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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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The Russian athlete tragically died during the race. He collapsed just short of the finish line.

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 00:33:43

Alexander Krevsun showed great promise at the beginning of his career. Having made his debut at the adult level as part of Lada, at the age of 19, the hockey player was selected in the NHL draft, and a year later he went abroad. After the results of the debut season, the guy failed to gain a foothold in the USA and returned to Russia for a while to gain experience … But the athlete’s path was suddenly interrupted.

The young hockey player died suddenly just during training.

Unsuccessful debut in the United States

Krevsun was born in Soviet Kazakhstan, but later moved to Russia and obtained a local passport. Alexander’s professional path began in Togliatti – from the academy of the local Lada, the guy got into the main team, which at that time had not yet played in the Super League.

However, the 16-year-old athlete failed to find a place for himself in the squad. Formally, Krevsun was on the Lada roster until 1999, but during this time he managed to play both for his country club and for another team from the region – Samara CSK VVS. After that, the player entered the Higher League as part of the Wings of the Soviets, and then shone in the MFM-2000, playing for the Kazakhstan national team: in 7 matches he scored 3 points and helped the team reach the playoffs. .

Alexander’s talent was noticed across the ocean: for his age, the hockey player performed very promisingly. In the NHL Draft, he was selected by Nashville, for which Sergey Krivokrasov and Vitaly Yachmenev were then playing.

However, Krevsun was unable to join his well-known compatriots. He moved to the US a year later, but the 20-year-old hockey player was not allowed to play for the Predators. Alexander was sent to a meeting with more modest clubs, after which, a season later, the Russian returned to his homeland. Nashville did not plan to refuse the player: the next fall he was called up to the team’s training camp, but in the end, the athlete nevertheless began a new campaign in Russia, moving to the double of Metallurg.

last training

In the summer of 2002, Alexander arrived for an inspection at the CSK VVS, which he knew well. The training camp of the Samara team took place in the same region: during one of the training sessions, the athletes had to complete a 5-kilometer traverse. He participated in the race and Krevsun quickly became the leader. However, just before the finish line, the young striker suddenly collapsed to the ground unconscious…

After the incident, the hockey player was rushed to the nearest clinic, located in the village of Shigony, from where he was transferred to the large Togliatti hospital. Doctors gave the athlete a disappointing diagnosis – a stroke. The experts fought all night for the boy’s life, but it proved impossible to save him. The next morning, Alexander died of cerebral edema without regaining consciousness.

Togliatti Hockey Federation

Shortly after the incident, the club unsurprisingly launched an internal investigation: how could an athlete in such fragile health be allowed to train? The team doctor stated that an in-depth examination carried out before training did not show any abnormalities…

However, it soon became clear that Krevsun had problems in his youth. According to his former Lada teammates, Alexander often felt sick after heavy loads. At training camp with the CSK Air Force, Alexander arrived overweight and generally out of shape. The weather could also play a role: in July, the Volga region was sweltering.

– Sasha did not sign a contract with our club. However, we will do everything we can to help his family through this tragedy. We will pay for the funeral, we will financially help the deceased’s widow and his daughter. I still do not understand how this could happen to a healthy young man, said the director of the CSK Air Force.

Krevsun was buried in a cemetery in Tolyatti. Just a month before his death, the hockey player turned 22 years old.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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