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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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The third episode of the Titans show is the medicine ball fights. How to win a battle?

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 14:10:20

Titans are the strongest creatures, rulers of the elements; It is with them that the best athletes in Russia are compared on the TNT channel. The show subjects the participants to the most incredible tests. The third edition required athletes to have several qualities at the same time.

What will we tell you about:

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test rules

The participants were divided into groups of three people, and in this composition they had to perform the test. Some teams fought on sand and others on water.

A medicine ball was placed in the center of the court; The participants had to grab it and prevent their opponents from taking it from them. The first round lasts 1.5 minutes, the athlete who controlled the ball at the end of time wins. Then two participants remained on the court, they fought for the ball under the same conditions. A loser abandons the project.

Find out who didn’t pass the test:

New tests and defeats: 27 athletes left the Titanes show

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How to face the task?

leader of the sports movement “Street Athletics”

“This test is vaguely reminiscent of rugby, only with a heavy ball. Representatives of various sports, especially wrestlers and boxers, use this medicine ball game in their training.”

Successful completion of the test requires physical strength and endurance. Best strategy To hold the ball, cover it with your body from above, holding it with your arms and bringing your hands together. In this way, more muscle groups participate in the work. Here the advantage is on the side of the larger and physically stronger participants.

Second strategy – be the first to grab the ball and try to run with it across the court, avoiding your opponents. This approach requires good functional training and strength endurance. With this strategy those who have a running load in their training process win: intervals and sprints.

To successfully cope with such a task, first of all, it is necessary to have good general physical condition and strength endurance. Resistant strength – this is the ability of muscles to maintain the force of contractions during intense and prolonged work. There is static and dynamic resistance.

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How to improve static resistance?

When holding the ball still, what comes to the fore is static resistance. This is a muscle contraction without changing its length.

With such a load, as athletes say, the muscles become “acidified” due to increased production of lactic acid and the body switches to producing energy anaerobically. Excessive amounts of lactic acid in the muscles slow down contractions, preventing maximum performance from being maintained. And what is important here is the body’s ability to cope with such a load, the psychological attitude and the ability to “tolerate” the pain and burning sensation in the muscles.

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Each of us in life could face such a burden: holding a child with bent arms, carrying heavy bags, holding a bottle of water for the cooler, etc.

Below are recommendations to increase the level of static resistance.

Training with increasing wait time. Gradually increase the time you perform exercises that require static muscle tension. For example, start by holding a plank for 30 seconds, then increase the time to one minute, two minutes, etc.Use of supersets and circuit training. Combine exercises for different muscle groups in one training cycle (supersets) or do several exercises in a row without rest (circuit training) to improve overall static endurance.Isometric exercises. Isometric exercises such as planks, wall chairs, sit-ups, or other non-moving exercises are great for developing static endurance.Interval training. Combining short periods of intense work with rest will help improve static endurance and increase overall muscle strength.

The most important thing is to exercise regularly to strengthen muscles and increase endurance. Gradually increase the load and intensity of the exercise.

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How to improve dynamic resistance?

Running with a medicine ball already requires dynamic resistance and is characterized by the contraction of muscle fibers with their lengthening and shortening. The same anaerobic processes and “acidification” of the muscles occur here, but the highlight is the preparation of the cardiovascular system and the ability to cope with elevated heart rates. Many large and physically strong athletes found this type of load to be the most difficult.

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In life, dynamic resistance would be useful for running and catching a bus, train, plane, or unloading boxes from a car while moving.

Below are recommendations to increase the level of dynamic resistance.

Increasing the number of repetitions. In exercises such as push-ups, squats and pull-ups.Exercises with a good aerobic component. Use high-intensity cardiovascular tasks such as running, cycling, burpees, and jogging in place.Complex exercises. Include exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once, such as dumbbell cleans, leg thrusts, and kettlebell swings.

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Remember that proper nutrition, adequate rest and regular training will be key to successfully improving any type of resistance. And don’t forget to consult with your coach.

By the way, the show “Titans” has already released its fourth episode, which presented many surprises to the participants. Read about what happened here.

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