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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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The Russian boxer was booed after a cold victory. Even the opponent was outraged!

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 19:12:27

At the Rio Olympics, Russian boxers did not perform well. However, our athletes managed to get a gold: thanks to Evgeniy Tishchenko, who became the best in the category up to 91 kg.

The battle for the main prize of the Games turned out to be extremely intense. Our boxer even started bleeding, but he still managed to win.

The fans did not like the result of the fight.

The blood was spilled

In the final of the Olympic Games, Tishchenko had to face the Kazakh boxer Vasily Levit. Both reached the decisive match quite easily, but experts believed that in a head-to-head confrontation it would be Levit who would look more active.

The forecasts were partially fulfilled. Tishchenko tried to act on counterattacks, but at first the Russian did not succeed. The opponent threw more punches and generally set a fairly high pace. The first round was in the hands of the representative of Kazakhstan, although in the end Evgeniy began to gradually get used to his opponent.

In the second round, Tishchenko already seemed bolder – this segment was completely hers. However, in the third round, after one of the contacts with his opponent, his cut, received in the first three minutes, began to bleed. The judge even had to stop the fight so that the doctors could put the boxer in order. Evgeny later admitted that his blood bothered him a lot.

“The cut was on the head, and although the blood bothered me, there was no threat to stop the fight. I was able to box all three rounds. The opponent saw this and advanced, but I responded to all of his attacks with counterattacks and tried to act smarter,” Lenta.ru quotes Tishchenko.

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The Russian once again starred at the end of the third round with surprise. There was no early victory, so it was up to the judges to decide the fate of the gold. They gave Tishchenko the victory 3-0 in rounds.

Whistling from the stands

For some reason, the fans did not like this decision of the referees. A roar and hiss of dissatisfaction came from the stands. It’s funny, but even the loser Levit was outraged by this behavior of the fans. He put his finger to his lips, thus asking the furious fans to calm down.

“This is probably solidarity with other boxers. Everyone who enters the ring is worthy of respect and it is not Tishchenko’s fault that everything turned out this way,” Sport.kz quotes Levit.

Vasili added that he was confident of victory. However, his reasoning after the battle was very philosophical: they say, everything is God’s will. At the next Olympic Games, Levit performed much worse and dropped out in the round of 16. But after the defeat in Rio, the Kazakh took two bronze medals at the World Championships, as well as medals of all merits at the Asian Championships.

As for Tishchenko, her reaction from the stands, of course, could not please him at all. Evgeniy admitted that he did not feel the support of the fans.

“I heard it and it wasn’t very pleasant. And it seemed to me that they supported the rival more. It’s sad that the audience booed me. I treat the public with respect. I gave everything I had to win this gold medal. It’s not my fault that the judges gave me preference. This is his professional judgment. Then I deserve it. After the fight, I had no idea if he had won or not. If I won unfairly, I can apologize to my opponent,” Lenta.ru quotes Tishchenko.

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Curiously, three years later, the judges who ruled in favor of the Russian were not allowed to work at the Tokyo Olympics; This is a kind of punishment. However, this does not detract from Tishchenko’s victory. Subsequently, Evgeniy more than once confirmed his upper class. After the Brazilian Games, he won the European Championship and also had several good victories at the professional level.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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