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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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The “sailors” are preparing a letter to Kazan. “Admiral” defeated “Ak Bars” in the “Fetisov Arena”

Date: June 3, 2023 Time: 23:58:56

This is the case when the zeros on the scoreboard (they are often called loners) are not tired. The hosts withstood the pressure of the “leopards” with their bird trio Radulov – Safonov – Voronkov. In the third half, the ‘marineros’ took the game away from their gates, and in overtime they were awarded a goal. Now the series will definitely return to Kazan.

– What mistakes did we make? – asked the head coach of “Admiral” in pursuit of the defeat in the second match in Kazan. I’ll tell you when we win the series.

We accept these words with a smile. Is playoff favorite Ak Bars capable of losing the series 2-0? There was no such thing! In the 2010 final, against the “one-day upstarts” of HC MVD, Zinetula Bilyaletdinov’s wards, who won twice in Balashikha, suffered three defeats in a row and stopped on the brink of the abyss. The current holder of the Gagarin Cup mobilized forces and resources and did not hand over the trophy to Oleg Znarok’s team.

Photo source: HC “Admiral”

True, it is difficult to compare the style of play of the current “cops” and “sailors”. Vladimir Yurzinov Sr. called the Znarka guys a “wolf pack” – a character reminiscent of his coach. Primorye, on the other hand, do not fly head first, pressing only when they are down in score. And to reach the main final they have to work hard.

With such ineffective special equipment, it is not real. The majority and the minority are limping in all the clubs. In such a situation, deletions should be minimized.

Today it was possible in three periods of four incomplete. In the first 20 minutes, the hosts twice gained numerical advantage, but they were far from the goal. Rather, they could get into their own net, launching two counterattacks in a row “2 on 1”.

And then came the fouls: Berlev – two minutes, Gutik – four (for shaving with blood with a stick from the defender Yudin). And if it were not for Serebryakov’s life saver, Kazan would certainly have celebrated not only the goal, but also the third victory in the series.

Photo source: HC “Admiral”

“Silver”, that’s the name of the team’s goalkeeper, dragged and rescued. How much is his save with a shield worth after throwing power forward Lukoyanov into an empty corner! Bilyaletdinov’s army universal soldier attacked in the fall with straight arms and could not pick up the puck.

Somehow miraculously, the hosts kept the zeros for the second break. But they seemed exhausted, they could barely move their legs.

A saving breath was given to them by captain Shulak, which led to the sending off of the hero of match number two, Shipachyov. The Czech from the corner of the foreign zone ran out the door and tripped over the stick of the Russian Crosby with his skates. This is a negligent fault.

Most again did not work, despite the change in the positions of the artists. But the “sailors” had a second wind.

Striker Fayzullin, who started his career in Kazan, almost got a goal in the near patch. To see the puck in a pile of bodies and sticks, referee Olenin jumped over the goal and lay on the net, just like NHL referees. Seasoned fans will surely remember the same scene in the Olympic quarterfinal against the Czechs in Salt Lake City. That match, won by our 1:0, went to the benefit of goalkeeper Khabibulin. Today Serebryakov played with the same inspiration. And indeed! For the public! The power pass on the right flank of Lukoyanov, which broke through a much larger Shulak, was stopped by the goalkeeper of the “sailors” with a wave from a trap that sucked the puck. The Fetisov Arena roared with joy.

If in the second period the guests doubled the opponents (12-25), then in the third period the hosts dominated (21-10).

In the first seconds of extra time, only the bar saved the goalkeeper Bilyalov. Only after that Radulov came out of the shadow. But he wasn’t destined to overtake Serebryakov, although a couple of times he was let into winning positions.

Photo source: HC “Admiral”

And when the audience was preparing to go to the buffet at the fourth break, the “sailors” opened the door. The defender Lisovets completed a long and harmless positional attack for the “leopards” with a duty throw from the middle of the table to the goal, and the puck fluttered into the nearest corner. There were 6 minutes and 8 seconds left for the siren to sound.

The ambitious Tambiev began to put the Napoleonic plan into action.


“Admiral” (7) – “Ak Bars” (1) – 1:0 OT (0:0, 0:0, 0:0, 1:0). Goal: Lisovets

Series score: 1-2 (2:3, 1:2, 1:0 OT, 22, 24, 26*, 28*)

* If required.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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