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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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The son of Kostya Tszyu cannot be stopped. Nikita dealt with Australian dynamite

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 11:30:34

Some boxing fans still remember the great performances of Konstantin Tszyu, but now it’s time to keep a close eye on the performances of his sons. The younger of the two brothers, Nikita, today Wednesday met in the center of the ring at a tournament in Sydney, Australia, with local fighter Jack Brubaker.

Until today, Tszyu was last in the business at the end of May, when he knocked out the previously undefeated Benjamin Bomber in under three minutes. Thus, Nikita improved his career result to six no-loss wins, and five of them ended in knockouts of his opponents. It’s interesting that Brubaker, nicknamed Gelingite (a type of dynamite), already knows this boxing dynasty well, having lost to his older brother, Timothy, by fourth-round TKO four years ago.

Before the fight, Tszyu actively used frankly rude trash talk in some places, trying to put pressure on his opponent. Actually, even without this, his advantage seemed obvious: an undefeated 25-year-old fighter, who is on the rise of his career, is facing a 31-year-old man, already almost a veteran, who suffered five defeats for 17 victories. .

boxing without limits

The fight was listed as the main one in the tournament program, so all the attention was focused on him. The first round was held in reconnaissance – the boxers were in no hurry to force things, they almost did not come close, preferring to accurately “shoot” each other at a distance. Nikita landed a good hook and overall seemed more interesting than Jack. But one must pay tribute to the veteran: he passed the start of the fight with confidence, not in vain in an interview guaranteed that he would not be knocked out in the first round.

The second round again went to Tszyu’s favor, who began to turn up the pressure, landing a series of punches at Brubaker. The advantage of the favorite began to grow, but it was not possible to achieve an early victory. And in the third segment of the battle, Nikita almost paid for his arrogance – Jack responded with a very dangerous counterattack and delivered a rather strong blow that shook the opponent.

boxing without limits

In the fourth and fifth rounds, it seemed, both athletes dropped caution and simply started cutting back. Even before that, they already had the visible consequences of the battle on their faces, but this did not stop them at all. It is true that at some point it could seem that things were taking an unpleasant turn for Tszyu: the opponent withstands a barrage of blows, but at the same time he can also respond harshly.

However, in the sixth round, Nikita’s pressure still earned him his seventh straight career win. He continued to attack the opponent, who spent most of his time on defense. This forced Brubaker’s corners to throw in the towel, as the fight was already getting too one-sided.

As a result, Nikita Tszyu scored another spectacular early win, but it turned out not to be as simple as originally supposed. At a certain point in the battle, he even found himself, if not on the verge of defeat, then at least in an unpleasant situation. From now on, of course, it is worth acting more carefully and more competently approaching battle tactics. Still, a stronger opponent could well take advantage of Nikita’s sometimes reckless actions in the ring.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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