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Monday, May 20, 2024
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The Swede, who played for CSKA and Khimki, was expelled from the national team. The arguments are ridiculous!

Date: May 20, 2024 Time: 08:39:10

A recent interview with former CSKA basketball player Jonas Jerebko seriously shocked the sports community. In it, the Swede said that he was suspended from playing in the national team with a strange motivation “he signed a contract with a Russian club.”

The situation is more like getting into some kind of blacklist – the leadership of the federation and the coaching staff simply ignore him, without giving an answer to the question: what exactly is he doing wrong and what needs to be done to put him in the position right? New country’s main team jersey. Now the story has received a largely unexpected continuation: Swedish basketball officials charged Jerebko with, no more and no less, deception and fact juggling.


The General Secretary of the Swedish Basketball Federation said in a statement:

“He doesn’t get answers from us? Is not true. Jonas recently had a video call with our president, and I wrote with him myself as well. We do not go into details, but there was no talk of any blacklist. Obviously, we don’t have a problem with Yerebko’s personality, but there is a problem with the choice he made.”

The official also points out that Jonas is already thirty-six years old and the federation does not know if he “considers himself an active player.” And then it finally becomes clear which of the two sides, to put it mildly, is false. Until the actual removal of Yerebko, the federation was quite satisfied with the player’s passport data, moreover, he was one of the best in the national team.

Photo source: Swedish Basketball Federation

And the question “can he still play basketball?” it did not arise at all because of its obvious absurdity. The Swedish Federation, trying to respond to fair criticism, is completely confused in the arguments and is trying to file Jonas’s expulsion from the team under the sauce of reducing sports performance, which is contradicted. The situation is most bizarre. The cancellation regime continues for the Swede even after he left CSKA. Yes, Yerebko played the season and left Russia, but the persecution did not stop.


It’s clear that Jonas in this situation is driven by patriotic sentiments; otherwise he would simply not continue this incomprehensible discussion. But the main thing now is to prioritize correctly. The Swedish national team is far from the top of world basketball and is unlikely to win anything significant in the next few decades. In addition, the national team matches are a drop in the ocean of the world sports calendar, although very significant.

Photo source: PBC CSKA

Players spend most of their time at their clubs and it is there that they have the opportunity to grow professionally, spend time on the pitch and develop further. And to leave one of the strongest clubs in Europe (albeit temporarily removed from the list of participants in international competitions) for the sake of an incomprehensible prospect of playing conditionally Finland or Poland in a jersey with three crowns is strange to say the least.

The choice in any case remains Jonas’s. But, as the federation’s general secretary rightly pointed out, Yerebko didn’t have many years left as an active player. So the lesser of two evils appears to be a refusal to cooperate with the Swedish basketball authorities, who have traded one of the best players in the country for populist steps. The Swede also played for Khimki. Yes, and there are enough clubs in Russia that could give the veteran a good salary and it will bring a lot of benefits. Let’s see how the situation develops further.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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