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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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The Russian team in the region is a different world. Volgograd showed the true value of this type of games.

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 12:28:58

Why are many so sure that the Russian national team urgently needs official matches? And without this it cannot or should not even exist? Yes, as if the question were absurd. But only from the point of view of a person who is somehow immersed in the information field. The answer lies in development, competition, status and everything else. But let’s stop thinking like regular sports news readers for at least a couple of minutes. And support the rhetoric that is spread from almost all texts or transmissions. After all, if you hear the same thing every day, you can believe anything. What happens if you don’t listen?

How Russia defeated Cuba:


The Russian team trampled Cuba – 8:0! But one goal was not enough to repeat the record

This is the case of an ordinary family from Volgograd. Man of approximately 45 years old, a little chubby, wife and two children. They queued up to ask for autographs from the eternal stars of the national team: Pogrebnyak, Glushakov, Samedov. I passed by it, but stopped for a second. They spoke very loudly. It was evident that a boy of about 10 years old was in the stadium for the first time. Great lighting on the façade, lots of people. On one side they dance, on the other they sing, everywhere they take photos. The atmosphere is super positive. People are really happy. After all, there is involvement in something big. It is not the most common nowadays.

– Dad, how cool it is here! Why does Russia come to us so rarely? – a naive question sounded.

The man found it difficult to answer concretely, but the message that everything, as always, was taken by the capitals, was very clear in the excerpt of his comment. Then the father was distracted and heard the logical thing: how long will they be in this line?

A fan before the Russian national team match

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

After all, the wait time for an autograph session is actually decent. There are hundreds of people who want to get signatures. But this question bothered the man. He replied: “We are for Spartak!” “We can’t leave without a photo.”

This satisfied the boy. Dad continued talking about his favorite team, introducing the boy to subtleties that didn’t seem particularly necessary to him.

The boy simply looked around in fascination. And I understood for sure: he doesn’t care who the Russian national team came to play with. With Cuba, Germany or Brazil. He has already fallen in love with the atmosphere and is waiting first for the autographs of the former Spartak players and then for the start of the match. And he doesn’t want to see an opponent. That is, the Russian national team, which, as can be seen from the number of fans in the stadium (more than 40 thousand), is still capable of uniting many people. Regardless of who is against it.

What Karpin said after the meeting and how they sang to him


Volgograd has always surprised me. I’ve been here several times and it’s always the same: they criticize Rotor, so some people just cut football out of their lives. The end of the 90s was a brilliant time for the club, when many fell in love with the atmosphere of the stadium. The 21st century is mostly dark. Endless changes of managers, sponsors, coaches. Now the team is in the Second League. But the paradox is that people continue to gather in the huge Volgograd Arena. An average of 14 thousand people is an absolute record in the league. And the first one too. Only a few RPL clubs are above. It is surprising how strong the feeling of attachment to the Club and this game is, which not even the management’s stupid policies can break.

But the most surprising thing is that it actually seems to be passed down from generation to generation. Do you know what image could be seen during training against Cuba? 400 children contemplated their idols in the cold. Some were waving flags, others were looking for their favorite players, and a small gang was trying to get Golovin’s attention. For 10-15 people, Alexander is a real idol. One has a sign, the other has a photo. Everyone wanted an autograph.

At a time when children are seen much more in media football (although this mainly applies to capital cities), such adoration for certain professionals is surprising. I have never really seen such a crowd of teenagers queuing up to ask for autographs from conditional Zenit or Spartak players. Once again, this is a blurry look. Perhaps we are convinced that if this is true in the capitals, it also happens everywhere?

Children before training of the Russian national team.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

The boys waited, despite the terrible weather. And almost with tears of happiness they saw Golovin nearby. They are watching, no matter how difficult the situation in Russia is now. They adore him. Yes, and others had favorites. Even the future helplessness of the opponent did not affect the interest at all. They certainly weren’t thinking about that at the time. Cuba or Honduras: what is the difference? It is important that they see Russia. And in football cities like Volgograd, the desire to get in touch with the national team is too strong.

Yes, the regional factor is important. This is not the case everywhere. But, most likely, everywhere the selection itself is more important and not the state of the match.


Of course, there are those who write/like comments about the uselessness of the national team. There are also those who talk about this publicly. What’s the point of getting together and carrying the players if we’re not preparing for anything? But there is a feeling that everyone who talks about this is definitely far from a normal Volgograd family. Of children whose gaze is magically drawn to Golovin or Kuzyaev. They are unlikely to be immersed in public debates. Especially in the context of bans, suspensions, Asia and everything else. This is not something close to them. They can play football themselves, in the yard. Or in gym class. They can choose a hero and support them in the club, periodically watching highlights. And when this hero gets even closer through the same equipment, this is the highest degree of emotional impression that this game should give.

Fans in Volgograd

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

I’m not a big fan of praising anyone. But RFUs are great. If only because it adheres to the initially chosen course. The national team must live, it must play and, above all, it must do so for the good of its own fans. And it is very desirable in your own country. And it is doubly important in the regions.

Nobody knows how long the ban will last. A year, two or ten. All political and diplomatic matters are a matter for the RFU leaders. We cannot influence them in any way. Yes, I want to play with teams that don’t open their goals to eight goals. Before that, by the way, it was possible to negotiate with such people. But Cuba turned out to be too weak.

After the game they sang a song about Karpin. What was it?

The song seemed fake to Karpin. His reaction is superior.

Of course, it is important to return to official matches. It’s great to bring the best teams to the country. And many are working to achieve this goal. But since this is still difficult, let’s think about ourselves. And do everything possible to make the team even closer to the people who definitely love it.

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