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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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The VAR request worked – Ivanov left Sochi. Krasnodar started the winter tournament with a victory

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 14:39:54


In the opening match of the RPL Winter Cup, Spartak and Rostov did not score goals (everything was decided by penalties), so neutral fans had special expectations for the Colorful Derby, since the press services of both teams represent the game. . . Well, Krasnodar and Sochi fans and journalists are looking more and more closely at the teams that changed coaches in the winter.

It is not known how much Vladimir Ivic tried to assemble the most optimal lineup from the first minutes, but he did not have such an opportunity due to the absence of Alexander Chernikov, Nikita Krivtsov and, especially sadly, Eduard Spertsyan. , who was injured just before the game. I would venture to suggest that the mentor would put at least the last one from the first minutes. Anyway, Matvey Safonov, Christian Ramirez, Alexey Ionov, John Cordoba and other leaders came out at the start. The only sad thing is that there were only three Russians on the base.

Photo source: FC Krasnodar

Interest in the Sochi game is based on how Kurban Berdyev will change the team’s game. The first matches at the training ground left the impression that the new manager made a minimal number of changes, both in personnel and in style. Until now, all the same players (except for Artem Makarchuk who fell from the base) in the same positions act in the same way, as if confirming the correction of Vadim Garanin’s predecessor.


In the debut of the match, the teams exchanged scoring chances, having already created more than Spartak and Rostov the day before. Georgy Melkadze burst into the Sochi penalty area, whose shot at the near corner was taken out by Safonov, and Krasnodar avoided the attention of three defenders at once, Sergei Volkov, who joined the attack, threw Ionov into a lethal position. , but he did not have enough experience to beat Nikolai Zabolotny.

Krasnodar still had more ball possession than the opponent and opened the scoring midway through the second half. It is noteworthy that he did it after a penalty kick. Neither team has been particularly effective on set pieces in the past, but with the arrival of Berdyev, the Sochi players are expected to make great progress on this component, but here it turned out the other way around: Kadi Borges, who replaced to Spertsyan, introduced , Junior Alonso shot from a sharp angle on the second attempt, and Nikolai Zabolotny hit the ball just over Cayo.

The Paraguayan defender in general made a very strong impression in the first half. And in his penalty area, his actions did not raise any doubts, and he was very good with the ball: he constantly parted with the ball in any situation with the second touch, and at the same time made almost no mistakes. And this despite the fact that he was involved, probably even more than anyone else in the field. From him in the season we have the right to expect a lot. Who does not remember, he was acquired from Atlético Mineiro a year ago, but in February he suspended the contract and returned to Brazil, so he has not yet debuted with the bulls.

Of the refusals, Krasnodar has Christian Ramírez injured, who even had to be assisted by doctors. Instead, universal winger Sergei Petrov came out.


It’s interesting how differently coaches prepare their teams physically. Guillermo Abascal changed 10 players during the break a day earlier, and Valery Karpin, four, while today Berdyev and Ilic did not change anything of their own free will until the 60th minute (he was forced to replace Ramírez with Petrov). Only after an hour of play did the entire Sochi squad change.

The southerners in the first 15 minutes of the second half managed to change the image of the game and without personnel changes. Sochi residents during this time carried out several very sensitive attacks. So, there was a four-on-two outing, which Kirill Zaika screwed up with a terrible pass, a request for a penalty for a handball (it did not come to fruition, Sergey Ivanov clearly explained why) and another series of shots in an attack. . In general, the players from the blue and white bases scored enough for a goal, but were unable to score it, after which they lost ground to the substitutes.

Photo source: FC Krasnodar

It would seem that now new players will come out and, due to the freshness, they will trample tired opponents under charges, but, on the contrary, Krasnodar regained control of the ball. The temptation is great, since the game is over, but this was prevented by Vladislav Sarveli, who came out eager to prove his worth. On two occasions, he went sharply to beat two opponents and created deadly chances for teammates, but they lacked precision: the first blow landed on the defender and the second took Safonov out.

Sochi played the final in the minority, and this was the result of Ivanov’s request for a video review. He went up to the monitor and changed his mind about Andrey Meshchaninov’s jump to the opponent’s feet, which he clearly understood: “Stamping on nails without trying to play the ball with the probability of breaking (injuring).” Ivanov guessed who committed the foul and drew a straight red. A great innovation that would not hurt in official games.

RPL Winter Cup

Krasnodar – Sochi – 1:0 (1:0)

Goal: Caio, 24.

Krasnodar: Safonov, Volkov, Caio (Sorokin, 65), Alonso (Litvinov, 65), Ramírez (Petrov, 36), Banyats, Lenini, Borges (Krivtsov, 81), Ionov (Kobnan, 65), Olusegun, Córdoba.

Sochi (up to 62 minutes): N. Zabolotny, Drkusic, Sissako, Miladinovic, Zaika, Tsallagov, Noboa, Terekhov, Joaozinho, Yusupov, Melkadze.

Sochi (after 62 minutes): N. Zabolotny, Yurganov, Meshchaninov, Kuskov, Margasov, Makarchuk, Shipunov, Burmistrov, Batyrev, Djordjevic, Sarveli.

Warning: Lenini, 84.

Elimination: Meshchaninov, 81.

Referee: Ivanov

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Puck Henry
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