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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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The Russian athlete was severely punished for “likes.” They didn’t do that even with Karjakin.

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 05:48:39

The Russian athlete was severely punished for “likes”. They didn’t do that even with Karjakin.

Andrey Shitikhin June 6, 2023, 14:45 Moscow time

The 18-year-old cyclist Savely Laptev has lost his neutral status and will not be able to compete in international tournaments.

The International Cycling Union suspended Russian cyclist Savely Laptev from the competition. The 18-year-old athlete, who competed in international competitions in a neutral status, is now deprived of this status. By activity in social networks, expressed in “likes” under some publications.

The UCI is not the first federation to penalize a Russian athlete for breaching the special rules for the participation of our athletes in tournaments. For the same reason, Olympic champions Maxim Khramtsov and Vladislav Larin were unable to participate in the recently completed World Taekwondo Championships. They too, according to anonymous sources, “liked something somewhere.”

Why Russian taekwondo athletes could not participate in the World Championships:

“Something I liked somewhere.” Olympic taekwondo champions from Russia were unable to participate in the World Championships

Nothing unusual in current realities. Russian athletes have gone through special filters more than once, but if before they were supposedly anti-doping filters, now they are political filters.

Well, imagine the situation: an 18-year-old boy in the modern world. Of course, he has social networks through which he constantly navigates. Somewhere he puts reactions, somewhere not. Would you say that at 18 a boy understands absolutely everything, he realizes his actions? You are wrong.

There have been plenty of examples of older athletes and even coaches posting content that could be ambiguous or liking strong political statements. You ask why? And in response, yes, I didn’t like it at all, I just flipped through the tape.

Basically nothing out of the ordinary. Except perhaps for the fact that no freedom is allowed, absolutely no freedom in relation to Russian athletes. It is Novak Djokovic who can tell the truth: he is not afraid to speak his mind, tough guy!

Djokovic supported the Kosovar Serbs at Roland Garros:

Djokovic will not be punished for talking about Kosovo. Can others also talk about politics?

Yes, and a huge number of athletes from other countries can enthusiastically like and comment on posts calling for aggression against the Russians. And they will get nothing for it. This is good. They want to express their position, to express it. is honest

It would be really normal and honest if the same attitude were for all athletes, regardless of their nationality. But there is no such thing.

Russians are divided into those who can be allowed somewhere and in no case. And not all of our federations act like the fencing federation, whose leaders said that they would not allow athletes to qualify: if allowed, then all, if not allowed, then no one.

And not all of our athletes are as principled as Sergey Karyakin. To be fair, the International Chess Federation offered the Russian grandmaster a wild card for the World Cup in Baku, knowing full well about his political position. It is clear that it was almost a win-win option, but what if Sergey agreed to play? He did not pass filters to understand if he deserves to play in the tournament or give someone likes.

Karjakin refused to play under the FIDE banner:

The Russian chess player refused to play the World Cup without a flag. Is he a patriot or a madman?

And these filters will soon catch thoughts. But there must be some pride. How to solve this problem? Fair. Whoever wants to play for Russia will play in Russia. Who only wants to speak, speak for another country. It is not necessary to put obstacles, that some type of quarantine serves. And most importantly: there is no need to hate. Each one makes his own choice.

Anyway, they want to divide everyone into clean and stained. It’s better not to bring it up.

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