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Friday, July 19, 2024
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The Russian runner had a terrible accident in the middle of the desert. The trap was set on purpose.

Date: July 19, 2024 Time: 23:21:05

Every year Russian racing drivers are considered the favorites of the Dakar Rally. Here our pilots traditionally win the highest places, showing the highest level of skill.

However, even the best Russian pilots are not always successful. During the 2022 rally, Sergey Karyakin suffered a terrible accident.

After the incident, he required surgery.

Photo source: Sergey Karyakin’s social media

serious accident

At the start of the race, the SNAG Racing team was considered one of the top favourites. Crew chief driver Sergey Karyakin is a two-time rally champion. He managed to win in 2017 in the ATV classification, and three years later he was proclaimed champion in the T3 class. The racing driver is the only Russian to have won the Dakar in two different categories.

Throughout the race, the crew did not show the most outstanding results. By the seventh stage, the team was in seventh place, although it still had a chance to take the lead.

During the passage of one of the most difficult sections of the track, several rival cars fell into a trap specially created by the organizers. The Russian pilots managed to circumvent this trap by driving along a different trajectory, but still could not avoid trouble. The pilots collided head-on with the Spanish crew, who fell into the “trick”.

For the Russians, the race was over – it was impossible to restore the car, and some crew members were seriously injured. Karjakin, in particular, broke his finger in two places: he needed surgery. The foreign navigator had less luck: he received a severe spinal fracture.

Photo source: Sergey Karyakin’s social media

“They cheat so that the Russians do not win the race”

The crew was determined to make up for lost time a year later, however the favorites… were unable to enter the competition. The International Automobile Federation (FIA) demanded from Sergey that he and his partners condemn his state policy. The cyclist, who is also a member of the Yekaterinburg Legislative Assembly, refused to take such measures.

Such a requirement is a mere formality, no one forbids driving the Dakar, all you have to do is sign a piece of paper. It is clear that no one will let you win in such a situation. They cheat so the Russians don’t win the race. And they will also strip the flag and the anthem of all national identity. We tried to contact the organizers to cancel the signing of the document. I wrote a letter to the FIA ​​president, they sent it several times, but never got a reply, Karyakin told Match TV.

Photo source: Sergey Karyakin’s social media

Subsequently, the athlete replied that due to the FIA ​​​​restrictions, his team lost sponsors and was forced to sell all sports equipment, but the SNAG Racing brand was maintained. If before, Karjakin and his colleagues “lived by selling sports cars”, recently they had to change their profile and accept private orders.

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