strange prices – “only” from 2 thousand rubles. Baltika announced in advance that the tickets for the match with Rubin were completely sold out. But in the end, fifteen hundred was not enough for the soldout. Apparently, they stayed as advertisements.

How the club returned to the RPL this season:


“Regarding the style of play, I am more like Klopp.” Ignashevich brought Baltika to the RPL after 25 years!


In general, it’s great when the club integrates into the city. Especially as cozy as Kaliningrad. Baltika has been working on this story for several years. It turned out to establish a connection not only at the level of graffiti, advertising banners, cool circles on Telegram. Every city is people. It is important that they feel involved. A whole. Then they will go to the stadium and sincerely worry. Like those same men from the introduction.

Yes, a team does not charge more than 30 thousand for a regular game. But even 10-15 in the First League is wow. The same asset seeks connection with the team through the same songs. Common message: we are Baltic countries. And the guys who are crazy in the stands, and the players who get the ball rolling. They want to be one with this beautiful project. As long as it works.

Perhaps the fairy tale would not have been so bright without a happy ending. If Baltika continued to hang out at the bottom of the table (and this was not so long ago), then the audience would at least not increase. Families would hardly come to the stadium, hardly yell names so loudly and wait for the players after the game. Just to shake my hand and thank you. And it’s not about two or three people. After Rubin, about 50 to 60 people stood by the bus to ask for autographs. It’s not the most popular phenomenon even in the RPL.


The atmosphere in the match with Rubin dates back a year and a half. That brief period where they seemed to have won covid, but hadn’t entered a fan ID yet. It still doesn’t work in FNL. And you can imagine what happened. Small in number, but not in volume, the asset tried to get the entire stadium going. A cool pre-game event with applause over your head is also a buzz. Well, the performance, where the current coach Sergei Ignashevich and his assistant Leonid Tkachenko, who worked as the head for 25 years, is an ideal connection between times.

Baltika fans flag

Photo: RIA Novosti

It’s great that the city and the club have kept these memories. Never forget history.

Kaliningrad will now become almost the most attractive point for fans of other clubs. Atmospheric city, suburbs, cozy stadium. It’s really exciting to see Baltika in the elite.

I hope that this time she will fly there for a long time.

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