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The TNT program “Titans”: why did the first task seem difficult even to the Olympic champions?

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 20:45:16

Nothing is impossible, especially for the athletes who participate in the TNT program “Titanes.” They are prepared for the most incredible tests of their physical qualities. The first test was hanging from the bar using only my hands. And it is not easy! Let’s find out why the task seemed difficult even for the Olympic champions.

Test rules: Participants must hang from the bar using only their hands. You have to hold on as long as possible. It is prohibited to leave the horizontal bar by force. The advantage is for those athletes who last longer.

What will we tell you about:

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What is the difficulty?

leader of the sports movement “Street Athletics”

“The main difficulty in hanging from the bar is how long a person can hold it.”

The longer the muscles are tense, the more difficult it will be to maintain the position. Every second will be more and more difficult. Successful execution requires well-developed muscles of the arms, shoulder girdle, back and core. Of course, you can tense just your arms and relax everything else, but you’ll hang longer if you connect your whole body.

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The task for the participants was also complicated by the prohibition of applying force to the horizontal bar, since during it the load can be briefly redistributed on the pectoral and core muscles. And when this is not possible, you have to work exclusively with your hands.

Hanging from a bar can be a challenge for beginners or athletes with poor grip strength and limited upper body development. Recall that the best result was shown by artistic gymnast Alexander Sychugov, his time was 20.28. This sport is characterized by a developed upper body, which cannot be said, for example, about football. Thus, Roman Pavlyuchenko was able to hold the position for 3 minutes and 36 seconds.

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Types of hanging

The exercise can be performed in different ways, this changes the muscle group that works and the weight and load are distributed in different ways. Choose the method that is most comfortable for you.

Hanging from your shoulders. The idea is to fix the crossbar under the arms and lock your hands together/fix on a perpendicular support. Many participants started here, since here the main load falls on the shoulders and body. When these muscles got tired, they switched to grip and could hold on for a while thanks to the work of the forearms and the strength of the grip.Simple manual hanging (passive). In this case, you hang from the bar and relax the rest of your body. This way all the load goes to the arm muscles, which means that the emphasis is on the hands and forearms.Asset (power) hanging from the hands. With this technique, the entire body is tense, as if preparing for a pull-up. The muscles of the upper half of the body especially participate in the work. The shoulders appear to be raised, but the arms do not bend. The abdominals and lower back are also tense and stabilize the body position.

Speaking of technology, it is worth mentioning grip type. The most optimal is the straight middle. For comprehensive muscle development, you can periodically alternate different options.

You can hang a little ModifyBy adding rocking, this will allow you to relax your muscles as you move the weight. But it is not necessary to make sudden movements, as they can cause injury. Simply swing it a little, imitating the movement of a pendulum.

Make it harder possible through muscular effort. For example, slightly raise your body by rotating the shoulder area. Or you can sway from side to side by shifting your weight from one hand to the other.

If your fitness is not yet ready for records, don’t worry, start with small periods of time, even 15 seconds are good for the first attempts. Add a little more time from one workout to the next.

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How to exercise to hang longer?

The good news is that it is very possible to master this exercise if you spend enough time training. They must dedicate themselves to exercises to Strengthen the muscles of the back and arms. Of course, it is best to take classes under the supervision of a professional. He will help you install the correct equipment, which will be the key to your safety and health.

Strengthen your grip strength This is necessary for many bodyweight movements. It will be easier to perform not only hangings, but also pull-ups, ring exercises and pull-ups.

Grip varies by hand position hands:

right (palms away from you), with it the back muscles work more;back (palms facing you), the biceps are involved in the execution;

The second way to distinguish a grip is its broad:

average (palms shoulder width apart), in this case the load is evenly distributed;broad (palms wider than shoulders), the latissimus dorsi muscles are involved in the work;narrow (palms are narrower than shoulder width), the muscles of the arms and shoulders are involved in the work.

Try different ones and choose the one that is most comfortable for you and suits your goals.

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Tips for the coach

To gradually increase the suspension time, proper preparation and compliance with a certain technique is necessary. Here are some recommendations:

Start gradually. If you find it difficult to hang for long periods of time, start with a couple of repetitions and then increase them over time.Choose the right grip. Use a mixed grip (elbows facing forward and palms facing side) or reverse grip (palms facing toward you) to make it easier for you to hold on to the bar.Don’t swing. Trying to balance can put more pressure on your muscles and make it harder for you to sink. Try to maintain a static position.Focus on your breathing. Control your inhalations and exhalations to reduce fatigue.Train the muscles of the upper body. Regularly training your back, shoulders, and arms will help you increase your strength and endurance while hanging from the bar.Heat and cool. Don’t forget to exercise your joints well before starting and stretch your muscles to improve blood circulation after starting. This will prevent injuries and pain.

But the main recommendation to progress in exercise is, of course, regular training. Include three exercises in your standard sports routine and the results will not take long to arrive.

Facial pull-ups. They will strengthen the muscles of the back, shoulders and arms. Perform pull-ups with your elbows forward to emphasize your upper back and shoulders.Australian pull-ups. This exercise perfectly develops the muscles of the back, shoulders and arms, while reducing the load. An ideal exercise for beginners or for those who have difficulty performing regular pull-ups.Pull-ups on the horizontal bar with a wide grip. They will help develop your latissimus dorsi muscles, which will improve your ability to sink into the bar.

Don’t force yourself to get on the horizontal bar if you’re not sure your body is ready enough. This approach can lead to unpleasant consequences for muscles, sprains and even injuries. Pull-ups are a fairly complex exercise that requires strength in the back, arms and shoulders.

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Hanging from the horizontal bar is not recommended if you have lower back pain, especially if it extends to your legs. An important sign that you should stop is numbness in your lower extremities.

You should also avoid exercise if:

fractures in the back; spinal tumors; abdominal aortic aneurysm; pregnancy

If any of the above applies to you or you have other spinal diseases, problems with the muscles or ligaments of the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints, be sure to consult with your doctor before training.

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It is not necessary to repeat the successes of the participants, because they came to the show to improve themselves and fight with others, and this does not always coincide with the correct technique. Sports should only bring you benefits, so don’t blindly chase records.

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