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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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The trial in Valieva’s case was postponed. A small detail could be the reason

Date: December 6, 2023 Time: 06:56:49

On September 26, the fateful trial against Kamila Valieva and her entourage began in Lausanne in a doping case already known to everyone. And honestly, it is also one of the defining factors of Russian sport. Everyone was expectant and anticipating the future development of the young figure skater’s destiny, because it seemed that it was in these days that everything would finally be decided.

However, not everything would be simple if it were not so complicated: the hearing in the Valieva case was postponed until November. This means we’re in for a month of agonizing waiting before the story reaches its logical conclusion.

>>The Court of Arbitration for Sports postponed the hearing in the Kamila Valieva case

The trial took place in a somewhat closed format: the details of the trial were practically not publicized, which further aggravated the situation. And now on September 28, the last day, the Court of Arbitration for Sport decided that the next hearings would take place between November 9 and 10.

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The CAS press release does not mention the reasons for the delay, but it can be assumed that the main factor was the newly revealed circumstances of the case. The details are not known for sure: RIA Novosti only reported that the “revealed fact” was Valieva’s words that the skater’s information about a positive doping test came with a procedural violation.

– Valieva did not receive notification of a positive doping test from WADA. The notification reached first the International Skating Union (ISU) and then Eteri Tutberidze, an anonymous interlocutor told RIA Novosti.

According to the established rules, the notification of the results of the doping test should arrive at the same time, but in this case WADA was a little ahead of RUSADA and learned about the situation with Valieva a little earlier, and this may Don’t be critical. but it is a violation: it is obvious that in such controversial cases absolutely every detail is important. Furthermore, we must not forget the delay on the part of the Stockholm laboratory, which sent the test results six weeks later, instead of the required three.

RIA Novosti

Apparently, it was these details that forced the judges to postpone the hearing of the case to a later date. Much will now depend on whether the referees consider this violation of rights as a compelling argument to drop the charges against the skater. At the same time, the parties to the trial continue to insist on their demands regarding the final verdict.

>> Maximum hypocrisy of sports leaders. ISU demands to punish Valieva before the trial

For the skater, this situation will bring even more excitement: Valieva will definitely participate in the stages of the Russian Grand Prix, which will take place on November 10-13 and 24. If a negative scenario develops, the results of these actions may be cancelled. However, observing the development of the situation, it is almost impossible to assume anything, because the matter turned out to be much more complicated than it seemed at first glance.

>>“It is my fault that the situation really happened.” Sports doctor – about the Valieva case

It will surprise no one that the postponement of the trial has caused outrage on both sides, each of whom blamed their opponents for the incident. For example, the director general of the United States Anti-Doping Agency, Travis Tygart, once again saw a “Russian trace” in the incident.

“This simply smacks of further manipulation by the Russians, and the system must change to ensure this cannot continue,” the lawyer told USA Today.

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In response to the paranoia of Western officials, our side was also accused of deliberately delaying the matter. Svetlana Zhurova was one of the first to put forward her version:

– This is a deliberate delay in the process. Some stories that did not exist began to be remembered. They are delaying the possibility of Valieva’s return. These are all nerves, how long will they torment her? This is a suspended state, everyone in the world is watching her, whether she is a criminal or not. There is nothing good here for the athlete’s psychology. There is no doubt that this is a deliberate delay. First, they specifically announced the fact of a positive test at a certain time, and now this,” TASS quotes Zhurova.

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