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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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“The Russian advance is incomprehensible.” The Poles want to drop the Russian team in the world ranking

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 01:22:35

In volleyball out of season. The League of Nations anticipates the Europa League and qualification for the Olympic Games. Each week, the women’s and men’s teams play group matches in different countries to compete for the title in the Final Eight format. Russia does not participate in the tournament, as in the last year and a half in the international arena, but does not fall in the FIVB ranking. This is what the Poles were dissatisfied with.

What happened?

Several Polish experts criticized the FIVB’s qualification point system. After the decision to suspend participation in the competition due to the events in Ukraine, the results of the performance of the national teams of Russia and Belarus were frozen until they were cancelled. But even without playing, Konstantin Bryansky’s charges are in the top 3, and Zoran Terzic is in the top 8 on this list. The Polish site Sport.pl has already collected a whole selection of curious comments. General context: why, without competing, the Russian team occupies positions in the ranking and even rises in it?

Ranking of men’s teams

“I accept this whole system with surprise and disappointment. I haven’t delved too deeply into its principles, but it’s very strange nonetheless. And the advance of the Russians is incomprehensible to me. Points must be awarded for participation in events. This system is clearly flawed. I understand that when developing it, it was possible not to foresee the question of the suspension of the Russians due to a special military operation, but what will happen if they are reset? There may be other reasons for the suspension, such as doping problems. There are no proper procedures for this, and this is not entirely serious, ”says former collector Martin Mozhdzhonek.

The head coach of the Polish national team, as well as the new coach of Arina Fedorovtseva and Irina Fetisova at Fenerbahce, Stefano Lavarini, also spoke.

“The ranking system is a bit strange. For example, the Russian national team was suspended from international tournaments, but retained the points earned two years ago. It turns out that it is better not to play, because at least you will not lose. A team that lost a world bronze match or the final would receive some points in the standings after the tournament, or even have fewer points after the competition than before. And we’re talking about a team that made it to the top 4! This is absurd. There should be some kind of reward for such achievements.”

International season:

“The Russian team would be the first if it played, but it doesn’t play. If the Russian team were allowed to compete in the Olympics, they would qualify based on their ranking without playing a single match in two years. This is crazy! The ranking system is designed so that no one stays on top for long. You can win ten games in a row and then lose against someone like Serbia or Bulgaria and it will cost you ten points. A real madness”, says Nikola Grbic.

FIVB response

The systematic attack by Polish media specialists forced the international federation to respond. Although it is a bit strange to hear the statements from colleagues now, the calculation system is not new, it is current since February 2020 and includes all the results since January 1, 2019.

.“Russian teams are suspended and their points are frozen. However, your ranking may change due to the results of other teams. At the moment, the Nations League games are at a very early stage, the FIVB will continue to monitor the situation and reserves the right to change the decision in the future, ”Sport.pl quotes a federation representative. .

How does the rating work?

The principle of the world ranking in theory should be quite simple: if you win, you go up and up the table, if you lose, you fall. However, in volleyball the system is not so obvious. The rating is updated after each match, and not as before, according to the results of the tournament. Not only win or loss is important, but also the ratio of sets. And since the points of the Russian team are frozen, she kept her own, only rivals can move her.

Thus, the Russian team played for the last time on September 14, 2021: it lost to Poland (0-3) in the Eurocup quarterfinals.

After that, 7.5 points were deducted from him, and the total amount was 352. Since then, his balance has not changed, but the position of his direct competitors – Italian and French – has changed due to defeats. At the start of the Nations League, Italy had 369 points. But they lost 0:3 in the first two games with Argentina and the USA and dropped 26 points, falling behind the Russians in the standings. As well as the French, who lost not only 22 points after losing to Slovenia and Japan, but also the second row as well. They were outclassed by both the Brazilians and the Russians.

“Looking at how the FIVB scoring and ranking rules have changed, you understand that every match this season will be very important. You cannot afford mistakes because they can cost you dearly. From the very beginning, we must be fit and just win, ”Mateusz Benek, the middle blocker of the Polish national team, emphasized even before the start of the League of Nations.

Russia men’s team at the 2020 Summer Olympics

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

An important detail of the distribution of points is the state of the team. For example, the favourites, like the ranking leader Poland, do not get many points. Because in a pair they initially go conditional with a high coefficient. A 3-1 win over France gave them 6.3 points, and a 3-2 win over Iran and Bulgaria gave them 0.01. A 0-3 loss to lower-ranked Serbia cost them 17 points.

The Russians held 352 points, while the rest of the top teams lost a lot, even if they gained a meager amount. Even so, the League of Nations is a preparatory tournament and many leaders do not come in optimal lineups. Russia’s third place is not important at the moment, but it could be useful in qualifying for the Paris Olympics.

Will the team be able to make it to the Games?

After all, there is still no official decision on the participation of Russian athletes in the Games. The list of conditions for participation in international competitions, voiced by Thomas Bach at the IOC Executive Committee in Lausanne, concerned the upcoming tournaments – everything can change more than once before the Olympic Games. Six teams and France as the host country will pass the qualification, which begins in the fall, five, by qualification. So, by the time of the summer of 2024, it is enough for the Russian national team to be among the top five teams, which will be determined in the group of participants based on this list.

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