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Monday, June 5, 2023
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The ruthless SKA sent the teacher and his students to a new exam.

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 06:19:56

Igor Larionov’s kindergarten and in the fourth game of the Western semifinals failed to oppose the venerable team of the Neva army at all, although after 40 minutes they led 2:1. As a result, 3:5 in the match and 0-4 in the series.

Winning four straight playoff games is fraught with a nearly ten-day hiatus before the Western final, all form may be lost. At the very least, you will certainly have to re-engage in the rhythm of the cup, and this threatens serious trouble: if you lose the initiative in the series, then try to return it later.

But it’s still pretty idle reasoning. It is unlikely that the army team had such thoughts in their heads. Because instead you can say this: relax for a minute, for a while, for a match, then getting back into your tone will be oh, how hard!

However, the Petersburgers entered the fourth game without proper concentration. Already at the 38th second, the almost two-meter defender Pedan, in a completely harmless situation, hit Mikheev with a stick in his teeth. Fortunately, there was no blood and a small double fine. Avtozavodtsam had 53 seconds to open a count for the most part. Finally, Goncharuk scored, who, having many chances, could not score since March 8, when he hit Dinamo’s goal twice in Moscow.

Three minutes later, the leader of the attack “Torpedo” after a quick attack on the move scored a double and on his ice – 2:0! Goncharuk placed both washers with pinpoint precision on the left nine. Well done, Sergei!

Volzhan fans did not even dare to dream of such a successful start. The day before yesterday, in 60 minutes, his favorites could not print Nikolaev. And here, already in the fifth minute, Podyapolsky appeared in the SKA draw for the first time at the Gagarin Cup-2023.

The change of goalkeeper radically changed the game. The guests activated the strangulation mode on the entire site. Kulbakov for the time being cleaned up the flaws of the partners. However, in the 17th minute, the Belarusian also made a mistake. A qualified goalie is required to make an open click on the side of defender Rukavishnikov’s blue line. 2:1.

Having given the Petersburgers the start of the second third, the hosts seem to have rebuilt themselves. Using the store closest to the attack zone, they locked the military in their zone for a long time. However, there were no real threats. Unless Letunov hits the crossbar. Only six goals in the second period flew to Podyapolsky, for which the guests competently blocked the line of throws. Kulbakov entered the game 12 times, the most dangerous being a last-minute attack on Zhafyarov.

Before the third final in Nizhny Novgorod this season? – for some time there was a strong impression that everything was exclusively in the hands of SKA. If they want to send Larionov’s kindergarten for the holidays, they will tense up, give everything – the torpedo soldiers cannot resist.

From the first seconds, the Petersburgers attacked the gates with the full force of the regular league winners. But Kulbakov took terrible courage and repeatedly atoned for his guilt for Rukavishnikov’s goal. As soon as the guests were carried away by the attack, a strong counterattack followed – Atanasov moved away from Nikishin and Rukavishnikov and shot the nearest nine from an awkward side – 3: 1.

No, you can’t take this fast-footed and extremely motivated Torpedo into your own hands!

Just don’t beat yourself up. Alas, after Galimov’s cross, defender Orlov did not have time to remove his skate. Ricochet – and the gap is already minimal 3:2.

SKA turned on turbo mode again. The owners were not prepared for this. In three minutes, Gusev and Ozhiganov changed the numbers on the scoreboard in their favor – 3:4. Furthermore, in both cases, the army team performed the final injection without the slightest resistance.

A controlled shot from Khairullin in the 59th minute completed the job.

My intuition did not fail me. SKA decided not to throw St. Petersburg and ended everything on the banks of the Volga.

“After the second break, with the score 1:2, we changed combinations, activated plan B and achieved success,” said Roman Rotenberg, the winners’ coach.

– You also have to go through such offensive defeats in order to be stronger next season, – summed up Igor Larionov.

– Guys, a real team. They got hit. They broke it. He won the game. Guys, I’m proud of you. Taking off my hat. The young are men! – Roman Borisovich congratulated the team in the locker room with a dry victory in the series.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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