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Friday, September 29, 2023
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The story of the transfer of Zakharyan reminds a little. Arshavin appears to have fled to Arsenal

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 05:25:22

The story of the transfer of Zakharyan reminds a little. Arshavin appears to have fled to Arsenal

Dmitry Zimin Aug 18, 2023 07:00 UTC Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

It’s funny that they both had the same agent. True, Andrei had to stop working with Pavel Andreev before leaving for London.

Even at the beginning of the week it was clear to us that Arsen Zakharyan was a Real Sociedad player. The Dynamo management announced an agreement with the Spanish club, the footballer himself was not even included in the application for the match with Baltika, and Marcel Lichka asked that the midfielder no longer be considered a club player. He seemed to be the finish line. Medical examination and contract signing. The story could go on for a maximum of one or two days. But he turned in the opposite direction.

Emotional column by Maxim Pakhomov about the transfer of Zakharyan:

Zakharyan’s transfer to the Society must be finalized. I refuse to believe that he is cursed

On Wednesday, information appeared that there were difficulties with the transition. Dynamo stated that there were no questions on their part, and according to various sources, the main problem is commissions to people who are somehow involved in the player’s transfer. They talked a lot about Zakharyan’s agent, Pavel Andreev. Supposedly, he expected to receive the standard 10% of more than 20 million euros, and the clubs agreed to a much smaller amount.

Arsene’s side, we’re sure, has a different opinion, but the question remains: will the deal go through? At some point, everything seemed to stop (although now, it seems, everything is getting better again). But some have already started looking for analogies in the past. After all, Andreev has been on the football market for more than 20 years. Among his clients there are many top-level players. And perhaps the most famous is Andrei Arshavin, with whom he collaborated before the player went to Arsenal.

Andrey Arshavin

Photo: PA Images via Getty Images

And this is the most interesting moment. Arshavin repeatedly reminded that Andreev was against leaving Zenit. Hoping to earn commissions when signing the next contract. As a result, in the summer of 2008, the footballer and the agent stopped cooperating. The reason is that Andrei wanted to go to Europe. And in all the interviews he emphasized that he could no longer be in St. Petersburg. Paul couldn’t guarantee this, apparently. The club was also not eager to let the star go: there is a story about the ironic refusal of Barcelona, ​​​​which offered 25 million euros. In response, Zenit offered to buy Messi for €30 million. Arshavin clearly needed help. he then he began to cooperate with another agent – Dennis Lachter, who helped organize the transfer to Arsenal.

Andrey Arshavin signing a contract with Arsenal

Photo: Arsenal

“At some point, I realized: to get out, you need to have an agent who wants it himself,” Arshavin’s quote from that period has long gone down in history. But it certainly hasn’t lost the relevance of it. Andreev never hid that he would like to see his client exclusively in Russia. Given the help he’d given Arshavin throughout his career, the agent was definitely entitled to any point of view. However, the player was against it. And yet, she went after his dream.

A lot has already been said about the Arshavin transition. With Lachter, they soon also stopped cooperating. In general, the current member of the Zenit board did not have luck with the agents during the game period. But now it is quite normal communication.

What you need to know about Arsene’s future club:

Before Zakharyan, Karpin and Khokhlov played in the Society. Mostovoy prevented them from taking the championship

But back to Zakharyan. It’s probably a slightly different case. Otherwise, there would have been no negotiations with Chelsea a year ago. There would be no clearance for major foreign agents. However, one way or another, Arsen’s story is very similar to Arshavin’s. The only difference is that Dynamo is ready to let the leader go. Now the main thing is that the deal is not blocked at the agent level.

But, apparently, the end will be positive. For example, Ivan Karpov wrote that the parties had reached an agreement on commissions: they would amount to about 2 million euros.

This means that Zakharyan, like Arshavin 15 years ago, can realize his dream. And everyone will be happy.

Almost a year ago Arsen and Andrey were compared as players. Now the opinion can change:

Zakharyan is many times cooler than the young Arshavin and Golovin. Comparison of Arsene with the tops of our football

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