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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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The Soviet Zhiguli are part of billiards history. Steve Davis got the car for the first max!

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 11:24:55

The Soviet Zhiguli are part of billiards history. Steve Davis got the car for the first max!

Tatyana Postnikova June 20, 2023, 17:45 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

What a strange twist in sports history!

The maximum break of 147 points in snooker is no longer an unrealistic thing, but it still excites fans and players. Such a series is still a rare event. In a year, viewers watch about ten such series, and in total there were 189 of them at professional tournaments.

The pioneer in the world of television cuts in 147 points was the legendary Steve Davis. The story of the first maximum deserves attention in itself, but what makes it especially piquant is the fact that Steve received as a reward for his advancement in history … the Soviet Lada. In the common people – the export “six”.

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Will there be a first maximum?

In 1982, Steve Davis was considered an extremely talented young player. By the age of 24, the pool player had won the 1981 World Championship, Wilson’s Classic, British Championship, English Professional and Yamaha Masters. In early January 1982, Davis came to perform at the Lada Classic exhibition tournament. The main sponsor of the tournament, as one might assume, was the Lada dealer.

In the quarterfinals, the Red Wizard had to play a solid opponent – three-time world champion John Spencer. The game was supposed to go up to five wins, after four frames the score was equal – 2: 2. The fifth frame began with an unsuccessful break by Spencer, as a result, Davis took a seat at the table.

And here is the first maximum at the World Championships:

“That day, my wife said that she had lost our son.” First maximum in the World Snooker Championship

The young pool player began to put the balls in the pocket one by one: all red and black. The first cheers in the room were heard as Steve scored 32 points, shooting a complex red over the backboard to the pocket. After Davis in absolute silence continued adding points. When the break exceeded 97 points, John was shown on the screen, who was watching his opponent with interest. Never before had a billiards player scored 147 points on television, and presumably, Spencer was secretly rooting for his opponent. After the century passed, the hall erupted in prolonged applause.

“The atmosphere in the room is tense to the limit. This young man is making history before our very eyes. Maybe now we will see the first maximum”, said one of the commentators. And in the end, he was right.

ironic twist

When only colored balls were left on the table, perfect silence reigned in the gaming room again. Apparently, the fans were afraid to scare the hell out of it. After Brown, the audience began to whisper anxiously, and Steve himself shook his head, as if he didn’t believe it. Davis scored blue, there was cautious applause, pink, people joyfully jumped out of their seats.

Before the last black, the red wizard kissed the cue and casually rolled the ball into the pocket. Having made the first television maximum, Steve only smiled modestly, as if he did not believe what had happened. The referee and opponent immediately went to congratulate Davis to the riotous jubilation in the room.

All video rights belong to World Snooker Tour. You can watch it on the organization’s official YouTube channel.

It’s ironic that three years earlier, Spencer might have been the author of the first maxim. John at Holsten Lager International – 1979 managed to make a 147 point break, but it was not officially recorded for two reasons. The first, the pockets were slightly larger than the standard ones, and the second, the cameramen lost the maximum due to the fact that … they went to lunch.

But back to Steve’s maximum break. After a historic achievement in the fifth frame, Davis seized the initiative and won the match – 5:2. In the semifinals, Davis faced Ray Reardon (5:4), and in the final – with Terry Griffiths. Let the Red Wizard lose in the decisive battle (8:9) and he was left without the main prize of £5 thousand, but he still went down in history. Well, as a bonus, Davis received a prize from the tournament sponsor in the form of a new LADA-1600 ES, well known to Soviet motorists as the VAZ-2106.

Steve Davis

Photo: Adrian Murrell/Getty Images

The car on the British market was slightly different from its Soviet counterpart. First of all, a steering wheel on the right side, a tape recorder, and also design elements: discs, trim, bumper. At the time, it cost £3,000 and generally had a good reputation among unpretentious, budget cars.

It is not known for certain if Steve Davis was driving his Lada. But there’s a feeling that with the numbers SD 147, he just couldn’t help but ride once.

Now billiard players “Lada” can not be seduced:

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