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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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The Russian national team in Egypt is pure torment and fights. We give away the game in four minutes!

Date: September 26, 2023 Time: 08:14:27

The current international break is perhaps the most unusual in the history of the Russian national team. While the youth and junior team plays against Uzbekistan, the main team is divided into two parts. One of them, without experienced footballers and Valery Karpin, flew to a friendly match with the Egyptian Olympic team.

The lineup, which, by the way, was led from the wing by Viktor Onopko in the absence of Karpin, was interesting. You know all these players if you follow the RPL.

The composition of the Russian national team: Torop, V. Litvinov, Vakhania, Melyokhin, Shitov, Denisov, Oganesyan, Kravtsov, Pinyaev, Mikhailov, Ermakov.

The match began with a goal from the Russian team. Shitov got away great and tried to get the ball into the goal from an acute angle, where the goalkeeper was no longer there. But the hand of defender Mohamed Tarek interfered. The referee, apparently due to the state of the match, did not show a red card, but a yellow one.

The rights to the video belong to the RFU. You can watch the video on the Telegram channel of the Russian team.

And Pinyaev went to win. And he calmly put the ball in the net.

The rights to the video belong to the RFU. You can watch the video on the Telegram channel of the Russian team.

The activity and clear advantage of the Russian team lasted 15 minutes. During this time, even the most desperate critics would have no questions about the team. But after that something broke. It wasn’t until the 15th minute that Torop made a great save after executing a free kick. As it turned out later, this moment divided the game into a before and after.

The Egyptian footballers took the initiative and started creating. Moreover, the moments almost immediately turned out to be scoring: in the 19th minute the ball hit Torop’s post, and a couple of minutes later Vakhania had to save it on the tape. In addition, our team had to fight in corner kicks and free kicks.

Another problem was the game against Pinyaev. Sergei took two pretty heavy hits to his legs in the first half and in both cases he spent some time on the grass trying to recover. Looking ahead, Pinyaev was removed from the game during the break. However, it is not yet clear if this is related to possible damage.

Egypt U23 – Russia – 2:1

Photo: t.me/teamrussia

Meanwhile, the Egyptian team continued to press. Not even a watering hole after half an hour of play changed the situation. Just five minutes after the provisioning, the Russian team began to take advantage of their goal. True, there was no need to talk about tactics and simulated plays, and this applies to the entire match. This is understandable: experimental conditions and composition are a tricky game.

Instead of working on the second goal, our players suddenly got active. First, a rare attack by the team ended with Shitov’s downfall, but the judge was silent. And a minute later, Litvinov ran to take revenge on his teammate: he unjustifiably severely cut the opponent in the center of the field until the yellow card. A little more time passed and Litvinov himself shouted at the attacker that he was trying to win a penalty.

The youth team with the youth still won their match:

Russian teenagers suddenly turned into a youth team. And they played very well against Uzbekistan! Video

Although there was still the possibility of the second goal. At the end of the half, Shitov made a throw, ran with the ball and passed it to Pinyaeva, and he, going one by one, threw the ball somewhere up. Instead of a double, Sergei had a replacement – Gladyshev came out during the break. And almost immediately after the resumption of play, Yaroslav was able to do what Pinyaev could not. A play on the wing, a great shot under the far post, was only prevented by the goalkeeper.

In the 59th minute football affairs resumed. Forward Ahmed Hawash went all the way and tagged Torop. Melekhin defended the goalkeeper: he collided with an opponent and pushed him in the chest, causing him to fall on his back. The referee quickly fixed the problem, awarding the Russian a yellow card.

The next and, as it turned out, the key opportunity for the second goal of the Russian national team arose in the 62nd minute. The goalkeeper literally gave the ball to Gladyshev, but he forgave him and unsuccessfully performed a parachute from outside. of the area. After that, only the Egyptians scored.

Minute 68. The Egyptian Ahmed Fawzi executed a kung fu style shot from the penalty line, Kravtsov raised his foot and the ball flew treacherously towards the corner, where neither Torop nor anyone else was.

And four minutes later came the second goal. Aleksandrov, who came on as a substitute, attacked the opponent in his own way and the Egyptians crossed the penalty to the center of the area, where midfielder Arabi Badr headed the ball under the post without resisting. 2:1.

Egypt U23 – Russia – 2:1

Photo: t.me/teamrussia

Here I would like to talk about the collapse in the last minutes and the attempts of the Russian team to equalize the score or even achieve victory. But instead, another skirmish became the highlight. In the 82nd minute, the Egyptian prevented a free kick from being played in our field, Kravtsov pushed him. Result: yellow for both.

In the end, of course, there were attacks. But, first, in both directions. And secondly, after the substitutions, the composition of the Russian national team became more experimental. So there was no point in expecting conscious actions based not on improvisation but on teamwork.

There is only one match left in this unusual cycle of international matches. Tomorrow, September 12, the Russian team will play as a visitor against Qatar. The main players and Karpin will already be there. And maybe something interesting.

Report from the national team’s previous match in Egypt:

We went with the Russian team to a hellish match in Egypt. But they didn’t understand why they needed it.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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