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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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The Russian national team’s matches are not interesting to watch. 3 ideas on how to fix it

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 12:02:43

The Russian national team’s matches are not interesting to watch. 3 ideas on how to fix it

Konstantin Krinsky November 21, 2023, 10:00 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

The expulsion from Cuba is a kind of farce. Column by Konstantin Krinsky.

Yesterday the Russian team in Volgograd incinerated the Cuban team in a friendly match by 8:0. Why there is no result or interest behind the goals and the exultant stands, and how to help at least in the second aspect, in Konstantin Krinsky’s column.

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The best match of the Russian team with Karpin! So the team with him has never crushed anyone.

There are days when there are many events, but essentially nothing happened. And that tomorrow will begin not with yesterday’s memories, but with ordinary and boring processes. For the Russian national team, this is a banal recovery after the match and the players’ idea of ​​​​returning to the clubs as soon as possible. And what, I wonder, was Valery Karpin thinking after the victory over Cuba? And what is he thinking about today? Obviously it’s not about the cartoonish scoreboard on the Volgograd Arena scoreboard.

I will speak for myself. After 2-0 in the first half, the Russian team’s game was not interesting to watch. It became clear: it smells like rape. And the fact that eight different players distinguished themselves… well, that’s fine. That they repeated the destruction of the Cubans at the Moscow Olympics (8-0) is probably great. That they didn’t beat the record of defeating San Marino in 2019 (9-0), and that’s fine. Even Karpin admitted that “his opponent allowed him more than he should have.”

What Karpin said immediately after Cuba:

“I don’t know why I don’t sing the Russian anthem. But I sing “Valera”. Not everyone is happy with Karpin after Cuba

For the last year and a half, and the meeting with Cuba only confirmed it, the Russian team’s matches are not interesting to watch. They are, in a sense, false. Because they don’t contribute anything: neither for our team nor for the rival. So why not make the most of our football’s isolation and take advantage of this prolonged period of uncertainty? Here are three ideas for the RFU.

The first idea is marketing: a week-long tournament with media teams

Valery Karpin has already talked about the matches with representatives of the football media. “A show to put on? Well, you can,” said the coach. This is exactly what we are talking about. The Russian team needs new spectators, to attract them new marketing measures are needed. But Aphrodite’s songs will not interest the younger generations. You’re more likely to push me away.

Media football is closely related to professional football:

And if you gather the best media teams and the Russian national team (even its two squads, like in the September time slot), take them all to Turkey and play three or four games in prime time on the “Match”, similar to some offline matches. seasonal tournament. Considering the juicy promotions that MFL clubs are preparing for their matches, the excitement will definitely be crazy. The question, of course, is the motivation of the Russian team. But, as the game against Cuba showed, our boys know how to score eight goals with a smile on their faces. Although without burning the eyes. But if you involve the guys in shootouts and challenges, maybe some of them will be a little more interesting than yesterday.

The second idea is communication: a tour of South America or North Africa.

This is more difficult, but the RFU has been demonstrating miracles of persuasion for the last year and a half: they played the Egyptian Olympians twice, brought Cameroon to Moscow, and Cuba to Volgograd. Yes, what happened, given the experience with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran and even Kenya. All these meetings have an important communicative effect: you can deal with Russia, despite all kinds of prohibitions. And it can be strengthened.

How they took out Cuba


The Russian team trampled Cuba – 8:0! But one goal was not enough to repeat the record

Yes, it will be problematic to agree on something like that, but a tour of North Africa or, what would be more interesting, South America could be a big step towards the return of the Russian national team to official matches. Probably not right away, but still. For our players it is an opportunity to play with the participants of the last World Cup and with representatives of European clubs. For rivals: the opportunity to prepare through friendly matches for the 2026 World Cup qualifying matches.

The third idea is disastrous: go to the Asian Confederation

Let me make a reservation right away: I am against this decision and have already written about the arguments why this is bad. Russian football will suffer more harm than good from the change of region. But if we ignore subjective feelings, the Russian team will at least have official matches and some kind of competition. The Asian Cup or qualification for the 2030 World Cup (the next one has already started): official meetings are thin as air. The attitude towards them is completely different. Ask Karpin, Golovin or yourself.

Why moving to Asia is bad:

What exactly awaits Russia if we leave UEFA for Asia? Really worth it?

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