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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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The titled fencer handed victory to Zagitova. She has a very high opinion of Alina!

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 10:45:16

Alina Zagitova’s sports experiments continue! Last year, the figure skater tried her hand at boxing, fighting on Moscow Sports Day in an exhibition match with Olympic champion Oleg Saitov. This year, she Alina participated in the event again, but this time she decided to master a different sport – fencing.

Moscow Sports Day online:


Zagitova won the fencing match, Trusova performed her own song

Olympic champion Karina Aznavuryan became a mentor and at the same time a rival to the figure skater. It seemed that it would be very difficult for Alina to compete with an experienced épée fencer, but the fight turned out in her favor: the skater almost always led the score and ultimately won by one point – 15:14.

Of course, not without the help of her rival, who was not going to fight Alina with all her might. However, Karina highly appreciated Zagitova’s abilities and said that a talented person is talented in everything.

Zagitova “anticipated the excitement”

The fact that Zagitova will take part in a fencing match on Moscow Sports Day became known in mid-May. However, Alina, as far as can be judged, did not make extensive preparations for this event. Last year, she repeatedly posted boxing training videos, but this time, apparently, she decided to improvise.

Initially, it was assumed that the figure skater’s rival was the two-time Olympic champion Sofia Velikaya, but soon the fencer denied this information. Later, Moskomsport announced that Alina would compete with another two-time Olympic champion, Karina Aznavuryan.

More on opponent Zagitova:


“I’m looking forward to the excitement.” What is known about Zagitova’s rival in a fencing match?

Karina was glad that the famous figure skater decided on such an experience: “It’s great that top-class athletes like Alina Zagitova are not afraid to try their hand at sports that are new to them. I hope this idea inspires people to expand their horizons and make even their wildest dreams come true.”

Alina, for her part, was eager to try something new: “Fencing and figure skating are disciplines that, at first glance, have nothing in common, but this is not entirely true. Refinement of movements and readiness at any moment to violently repel the attack of the enemy are not inferior in expressiveness to the brightest skates. I am already looking forward to the emotions this meeting will bring me, and I am very glad that my first steps on the fencing arena are under the guidance of such an experienced mentor.”

And that day has arrived!

Fight Alina Zagitova and Karina Aznavuryan

Photo: Alena Sakharova, Championship

Aznavuryan lost the win to Zagitova

On July 1, on Moscow Sports Day, Alina and Karina met on the rink to give fans vivid emotions. A group of Zagitova fans came to watch the fight, who were very worried about the skater. However, it was immediately clear that the athletes were not going to fight seriously. Alina and Karina spoke sweetly and smiled, and during the fight itself they did not put pressure on each other.

From the first seconds, Zagitova started attacking her opponent and she did it very well. Almost the entire first part, the skater led the score, and only closer to the middle of the battle, Karina began to compare. The girls decided to give the fans a spectacular ending, taking turns poking each other. But suddenly something unexpected happened: Karina accidentally hit Alina and she had to win. But she asked not to count her injection and the fight continued.

As a result, Zagitova delivered the victorious injection, which seems to have been planned – Aznavuryan did not even resist. The two-time Olympic champion chivalrously decided to concede victory to her rookie rival. However, Karina highly appreciated Alina’s swordsmanship.

“A talented person is talented in everything! As a person who took a sword in her hands for the first time, Alina delivered four shots very well. Bravo!” said Aznavourian.

Zagitova, in turn, thanked the two-time Olympic champion for the positive experience.

“It wasn’t hard to prepare with such a mentor! I was glad to show myself well today. Last year I boxed and I can say that fencing is much more difficult in terms of concentration. Every fraction of a second can lead to both victory and defeat, so I really liked it. If you train, anything is possible,” Zagitova said.

Even though it was an exhibition fight, the outcome of which was a foregone conclusion, it turned out great. I am glad that our skaters are not afraid to try new sports and at the same time open them up for fans of figure skating.

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