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The stylist told how not to make a mistake when choosing underwear in an online store

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 08:07:53

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Internet shopping has long replaced visits to the mall for fashionistas. First of all, they often offer lower prices, a wide range. Second, they save a lot of time. Therefore, even something as delicate as underwear, girls are ordering more and more online. However, this method of acquisition is quite risky – you cannot immediately try and touch the products, and you have to assess the color only from photographs. How not to miscalculate?

How to choose underwear in an online store

1. Determine for what purpose you need underwear. The style and material of the future kit largely depends on this.

It is better to choose a casual option from natural fabrics that are comfortable to wear. For active training, it is better to choose models that easily remove moisture. A sports top must necessarily support the bust well. Look for corrective models made of elastic materials with a minimum number of seams.

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Buy kits for special occasions of the materials that you like the most, here you can give free rein to your imagination. The main condition is a reflection of your idea of ​​sexuality.

2. Give preference to those models that you have already measured. There is a danger that the new cut will be uncomfortable or not fit as we would like. In order not to miscalculate with something new, buy familiar and proven styles. The confidence that one or the other option suits your figure will greatly simplify your purchase.

We answer you if the fabric should always be natural to play sports, below:

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3. Measure your parameters. How to choose the correct size? To do this, you will need the circumference under the chest when inhaling, the circumference of the chest, waist and hips. Be sure to check the data against the size chart of each individual brand. Even a difference of 1-2 cm affects the fit of the bra or panties.

4. Carefully review all the characteristics of the product, including composition, packaging, possible colors and manufacturer.

If you have any question, do not doubt in asking. Many online stores have a support chat where they will help you choose the best option. It would be helpful to look for reviews on the kit of interest. This will help you understand how it sits on real girls and if it matches the size chart.

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5. Bed linen cannot be too cheap. The super low priced options are probably made of cheap materials and will quickly lose their shape. A quality product with proper care will delight for a long time after purchase. This wardrobe item is definitely not worth keeping.

How to choose shapewear online?

Now more and more girls understand that corrective models not only hide flaws, but also make the silhouette more feminine. So, online stores offer a wide range of such models. However, the selection criteria are somewhat different.

1. The style of slimming underwear should be selected for certain clothes. If you want to go out in a fitted dress, then bodysuits or shorts with a wide belt are ideal for you.

The stylist shared the secrets to create optical illusions that model the silhouette of our material:

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If only the top is tight-fitting, a top with a corset is enough, if only the bottom – corrective shorts or bike shorts. It is better to give preference to seamless models so that there are no visible joints under the clothes.

2. It is important to choose the correct size. The best option would be to order a set of your size, one more and one less. Some models from Asian manufacturers are small, and the body parameters may vary slightly. Give preference only to underwear in which you feel comfortable when moving.

3. The degree of adjustment should match your goals. For every day, the 1st-2nd grade is suitable, for long events, indicators of 2.5-3.5 are acceptable. But 3.5-5 can be used for no more than four hours.

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4. The color must be invisible under clothing. For dark outfits, black sets are appropriate, but in other cases it is better to stay on beige. It blends into the skin and does not shine through even through translucent fabrics.

Rules for the care of underwear

In order to maintain the original appearance of the product, it is important to take proper care of it. First carefully read kit labels. They indicate the composition of the product and the recommended washing mode. If they are not taken into account, the thing may lose its shape and its color may fade.

Besides, do not neglect the classification: To avoid red streaks on the white bodice, wash light, dark and bright separately. In this case, it is better to use nets for white clothes: This will protect items from damage and prevent them from getting lost in the washing machine drum. choose liquid detergents. They are gentler on the fabric and are easier to wash.

Following the link, we analyze the differences between the plus size lines and the ordinary ones:

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